"No!" Staring at this ice lotus, Yan Yan who just thought he would win, his face showed the color of fear.

At this time, the ice lotus flew to the sky, and a splendid bloom bloomed, Yan Yan quickly protected himself with a large amount of dark star power. Ye Xuan, on the other hand, covered his shoulders with the arm behind the statue of Wan Zhang, protecting him with a perfect defense. It was also when the two were protecting themselves that the goddess of extinction suspended in the air finally exploded.

A terrible loud noise was born.

The dazzling light makes it difficult to capture what exactly happened.

I only know that, full of gorgeous colors, the entire dark star world has such an amazing light for the first time. Immediately afterwards, the power of this explosion spread out, and the power of the interface of the dark astral plane was torn apart by the power of this explosion. The entire dark star world, a blink of an eye, was ruined by the power of this extinct lotus.

This is still the case in the Dark Star Realm. It can be clearly seen that the massive stone statue in the center of this explosive power has its arms falling off one by one, the body has been blasted open, and even its skull has fallen off. It was also apparently open.

I don't know how long it has been.

This explosion lasted for one day, two days, three days!

The sky is clear, the dark star world disappears, and it returns to the extraterrestrial continent of the spirit world.

The sun fell and it was bright.

The statue of 万 张 stands high in the sky.

At this time, the statue of Wanzhang has incomplete limbs, and his head has been blown up, making it hard to recognize. Such a statue of Wanzhang is recovering his body at a slow speed. It is clearly visible that the skull is slowly growing, as is the limbs.

As for his shoulders, empty, the protective arm had been blown to ashes.

Ye Yexuan was lying on the shoulder of the statue of Wanzhang like this, motionless and coughing, soon, Ye Xuan sprayed out a blood.

I can see that a big mouth opened in his abdomen, and he was using the power of the medical sage to cooperate with the omnipotent sacred will of the heavens to recover, but the speed was not satisfactory.

Now, he has lost all his strength, and he has been severely injured by his hands. He ca n’t exert much power at all. He only lay on the stone statue of the man like this, and could not do anything.

He was not dead in the explosion of the extinct lotus. Ye Xuan should be fortunate, but there was no joy on his face.

He still looked dignified.

Because he knows that he is alive, Yan 馗 is still not dead.

However, Yan Yan is now recovering his strength with the Dark Astral Circle that holds Bai Yunfu and Wutian.

What he just blew up is just the Dark Star God's 40% Dark Star Realm.

The power of the God of Extinction is enough to blow up the entire Dark Astral Realm. However, 60% and 40% have already separated.

So, compared to him, although he has the power of medical sacredness and the sacred will of heaven, Yan Yan still has 60% of the dark astral realm.

If he did not expect it, Yan 馗 most likely gave up the restraint of Bai Yunfu and Wu Tian, ​​and fully used this dark star power to recover himself.

Once Yan Yan regained his power almost at the same time as his destruction, in other words, he stayed here now, exactly like waiting for death.

"Did you fail ..." Ye Xuan muttered to himself.

Destroy the world **** lotus, but only destroyed 40% of Yan Yan, seriously injured Yan Yan, but did not kill Yan Yan.

After all, the astral world is immortal, Yan Yan will not die in a real sense.

As long as there is the Star God Realm, Yan Yan can gradually use the Dark Star Realm to restore its strength. As for the death of the Dark Star God, it was entirely because the Lord of the Star God destroyed the soul of the Dark Star God, which made the Dark Star There is no way for God to use Dark Astral Force to restore strength.

This is also, when the Lord of the Star God and the Dark Star God are fused together, they will obtain the full power of the Dark Star God.

"Ye Xuan, is there any other way?" Hong Yun said out loud.

"Well, it's been three hours, and my recovery speed is too far behind him." Ye Xuan sighed: "Senior, I may be dead."

"Well." Hong Yun just nodded.

In the face of death, the answer choices of the two turned out to be surprisingly consistent.

