I was in a hurry and thought that I couldn't send it, but then it was okay, so let's send the final result first.


In this way, the quiet loss of years, whether it was that plain or happy time, always inadvertently left. In a blink of an eye, it was already ... a thousand years later!

For thousands of years, Wang Yuezong has completely replaced the Jiuxing Dynasty, and the name of the former Jiuxing Dynasty no longer exists. Now, the territory that originally belonged to the Jiuxing Dynasty has been renamed Wangyue Sect. As for the body of Ye Xuan and Shennian, the dream of replacing the dynasty system with the Zongmen system also gradually realized in the years.

This millennium is a turning point for Ye Xuan.

The Zhongdu area has completely become the gate of the ancestral gate of the Mozuki Sect.

At a glance, all the branches and various monks in the grand Zongmen are all disciples of His Majesty the Mozuki. They are either going to different cultivations, or communicating with each other, or doing some tasks inside the gate.

For these disciples, there is always a legend in Mochizuki.

This legend belongs to the monarch of the Mochizuki sect.

It is rumored that Wang Yuezong created Wang Yuezong. However, no one can see his true face. He only knows that he is often in the forbidden area inside the gate of Wang Yuezong. And this forbidden area, except for the ancestors of a few places in the holy realm, who can step into it, are all those who have the status of Mozuki Sect.

As for this forbidden ground, it is actually a mountain that cannot be seen at a glance.

At a glance from this mountain peak, you can see the mountains and the sea below, and the things below the peak are unobstructed.

And at this moment, the peak--

A man in white said respectfully, "Father, go down first."

In front of him was the cliff, and on the edge of the cliff stood two people. The man said the father stood with his hands on his back. The look was unclear, and beside him, there was a girl about six or seven years old. The girl had two ponytails and learned the former look. She was carrying her hands and looked very playful.

"Well." The middle-aged man with both hands nodded and said nothing.

Seeing his father's appearance, the man sighed softly, and placed his eyes on a tombstone standing up not far.

This tombstone says ...

"Tomb of Beloved Wife Liu Baisu"

Thirty years.

His mother died 30 years ago because he couldn't change his life, and his father hasn't shown any smile since that time.

Thinking of this, the man sighed deeply and left here.

As for the middle-aged man and girl standing on the edge of the cliff, they remained motionless.

Look at the appearance of this middle-aged man again. He has black hair, a purple shirt, and uncleaned scum on his face. Staring at his eyes, he can feel the loss of years from his eyes, the cold wind blows, watching his swaying long hair, and from his body, he can find a little shadow of Ye Xuan a thousand years ago.

As for the girl next to him, holding a candy gourd in her hand and licking her tongue, as if she was holding the most delicious thing in the world, it looks easy to see that she is Xiao Yan.

"It's been thirty years, she's been dead for thirty years, and death can't be resurrected, even a fairy can't change her destiny. As a result, she had already expected it, and she could see it for so many years, you Haven't watched it yet? "Xiao Yan's milk yelled.

Although the voice is immature, Xiao Yan speaks old-fashioned, not like a child.

The middle-aged man didn't say anything.

As a Venus god, Xiaoyan has grown a lot in the past millennium.

"Don't ignore me." Xiao Yan said dissatisfied.

"You're a kid, what do you know?" The man said loudly.

Xiao Zhuo squeaked and said, "I am not a child. When you were in your twenties, I stood on your shoulders as high as you. Now you are over a thousand years old, and I am over a thousand years old. I am not a child. "


The man said nothing more, eyes fixed on the sky.

After all, he hasn't changed anything.

He tried to work hard.

For thousands of years, he never gave up.

He knew that becoming a fairy could not save Liu Baisu's life. Is to find a way to follow the path of the medical fairy, but the path of the medical fairy is bumpy. After thousands of years, he still did not create a miracle. He watched Liu Baisu leave and go like this.


At this moment, the man found something, stared at the distant sky, and suddenly a flowing figure appeared. This man, wearing a piece of cloth, came from the sky and turned into a light. When he appeared again, he had already come to Ye Xuan's appearance, and it looked like Bai Yunfu.

"Predecessor Bai." The man said respectfully after seeing Bai Yunfu.

Bai Yunfu sighed softly, looking at the man's appearance, and said, "I have heard about your wife and children in the fairyland, Ye Xuan, the grief and sorrow changed smoothly."

"Thank you for your concern," the man said. "I don't know what happened when the predecessor came down from the fairyland."

When Bai Yunfu heard this, a smile appeared on his face, and said, "Yes, the fairyland has been created by me. The progress over Wutian is a little slower. He established a ghost fairyland, and where is this fairyland? Can it be better? My fairyland has many advantages. "

"Wonderland, what's the benefit?" The man asked curiously.

