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The Track of Dawn In the World of Marvel

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Reborn as a Gotham minion and strayed into an evil organization, his heart is bright but he has fallen into darkness step by step. The whole world and even countless worlds are convincing the good guy Mason that it is obviously more promising to become a super villain in this era of disaster.

But Mason didn’t think it was easy to convince himself, so let’s do something simple.

How about we try to bring this dark and chaotic era back on track?


Batman and the heroes of the Justice League, when are you fucking going to do it? If I don’t close the net, I will go undercover and become the evil boss!


The real title of this book should be “Crossing the Beautiful Man: I Want to Be a Good Man”, “Gotham Legend: If I Were Robin, Would You Love Me?” “, “One Hundred and Eight Confessions of the Unlimited Traveling through the Worlds for White Whoring Monsters” and “The Tragic Past: From Craftsman Spirit to the No Return of Counterfeit Dealers”

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:TTDIWM
Alternate Title:美漫世界黎明轨迹
Author:Handsome Frank
Weekly Rank:#1498
Monthly Rank:#1504
All Time Rank:#5088
Tags:Alchemy, Demons, Dragons, Evil Gods, Fanfiction, Gate to Another World, Gunfighters, Harry Potter, Level System, Magic, Marvel, System, World Hopping, Zombies,
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19 Comments on “The Track of Dawn In the World of Marvel
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  1. Multiverse level ancestor cosmic horror universal creating/devouring singularity tree, watches the ants being arrogant at the germs for being small.

  2. He asked Constantine to 'HALP' him? The mc is stupid, everyone he helps dies. With that guys plot armor the mc better go to another planet beforr he becomes the next sacrifice.

  3. "But Mason.   The ability that young man showed tonight was really unique, and I think I might have to keep an eye on him for a while. Stop talking, you need to rest. "" Shooting with a gun is unique now? Did batman grew up with stormtroopers? Hitting people with bullets is unique in Gotham? No wonder he is still alive, the only villain who can hit people with guns killed his father already died.

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