No one talks much.

Because, they know what each other thinks.

I'm like this, I don't know how long it has passed.

Ye Xuan stared at the sky, suddenly, Yan Yan's appearance reappeared and stood in front of Ye Xuan. When he appeared again, Yan Yan's expression was already full of murderous intentions. He said fiercely: "Ye Xuan, How dare you ruin my 40% power of the Dark Star Realm. "

Ye Xuan sneered and said, "So what, you can choose to kill me. However, with the other 60% of the dark astral realm, you are not as secure as Bai Yunfu and Wu Tian's seniors at first, he The two elderly people will soon be out of trouble. At that time, you will also die. "

Hearing this, Yan Yan's complexion changed suddenly.

Because, he has no way to refute Ye Xuan.

"The two of them? Rest assured, it's not so easy for them to get out of trouble. Before they get out of trouble, I am enough to destroy the spirit world. Hahaha, I want to regret them. Ye Xuan, kill you? That's for sure However, killing you in such a simple way is really difficult to resolve the hatred in my heart, let you be tortured by my endless destructive power, until death. "Yan Yan said gloomily.

The words fall, Yan 挥 was his sleeve.

A group of dark destructive forces, like a knife, directly wrapped Ye Xuan, making Ye Xuan who was seriously injured. At this time, he was bombarded one after another by this endless destructive force, soon The sense of convenience is not clear.

However, the power of this pain is that the irritating Ye Xuan cannot coma.

I felt this, Ye Xuan shook her head and laughed.

"Torture?" Ye Xuan muttered to himself.

I felt that consciousness was going away.

Qi Yexuan's heart was full of unwillingness.

仁 In his mind, Xiao Renhe and Liu Baisu were lingering. At this time, being able to think about some of these is also an extravagant hope for him. And every time I think of Xiaoren and crying holding her leg, Ye Xuan's heart aches.

疼痛 This pain is more painful than the torture of endless destruction.

"If I don't go back, does this child still think that I didn't forgive him?" Ye Xuan thought to himself, a tear slowly dripping from the corner of his eyes.

小 This little guy is just a child. This child is like his former self and wants to be recognized by his loved ones. He is like his own childhood.

"I ... how could I still let Ren He be the same as I was when I was a kid without a father?" Ye Xuan recalled everything he had when he was a kid.

No parent feeling.

He really didn't want to let his children experience it.

"I really ... can't I go back?"

Xuan Yexuan felt his eyes getting blurry.

He is not willing.

I really don't want to.

Just, now locked by this endless destruction power ~ www.mtlnovel.com ~ That layer of destruction power sweeps the whole body, Ye Xuan feels more and more distant, as if, is approaching death.

"Life is dead." Ye Xuan said to himself.

The second time, so close to death.

He had seen through death. However, why death is exactly the same as it was when he first came.

He really ...

See through death?


Qi Yexuan's fist clenched, unwilling.

"Who in this world ... can really see through death?"

Qi Yexuan thought.

"Perhaps, life and death, people are in the six ways, can't see through them at all."

Unconsciously, he seemed to have forgotten the pain and was lost in thought.

"Since ancient times, after entering the Holy Land of the Earth, we have not entered the Holy Land of Heaven within ten thousand years, and will always enter the Holy Land of Heaven in the future. Whether it is the Holy Land of Heaven or the Holy Land of Heaven, the ascension of cultivation is not a long-term cultivation. The key point is still an understanding. If you can understand, then cultivation can improve. "

Suddenly, Xuan Yexuan's mind sounded something Bai Yunfu had said to him.

这些 When these words appeared in Ye Xuan's heart, he seemed to remember something.

Everything he experienced when he was a child grows up in his mind, so that the words of Xuanbing Saint said, Bai Yunfu said--

His strong understanding, at this time, played a part of the role.

"Earth Fairy ..."


"Get out of the world!"

Ye Xuan muttered to himself, and suddenly, he seemed to understand something! u

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