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The System Shuttle is Full of Blessed Wives

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(chronological text + male and female mutual pet + warm pastoral)
A certain woman looked proud: benefactor, what are you missing, I can fulfill your wish!
A certain man smiled: I just happen to be missing a daughter-in-law, so let me show you my life-saving grace!
A certain woman is secretly proud: This is possible!
So the lucky Muyi people took their family to start the road to get rich and go to a well-off society!
The Muyi people, who wanted to travel abroad to reward themselves, suffered a plane crash into the sea with great luck.
Unexpectedly, wearing the sea, he actually crossed time and space and came to a parallel era.
Living in a difficult period when you have just experienced the baptism of famine, you have not enough food and clothing, and you have become a black household who can’t walk even an inch?
Fortunately, she was picked up by a simple and honest man.
But in this era of lack of food and drink, and material scarcity, how to break it?
Surprisingly, God gave the golden finger necessary to travel through time and space, which is simply an almighty dream!
Mu Yiren blinked: What’s the situation? Why do all the beasts faint when they see themselves?
Mu Yiren said silently: This person is so annoying, let her fall!
With a loud bang, someone fell on the horse.
Muyiren: It will rain tomorrow!
Everyone went out the door without believing in evil, and came back in a mess.
Do you think that’s it? nonono, the system is beyond your imagination, collect it and learn about it!
The stunned Muyiren: So awesome! So what are you waiting for, eating, drinking, and having fun is not a dream, and getting rich takes minutes!

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Short Title:TSSFBW
Alternate Title:系统穿梭之福妻满满
Author:Qingqing Muyan
Weekly Rank:#127
Monthly Rank:#117
All Time Rank:#1222
Tags:beautiful heroine, Caring Protagonist, Cheats, Comedic Undertone, Family, Farming, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Heartwarming, Kind Love Interests, Lucky Protagonist, Magical Space, Marriage, Nationalism, Parallel Worlds, Playful Protagonist, Strong Couple, System, Time Travel,
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36 Comments on “The System Shuttle is Full of Blessed Wives
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  1. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 5 Stars I love this novel and actually I have read this the 2 times already. At first I didn't like the FL ( Mu Yiren ) didn't figure out that she got travel through different universe but I guess that is also a real reaction because the FL think's that she just got wash away through some poor island or something, but at first I'm kinda annoyed but later on I learned to love the FL specially her character, and also her golden finger, I love the interaction between the FL and her mother-in-law and her sister-in-law, no house fight. I love how the ML and the FL help each other to improve their life and their careers. Both of them are also very sweet. I love how FL help this universe with her inventions. Overall highly recommended

  2. Wiss bagus banget lohhhh ceritanya ^_^ Alurnya santai, adem. Tapi Face slap nya juga dikit karna semuanya diserahin sama sistem. Keseluruhan bagus banget sih

  3. Have you guys Seen a quick transmigration where's Mc is a male(ex: I'm s Big villain) Mc mission is To help FL ,When FL boyfriend cheats With her Best friend ... The first scene is a (A cafe)? Where FL confronts her best friend who betrayed her... after her best friend leaves ML Walk in And FL Recognized ML as her Boss since They have a Collaboration in The company After they talk ML gives FL a Ring and Ask if he can pursue her.. (I forgot where I read This and I only remember the first chap). Pls tell me If you Seen this somewhere

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