Bai Yun floated and laughed loudly: "This benefit is very natural. I created this fairyland, and when the earth sacred land comes to this interface, it will no longer rely on the power of heaven and earth, and the earth wonderland is here and it will not be affected by power In other words, when the Holy Land of Heaven and the Holy Land of Heaven come here, there will be great hope to break through the fairy land, and the fairy land in the fairy land can also become a heaven by virtue of cultivation. And, after I became a heaven , I came into contact with more things, and I feel that my cultivation can go further. Tianxian is not the limit. "

Hearing this, Ye Xuan was slightly surprised, and said, "Then, this is naturally a good thing."

"Good things are good things, but it's not so easy to want to enter my fairyland. I rewritten the heavenly path in the spiritual world and connected it to the fairyland. The Holy Land of the earth is qualified to enter the fairyland, but we must first cross five gates. Xianjie. After passing the five gates, you can enter the fairyland practice. By the way, Ye Xiaoyou, would you like to visit my fairyland? "Bai Yunfu issued a solemn invitation.

"I'm going, I'm going, I'm going," Xiao Yan said excitedly.

When Bai Yunfu heard this, he laughed and said, "Okay, the little Venus god, I will take you there, but what about Ye Xuan, you?"

"I don't need it." Ye Xuan shook his head and said, "Thank you for your good intentions."

Bai Yunfu sighed and said, "Okay, then I'll take the Venus **** to the fairy world first, and let her come back and describe it to you."

"Well." Ye Xuan nodded.

Bai Yun smiled gently: "Little Venus, take a walk with my husband."

"Okay, hurry up and take me." Xiao Yan suddenly climbed onto Bai Yunfu's shoulder and rode around Bai Yunfu's neck.

Feeling this, Bai Yunfu's face couldn't help crying and laughing, then turned into a light, disappeared in place, and went straight to the sky.

Ye Xuan, looking at the direction Xiao Xiao and Bai Yunfu left, exhaled lightly.

For so many years, he has troubled Bai Yunfu a lot.

Not only Bai Yunfu, but also Wutian.

Because Bai Yunfu and Wu Tian both owe him a favor, they are both looking for a way to save Liu Baisu, but ... the result cannot be changed after all.

At this time, he finally turned his head and stared at the gravestone not far away.

In this way, I don't know how long it took before Ye Xuanfang came back to God and felt someone coming from the peak.


This is, a woman's voice.

"Well, come in," the man said calmly.

After the words fell, the appearance of a young woman appeared. The woman was wearing a long white dress and a long shawl. It looked exactly like Xiao Li. Compared with thousands of years ago, Xiao Li has not changed much. She is still as beautiful and gentle as before.

To insist that something change is a change in cultivation.

In this millennium, Xiao Li has already reached the sacred realm from the virtual period.

Because the Baihua Pond was integrated into Wangyue Sect, Xiao Li called Ye Xuan's title, and also changed from the pool owner to the suzerain.

Now, Xiao Li is here, and she stuns a little, saying, "Sovereign, everything you have commanded me has been handled, those resources have been allocated, and the branch matters have been handled properly. Xiao Li came to inform you."

"Well, you just have to deal with it. I'm the most assured of your work." Ye Xuan said without turning his head.

Xiao Li heard this and glanced at the direction that Ye Xuan looked. When the tombstone looked down, his eyes were full of complex expressions. After a while, she took a deep breath and said, "Sect master, I ..."

Before the words were finished, Ye Xuanmian said, "Xiao Li, you are not too young, and you have been practicing for more than a thousand years. We have known the millennium for the Holy Land of the Earth. It ’s so proficient, so beautiful, and considerate, it's time to find a good home. "

After hearing this, Xiao Li became blushing and red, and said with excitement: "Sect master, but in my heart ..."

"Well, you go down first." Ye Xuan said in a commanding tone.

When Xiao Li heard this, her face was aggrieved. She bit her teeth gently and hid the grievance in her heart, and then responded, "Yes, the lord."

With that said, she turned and left.

Feeling Xiao Li's departure, I can only see Ye Xuan's back, but I don't know what kind of change in Ye Xuan's expression.

Perhaps, he still looked at the tombstone intently.

Thousands of years have elapsed, and now I think of it as a dream.

Jiang Qiao became the owner of the Orient House and was famous in the Taoist dynasty. For thousands of years, he had not had many contacts with Jiang Qiao, but all had been in private.

Liu Baisu knew this more or less privately, but he didn't stop it. Instead, he occasionally matched him to meet Jiang Qiao.

He knew Liu Baisu's thoughts in his heart, and knew that Liu Baisu was dedicated to himself.

As for Zhong Wangxue, following Bai Yunfu in pursuit of Tianxian Avenue, the number of times they met was relatively small.

And Lin Zhimeng ...

