At this time, in the secret realm

Situ Wei, the lord of the Black Blood City, looked a little panicked. Because he received the news. Jinba, the leader of the Iron Fist Club, is dead.

Originally, Situ Wei, Jinba and others were all in the blue league. But the major forces in this blue league are in a state of competition.

Jinba is dead, which was a good thing for Situ Wei originally. After all, in the blue league. Situ Wei and Jinba had the biggest conflict, and they had a hostile relationship. This is why Situ Wei and Du Yu, who is righteous, will deal with Jinba, the master of the Iron Fist, and others.

But now not only Jinba is dead, it seems that Xiao Chen, the Sect Master of the Earth Xuanzong, is also dead.

This made Jinba a little panic as to who did it.

"How about it, is the master Dumen who is righteous contacting?"

Situ Wei asked the disciple in the Black Blood City in front of him.

"No contact!"

The disciple of the Black Blood City looked a little dignified.

"How could it be missing again?"

Situ Wei frowned slightly.

"Not this time, it was attacked."

The disciple of the black blood city said.

"Could it be Gu Feiming, leader?"

Situ Wei's expression was serious, and this possibility was really great. The leader Gu Feiming was ambitious, and the major forces in their Blue League were actually wary of Gu Feiming.

But Situ Wei felt different again. Because if it was Situ Wei, the other party would have a lot of opportunities to start. Not at this time, such a sudden start.

"Go, get out of here."

After thinking about it for a while, Situ Wei felt more and more insecure here. Must leave here immediately.

"City Lord, where to go?"

The disciple of the Black Blood City suddenly understood, looking at the city lord Situ Wei of the Black Blood City in front of him.

"You can't be here anyway, you must leave this place."

Situ Wei felt a terrible and dangerous aura surrounding him inexplicably, so his hair was horrified. Only by letting him leave here can he feel safe.


Although the true disciple of the Black Blood City felt that the city lord was a little weird, he didn't ask much.

A Peak in the Secret Realm|Above the Peak

Situ Wei sat cross-legged in the tent to heal his injuries.

Although he was injured slightly less than Du Yu when he fought Jinba with Du Yu. But Jinba's destruction fist still penetrated into his body, completely destroying his body. Therefore, up to this moment, Situ Wei's injury has not completely healed.

Dark night, under the darkness of night.

Situ Wei has just taken a healing pill, and plans to restore at least 80% of his injuries tonight.

Just when Situ Wei's healing reached a critical moment, suddenly. Several muffled noises sounded.

"what happened?"

Situ Wei was shocked, and immediately opened his eyes, only to find a man in black standing in front of him.

"this is?"

Situ Wei opened his mouth and was about to shout.

Suddenly, the man in black in front of Situ Wei swept out with a sword.

The sword light of this sword is too fast. There are no tricks, only speed plus power.

Situ Wei has injuries in his body at the moment. Moreover, at the critical moment of healing, the gods in the body had no time to reunite. This sword is already imminent.

If it were under normal circumstances, Situ Wei could still resist. Even compete with this opponent. But at this moment it is impossible.


The head of Situ Wei, the lord of the Black Blood City, flew up.

The spirit of the Black Blood City City Lord escaped from his body in a panic.

"Emperor Han, it's you. Situ Wei will definitely repay this grudge."

A hysterical roar came from the mouth of Black Blood City Lord Situ Wei.

This appearance, the person who killed Situ Wei, the lord of the Black Blood City, was not someone else, but the Han Emperor Liu Ce. After hearing Situ Wei's words, Liu Ce looked a little disdainful.

"You're all like this, you still dare to provoke me, really when I dare not kill you?"

Liu Ce looked at the Black Blood City Lord Situ Wei with a little disdain.

Liu Ce didn't move because he knew it. The young sapling will not give up the spirit of this **** emperor realm.

"Di Han, do you think you can catch me? You are too naive."

The Black Blood City Lord smiled disdainfully.

Just when the Lord of the Black Blood City was about to escape.

Suddenly, a terrifying force of attraction enveloped Situ Wei's body.

"this is?"

Situ Wei suddenly panicked.

Because under this force, Situ Wei felt that he had no way to resist.

"Damn it, what is this, bastard..."

Situ Wei's soul suddenly found a strange vortex appearing above him. The terrible power shrouded himself, and there was no escape at all.

As a warrior in the Divine Emperor Realm, Situ Wei's spirit is naturally much stronger than ordinary warriors. This is the best meal for the young saplings, and the young saplings will naturally not let it go easily.

Therefore, the young sapling opened his mouth of gluttony and began to devour Situ Wei's spirit.

Suddenly, Situ Wei was eventually swallowed.

Situ Wei, the hero of the Blue Sky Domain, finally died at the hands of Emperor Han in the secret realm.


Liu Ce walked out of the tent, and the movement in the tent finally attracted the attention of the disciples of the Black Blood City. Seeing Liu Ce walk out of the tent. The disciples of the Black Blood City immediately knew that it was broken, and they all came to Liu Ce's place with the same enemy.

