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The Survival of Scum Readers

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There is such a magical novel. It starts with a man-animal, full of boudoir charm (pronounced “heavy taste”), all kinds of sad love (pronounced QJ/LJ/SM), all kinds of XO, OX, OO , XX, singularity, Diablo, abuse of the body, abuse of the heart, abuse to abuse, to abuse, to abuse, to exist for XO and abuse.

In fact, it used to be a small fresh.

Until it met a scum reader.

A chapter chapter message, chapter chapter buy V, chapter chapter explosion thunder, chapter chapter red ticket sister paper.

She is also good at providing suggestions to the author, forcibly twisting Xiaoqing into a meaty text that is thunderous everywhere.

Suzha has been very proud of it until she wears this article herself and becomes the female protagonist with big breasts and a fragrant body in it.

Damn it! I want to be fresh! I don’t want meat anymore!

This article will enter V next Monday and it will be updated three times that day. Thank you for your support.

Content tags: supernatural gods, strong women, magical moments, other continents

Search keyword: Protagonist: Su Zha Supporting role: Others:

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Short Title:TSSR
Alternate Title:渣读者肉文生存记
Author:Stepping carp
Weekly Rank:#9499
Monthly Rank:#9791
All Time Rank:#9164
Tags:Hard-Working Protagonist, Transmigration,
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  1. Plss does anyone know the titlle of this novel . THIS IS A WORLD HOPPING AND THE FIRST ARC IS SHE WAS THE WIFE OF MALE LEAD But this just a marriage contract ..The mc is just pretend that hi have a boyfriend but hi die because of illness he can't forget her and don't want to have a nother man in her life but by her family want him to get married and then hi finf the male lead that he need a patner that what she told to male lead but that's is alie pllss comment when you know it

  2. Really good interesting and amusing novel!! Don't just focus the summary or eye-catching tags--there's a whole lot more to this great story of scum reader FL who regrets all her twisted plot suggestions after transmigrating into the innocent novel that she tricked a once innocent author into changing into a yellow heavy mess hahah, serves her right! But love how she really reflects on herself, as just another normal human being with hidden scum side within, and refuses to succumb completely to the plot and instead she slowly becomes stronger to fight against forced situations and journeys onward finding more in her new world adventure and gaining a new & better understanding of the novel world and characters she once helped to create

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