"Do you know where Du Yu is now?"

Liu Ce asked indifferently when he looked at the disciples who had been bruised all over the righteous door.

"Know, know, I can lead the way."

The disciple of the righteous door was afraid that he would be beaten again, his complexion changed, and he whispered.

"Take me there."

Liu Ce said blankly.


The righteous disciple said quickly.

Liu Ce followed the righteous disciple to a mountain in the secret territory.

Only when he got here, the disciple stood still.


Ju Mang glared at the righteous disciple.

The disciple of the righteous door was taken aback, and quickly said: "It's not that I don't say it, but I only know that the master is healing on this mountain, but I don't know the exact location."


Liu Ce gave Yu Wentuo a look and asked the other party to solve him. He took people to the mountain. Because from the eyes of the other party, Liu Ce could also see that the other party was telling the truth and he did not lie. Therefore, Liu Ce did not ask much.

After Yu Wentuo solved the righteous disciple, he followed Liu Ce up the mountain.

"Your Majesty, this mountain is a bit big, we want to find someone, I am afraid it is not so easy."

Yuwentuo said to Liu Ce.


Liu Ce nodded slightly.

"Little emperor, take a sniff, where are there more people?"

Liu Ce asked the emperor who was on his shoulders.

Xiaohuang was in trouble at the moment.

Liu Ce obviously knew that this mountain was huge, and it was difficult to find someone specifically. Therefore, he just said to Xiaohuang: "Xiaohuang, I am not asking you to find someone specifically, you only need to find out which direction is more crowded."

"Boss, I know."

Xiao Huang sniffed, just in front of Liu Ce, shooting like an arrow, at an incredible speed.

"Keep up."

Liu Ce said behind him.

"His hiss..."

The little emperor in front suddenly stopped.

Liu Ce narrowed his eyes. I immediately knew that Du Yu should be in the mountains ahead. But even so, he knew very well that he wanted to find someone in this mountain range, although it was not a needle in a haystack, but it was almost the same. There are no fewer than hundreds of caves here.

And the other party is obviously very cunning, and there are many righteous disciples around. But they are spread very evenly. This made Liu Ce not discover which cave the master of the righteous valve was hiding in. It seemed that any cave was possible.

"Your Majesty, what should I do?"

Yuwentuo came to Liu Ce's side.

At this moment, Yuwentuo obviously also discovered this problem, but Yuwentuo obviously has no good solutions at this time, because Yuwentuo obviously also sees this problem.

"It seems that we have to try the dumbest way."

Liu Cedao.

"The dumbest way?"

Yuwentuo and the moon, Saite and others looked at Liu Ce in confusion, wondering what your Majesty meant.

"Although it is the most stupid way, it should also be the most effective. As for whether it can succeed or not, it depends on God's will."

Liu Ce smiled slightly.

"Your Majesty, what is the method?"

Dorset looked at Liu Ce and asked curiously.

"I don't know if you have ever heard an idiom to startle the snake?"

Liu Ce smiled.

Upon hearing Liu Ce's words, the eyes of the gods and demons lit up.

"This is a good way, Your Majesty."

Seth smiled.

"Yeah. Your Majesty's method is very good, your Majesty, please order it."

Shui Bi nodded and smiled.

"Okay, just follow our previous agreement to do so."

Liu Ce ordered.

Immediately, Liu Ce's people began to move up the mountain.


Han Zheng, the true disciple of Zhengqi, heard the voice and immediately rushed out with someone.

"Big man?"

Han Zheng immediately recognized the identities of Liu Ce and others.

Because the warriors of several other major forces have dealt with Zhengqi. As for the clothes of Liu Ce and others, they knew at a glance that they did not belong to the other major forces in the Blue Sky Region. The identities of these people in front of them are self-evident.


Jiang Shili shouted.

"court death."

Seeing that the big man took the initiative to attack, Han Zheng suddenly became a little angry and immediately ordered.

However, the righteous valve suffered a great loss in the Shenzun Dongfu. At this moment, many of the righteous valve disciples still had injuries on their bodies. How could they be opponents of the big Han gods and demons. Therefore, within a short period of time, the pieces that were killed will not remain.

Within a cave mansion on the mountain. At this time, Du Yu, the protagonist of the right valve, is healing. Although he and Situ Wei, the lord of the Black Blood City, attacked Jinba, the leader of the Iron Fist Club, but Jinba was indeed very domineering. Although facing the siege of the two, the desperate style of play, the two did not take too much advantage.

Even Du Yu suffered serious injuries. However, he didn't get too many opportunities in the gods' cave. At this moment, he could only hide here to heal his injuries.

This made Du Yu feel very embarrassed.

This trip to the secret realm really felt like stealing rice. A lot of true disciples died, and Zheng Qi was also greatly injured. This time, leaving the secret realm, I still don't know how to face the censure of the elders of Zheng Qi. After all, a large part of these dead are the lovers of the major elders.


