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The System Takes Me to Practice

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Due to the betrayal of his friend and the siege of the enemy, Yang Fan, who was crossing the catastrophe, was about to die, and a bright light flashed across it, taking him away through time and space.

When I woke up, I found that I was no longer on the earth, and came to the world of Xiuxian.

Strong spiritual energy, powerful exercise secrets, ancient secrets, monks with sinister hearts, and systems that bring yourself. ????

When others were triumphant with the ground-level exercises, Yang Fan looked at the world-breaking-level exercises in the system package, “Breaking Mortal Dust”, which transcends the universe itself, and the “Eight-Nine Profound Art” that can become sacred in the flesh, destroying all defenses. “God’s Finger”, and in the world of Dragon Ball, the close combat technique “Freedom and Extreme Yi Gong” practiced by the Destroying God, there is no wave in Yang Fan’s heart.

When others obtained the five-star treasure, Yang Fan looked at a large number of useless nine-star magic weapons in the system space with a melancholy expression, “The system, all can be exchanged for forging points, I want to exchange for the Zhanxian Sword, Zhuxian Four Swords and Zhuxian Sword Array Figure.”

When others sighed for luck because of their rare physique and blood, Yang Fan silently came to the “blood” option in the system mall. Ancient Super Saiyan bloodline, Pangu bloodline, Phoenix bloodline reborn from the ashes…

“There is nothing in this world that the system can’t do. If there is, you don’t have enough points. Young man, work hard to earn enough points. When you reach the pinnacle of your life, come and fight alongside me. The confrontation comes from…”

- Description from MTL


Short Title:TSTMTP
Alternate Title:系统带我去修炼
Author:Ai Yu Wang
Weekly Rank:#1209
Monthly Rank:#996
All Time Rank:#1441
Tags:Alchemy, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Harem, Level System, Male Protagonist, Strong from the Start, Strong to Stronger,
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