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The System is Four Years Ahead of Schedule, But Weird is Still a Cub

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[Kill level 4 weirdos (characteristic: silent), you can redeem 3000 system points, or the system can be devoured to extract characteristics! 】

Chen Ge listened to the voice in his mind and looked at the wild cat that was killed by his own hands. His expression was a little subtle for a moment.

Returning to the community, looking at the friendly security guard, the system prompt sounded in Shen Ge’s mind again——

【warn! Found a level 5 weirdness (Characteristics: three heads and six arms), detected that the host’s current strength is definitely no match for him, please flee the scene quickly! 】

For a moment, looking at the oranges handed over by the security guard, Shen Ge didn’t know whether he should accept them or not.

The next day, Shen Ge went to the supermarket and bought a box of instant noodles and some snacks.

[The host sneaked into the mysterious and haunted area of ​​Level 6 and collected a large amount of supplies. His courage was astonishing and he was rewarded with 1,000 system points! 】

Shen Ge was about to scan the QR code to pay, but his hands froze in mid-air…

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:TSFYAS
Alternate Title:系统提前四年,可诡异还是幼崽
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Monthly Rank:#1523
All Time Rank:#8100
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  2. Since no one was brave enough to read it, I went ahead and read it. Basically below average novel. After the first twenty chapters, MC's personality suddenly takes a 180-degree turn and he changes from an average person to a mentally challenged retard. I have no idea if the author wanted it to be a horror novel or a comedy novel because it is neither..... Basically, this novel is your usual pile of garbage which after reading once, you never even remember.

  3. Dices que el protagonista se vuelve retrasado, en que sentido? You say that the protagonist becomes retarded, in what sense?

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