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The Supreme Equipment Bar of Online Game Doomsday

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Novel Summary

In the era of “Apocalypse of Online Games”, the earth is digitized by inexplicable power!

The whole world is occupied by various monsters and dimensional characters.

Zombies everywhere rushed away, and alien shapes emerged.

The battle between Qiao Feng and Baibeard was earth-shaking.

A series of powerful fights such as Emperor Huang Tian, Xiao Yan, Naruto Vortex, Shi Tai, etc.

Until Lin Dong was accidentally reborn, he obtained a god-level item [God-level warehouse]. He stepped on the big snake pill and punched the black beard. He was the only man that Huangtian emperor could not understand… See how he dominates this chaos Fighting times! !

- Description from MTL


Short Title:SEBOGD
Alternate Title:网游末日之至尊装备栏
Author:Classic original
Weekly Rank:#1166
Monthly Rank:#1523
All Time Rank:#1541
Tags:Apocalypse, Cold Protagonist, Game Elements, Harem, Overpowered Protagonist, Strong to Stronger,
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20 Comments on “The Supreme Equipment Bar of Online Game Doomsday
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  1. Why is sometimes the MC seems like didn't know the Anime Character or the Character Ability but for the other Character He knew Everything about Her/Him even though They're from the same World? For Example like Hyuuga Hinata & Rock Lee, He knows Hinata & all Her Power but He didn't knew Rock Lee Ability like His Signature Move (aside from Might Guy) the Eight Gates? Besides Why is Everyone in there didn't know the Boss They're fighting against is an Anime Character (A-side the First few Chapter when MC kill Shin-chan)?! Surely there must be an Otaku among the Survivor (Apocalypse)? At the very least some peoples must have seen a Poster, Ad-Video, or something about some Anime right?! 🤔 So why is Everyone in Magic Capital didn't know that the so called King Arthur & Her General is a Boss!? 😑 Even more so when the General is Aokiji & Rock Lee (I didn't know the 2nd & 4th General because of Their Name ugh...)😅. Besides why is the MC always Kill Peoples Here & There? Just because someone Cheering You to kill the Boss that Someone got killed because He's Noisy? 😑😑😑

  2. Muy buena novela hasta el cap 175- despues de ahi se empezo a cruzar varios mundos inexplicablemente sin razon o explicacion algunos son MOE o dramas tambn de naruto y XiXia al carajo no entendi nada, pueden ser los capitulos desordenados o el autor le valio madre

  3. ni ya admin tolong di check lagi novel yg diterjemahin dari chapter 180 ceritanya ngaco hadehh. pls lah fixkan, udah seru baca tiba tiba salah novel ditengah jalan.

  4. Emng coeg gua juga udh baca nih nkvel versi china nya tapj dari chapter 181 tuh gk nyambung gua udh nyari tapi sama semua asulah...

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