Du Yu, who was healing, suddenly heard the sound of killing from outside the entrance of the cave.

"Is there an enemy?"

Du Yu was a little surprised.

Is it a member of the Iron Fist Club?

The first thing Du Yu thought of was the Iron Fist Association. After all, he and the lord Situ Wei of the Black Blood City had just attacked and injured each other in the Shenzun Cave Mansion earlier. Now that the other party is holding a grudge and wants to find a place, this is completely normal.

But soon Du Yu abandoned this idea. Because before this, he and Situ Wei joined hands to hurt him. The other party's injuries were heavier than the two of them. And he is teaming up with Situ Wei of Black Blood City. The other party should be hiding in the dark to heal his wounds secretly at this moment. Even if he is holding a grudge against himself and wanting revenge, this is also a matter after going out of the secret realm of the gods, it is impossible for him to want to do it here.

Is it a big man?

Du Yu was shocked.

Because it's a bit troublesome to be a big man. Big guy.

Du Yu's first thought was to leave. In the Shenzun Dongfu, the fighting power of the Han Emperor gave him a deep impression. The current state of his own battle against the Emperor of Han is tantamount to seeking death.

Du Yu didn't expect that the Emperor of Han didn't even know which cave mansion he was in now. It was a person's instinct to seek good and avoid evil.

Just when Du Yu burst out from the cave mansion, ready to escape.

"Du Yu, I finally found you."

An indifferent voice broke into Du Yu's ears from the void.

"The Emperor of Han."

Du Yu was also a wise man. When he saw the Emperor of Han coming from the void, he knew that he had been tricked. The other party probably didn't know where he was before, and the other party did this in order to draw himself out.

But at this moment, Du Yu also knew very well that in his current state, it was impossible to fight the opponent at all. If he insisted on it, it would be nothing more than death.

Therefore, Du Yu didn't even say anything harsh.

"Want to go?"

A sneer appeared on Liu Ce's face.

"It's too imaginary to travel!"

Liu Ce's speed is very fast.

Perhaps the mystery of this travel is not as good as Lingbo's microstep, but in terms of speed, it is far stronger than Lingbo's microstep.

Although Du Yu's cultivation is stronger than Liu Ce, his speed is still far behind Liu Ce. In the blink of an eye, Liu Ce caught up.

"Eat my sword."

Liu Ce assassinated Du Yu's place with a sword.

This sword has no tricks, only powerful strength and lightning speed.

"damn it."

Du Yu could clearly feel that Liu Ce's sword power had already locked himself in.

"Choke!" A cry.

Du Yu's long knife came out of its sheath, and it greeted Liu Ce with a knife.

The white knife light flashed in the void. It collided with Liu Ce's sword.

But Du Yu's attack was only a hasty attack, and he was seriously injured. Therefore, although the power of this sword is very strong, for Liu Ce, it is still a bit weak.


The light of the sword and the light of the sword spattered sparks in the void.

Immediately, Liu Ce's sword ripped apart Du Yu's defenses. A powerful sword blasted on Du Yu's body unstoppably.

"Bang!" there was a sound.

Du Yu snorted. The whole person flew out upside down.


Du Yu was knocked to the ground. He vomited blood. The look is extremely wilting.

After all, Du Yu was originally injured. Although he was healing before, the injury hadn't gotten much better before Liu Ce killed him. At this moment, he was severely injured by Liu Ce's sword. Therefore, Du Yu suffered from old injuries and new injuries at the same time, completely losing his combat effectiveness.

The fighting in the distance continued. Although the righteous people fought back desperately, they were completely crushed and beaten in the face of the attack of the big man gods and demons. There is no counterattack at all, and it is impossible to rescue their sect master at this moment.

"Tell me, how did you get hurt by everything that happened in the God's Cave Mansion?"

Liu Ce looked at Du Yudao, the master of the right valve.

"Tell you, don't you kill me?"

Du Yu looked at Liu Cedao.

"You are not qualified to bargain with me."

Liu Ce said blankly.

Feeling Liu Ce's terrible murderous intent, Du Yu's heart was chilled, and he quickly told Liu Ce how he was injured in the Gods Cave Mansion.

Liu Ce heard this silently, but his eyes kept falling on Du Yu.

"The Emperor of the Han Dynasty, don't kill me, I can be your subordinate. From now on, you will be the only one to look at you. Don't kill me."

Du Yu looked at Liu Ce and pleaded. ,

Cultivation to the Divine Emperor Realm, with a life span of tens of thousands of years, who wants to die. It can be said that the more powerful one is, the more he cherishes his life. Du Yu's future is infinite, so naturally he doesn't want to die like this.

"Huh, it's a pity that I don't like subordinates and minions who have rebelliousness."

Liu Ce will naturally not be the Virgin. Sweep it down.

"Do not…"

Du Yu looked at Liu Ce's sweep, with a look of despair on his face.

"Puff!" a cry.

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