Wu Tian helped Lin Zhimeng change his life against the sky. It has been a thousand years, and it turned out to be a success. No one knows. He hasn't seen that woman who has become a country in a thousand years.

In this way, I don't know how long it took, Ye Xuan never moved. Until when he felt something, he turned around suddenly. When he turned around, Ye Xuan's pupils contracted violently, and the frozen feeling had been in the bottom of his heart for thousands of years. At this moment, he opened silently.

That face is like a first sight thousands of years ago.

"you've changed."

(season finale)


Final remarks: A story is told this way, there is a couple and a donkey.

The couple rode the donkey together, and the passing person said that the couple rode on the donkey together to see if the donkey was tired. Have you considered the feeling of the donkey?

So when the couple heard this, they separated the husband and the wife rides on the donkey to relieve the burden on the donkey.

Seeing this scene, another passerby passing by said that the wife sitting on the donkey did not look like a wife, and even rode on the donkey to let her husband walk.

So the couple changed their husbands to ride on the donkey, and the wife came down to walk. Pedestrians passing by saw this, and some people said that you don't really feel bad for the wife. A big man even asked his wife to walk and sit on the donkey.

In desperation, the couple could only come down from the donkey and hurry along.

However, it is clear that there will be another evaluation. This couple is so stupid that if they do n’t ride a donkey, why do n’t they buy a donkey? Silly?

This reason I think is obvious, that is, no matter how things and things can not be satisfied with other people.

After all, people cannot understand each other. After writing this result, I think it will definitely make many people dissatisfied. This is also normal. After all, people pay attention to the beginning, enjoy the process, and care about the result.

I think everyone reads the same story. If the beginning doesn't look good, then I am afraid it will be difficult for everyone to accept and read on, and everyone is enjoying the process, but more concerned about the result. This is a question of mindset and cannot be changed. No matter what the results are, if you care too much, you will feel that the results will not be great.

Of course, I do not deny that in the late period of Jian Po Xian Jing, I did not write as well as the previous period.

But this ending is not a hasty ending, because the ending is the ending that I had long thought about. The only thing that may be missing is part of the plot before the ending. It was a little hasty to enter the ending and some emotional treatment.

I don't say much about this reason. Jian Poxian was shocked to write in the later period. I personally had some problems.

I can say very responsibly that if there is such a problem, I can finish writing a book. I am already a very responsible author.

Some readers know that there is no need to find more reasons in this regard.

In general, I beat the sword to break the scoring eight points, because I was writing carefully from beginning to end.

As for the role of Liu Baisu, when I wrote, I always set it as a woman controlled by fate.

In fact, there are many times when I think about whether society has changed people or people have changed society. The answer after hard thinking is that a few people have changed society, society has changed most people, and on the premise that a small number of people have changed society, they have also been changed by society.

After all, people are being changed by society from beginning to end.

So can people really change their destiny? Yes, but the premise fate is a multiple choice question. He gives you only four, five, six results in your life. The so-called changed fate is only the one that he thinks is the best. He can never choose fate Give him the results.

Then, changing fate becomes a joke.

And Liu Baisu, she has only one choice of destiny, not what she can change.

Actually, I don't know what everyone thinks. I feel that I have made great progress in writing books now.

When writing the Immortal Martial Arts, I thought about giving a female character a vivid storyline, but it failed, which also caused me to feel very confused before and after writing.

And when I wrote the sword breaking fairy, I was still trying these, trying to create a vivid female character, and any female character, there is generally one, at a glance, you know what type of character he is That way, the entire book will come alive.

Many people may think that the female characters in the book are vividly written, but what character does the protagonist have?

Saying that, I think he must look good.

Because, I know there must be a lot of people who scold the protagonist for being indecisive, not decisive in terms of feelings, and so on. Yeah, this is also the character of the protagonist. He has his strengths, and he also has his weaknesses. Why, the protagonist must be perfect? Obviously, Ye Xuan is not perfect. In character, he has advantages and disadvantages.

I think Ye Xuan and Liu Baisu are the most successful places for me to write.

Of course, it's not enough.

I want to write better.

I have been working hard in this area, but it may not be easy to achieve these. Creating a vivid female character, I feel that I have done a part, but each character has a rough character ~ .com ~ I still have a hard time doing it.

However, I did not give up.

In the next book, I will continue to try to write a character thoroughly and write a book.

Of course, this is also about the transformation of the next book.

This transformation is actually writing about the city. Relatively speaking, the city is easier to shape the role. It is well known that writing so many characters of the immortal ink is undoubtedly the act of seeking death.

Some readers may worry that if I look at the city, I can't read my taste.

But I can assure you that this book in the city will only make you read more flavorful than the sword.

In addition, in the next book, the release is not about vertical and horizontal, but the creation of the world. Search now to find it.

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