"court death?"

A hint of contempt flashed in Liu Ce's eyes. He originally didn't want to be embarrassed with these ordinary disciples of the Black Blood City, but if these disciples of the Black Blood City were looking for death on their own, then he would not be blamed.

Liu Ce swept out with a sword.

This sword is extremely dazzling. It seems that the void can be ignited.

The sharp sword light directly pierced the throats of the thirteen Black Blood City disciples. Blood spurted out frantically.


Liu Ce looked at the disciples in the Black Blood City who had been frightened back, with a cruel smile on his face, and then flew away.

In a grove

Liu Ce meditated cross-legged, but his heart was thinking about the whereabouts of the blue alliance leader Gu Feiming and the goddess of the Tianji Profound Hall.

Now that the two sides had torn their faces, Liu Ce naturally didn't mind to solve the two directly in the divine secret realm.

But Liu Ce discovered that in the past few days, there was no way to find the whereabouts of the two.

"Yuwentuo, worship the moon, haven't you even found the Feiyunzong?"

Liu Ce looked at Yuwentuo and Baiyue, frowning and asked.

"We didn't find it. We infiltrated the Feiyun Sect's camp and overheard their disciple's conversation. It seems that they were also looking for their Sect Master, and their Sect Master didn't come out again after entering the Shenzun's Cave Mansion."

The two of them were very sure at the moment.

"That's weird, where can they go at this time?"

Liu Ce squinted his eyes, his expression a little confused.

Of course, Liu Ce's confusion is also normal. Because under normal circumstances, Gu Feiming and Jiang Xue came out of the Shenzun Cave Mansion, and they should contact the people of their sect. There is no contact at the moment, there are only two cases.

The first is that they have already fallen accidentally in the gods' cave.

But this possibility, in Liu Ce's view, is rather small. Because the strength of Gu Feiming and Jiang Xue was extremely powerful in Liu Ce's eyes. Even Jiang Xue's combat power was not below Gu Feiming's. Regardless of Jiang Xue is not in the Divine Emperor Realm, but as the goddess of the Heavenly Mystery Profound Hall, once she exerts her strength, she is even stronger than Gu Feiming. Although this is just Liu Ce's guess, it should be no more than eight or nine.

Second, that is that Jiang Xue and Gu Feiming have discovered some more important treasure or important opportunity. The two are now getting that opportunity.

Although Liu Ce has no evidence, he believes that this second possibility should actually be greater.

This discovery also made Liu Ce look solemn. Jiang Xue and Gu Feiming are actually more important to Liu Ce. One of them is the goddess of the Heavenly Mystery Palace, and the other is the leader of the Blue League. The strength is far superior to other people. If Liu Ce wants to unify the blue sky, these two people are his biggest obstacle. If you can't leave two people in the secret realm, let them leave the secret realm and return to the outside world, it will definitely be a big deal for the big man.

"Your Majesty, what should I do?"

Yuwentuo looked at Liu Ce.

"Now you can only stare at Feiyun Sect, and report back whenever there is any trouble."

Liu Ce talked to Yuwen.

"According to the purpose."

"You and Yuwentuo go together and cooperate with each other. If there is any danger, don't fall in love with each other and tell me immediately."

Liu Ce pays respect to the moon and Saite Road.

"According to the purpose."

Next, Liu Ce searched for the fate of Jiang Xue and Gu Feiming while being searched for in the Secret Realm of the Gods. Liu Ce is convinced that the two are not dead, just where they are hiding.

Although inside the Shenzun Cave House, Liu Ce had already entered. But there are still plenty of opportunities in the Divine Secret Realm. From time to time, Liu Ce can still find some precious medicinal materials.

This day. Yuwentuo, worship the moon, and Sete is back together.

"what happened?"

Liu Ce watched the three come back early today and opened his eyes.

"Your Majesty, we found that Gu Feiming's two henchmen are back."

Yu Wentuo looked at Liu Ce excitedly.

"Gu Feiming's two henchmen?"

Liu Ce was slightly surprised.

Liu Ce usually only noticed Gu Feiming himself, and he didn't really care about his confidant.

"Well, before, we noticed that every time Gu Feiming appeared, he would bring two people with him. But these few days, we have not seen those people in the Feiyunzong camp, but when we went there today , We found that the two people suddenly appeared. It can be imagined that these people should be by Gu Feiming's side a few days ago."

Yuwentuo's stern words to Liu Ce.

"Well, what you said still makes sense."

Liu Ce stood up and said with a slightly excited expression: "That is to say, in these two days, we might find Gu Feiming?"

"Yes, your Majesty, it is entirely possible. However, the two of them are not weak, they are the late stage of the Divine King Realm. The three of us are not very sure that we can deal with them."

Yuwentuo said to Liu Ce.

"So, you are coming back for help this time?"

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