Facing Xiaozhi's words, at this moment, the three of Ramias looked at each other and looked at each other. Their expressions are full of shock!

Use MS as a toy! This is the level of local tyrants of the Patriarch of the Mikiha family. Even the Earth military has to help him transport this toy from the earth! The privileges that Xiaozhi possessed were simply beyond their imagination.

As the young master of the Flagg family, Captain Flagg naturally knows how amazing the privileges some big families have. However, compared with the Mikoha family, the Flig family is obviously far behind.

"But, even if it's your body, but the opponent is the Zaft army, you don't have any combat experience!" Bucky Lulu persuaded.

"Don't worry. The performance of my toy is absolutely not inferior to the five Gundams of the G plan. As for my own technology, although I don't have any actual combat experience, the technology of operating MS is not comparable. Any ace pilot in the Earth Army is inferior, including Captain Flagg." Xiaozhi said.

Xiaozhi said this, and finally Flagg looked at Xiaozhi deeply, and he nodded.

As predicted, the enemy's attack came soon. In order to meet the enemy, Kira had no choice but to re-board the cockpit of Assault Gundam. But Airmaster has not finished repairing.

In the hangar, under the gaze of everyone, Xiaozhi entered the code for the huge cargo box in the corner of the hangar, and then opened the cargo box.

After opening the cargo box, you can see a silver machine lying down. This silver machine is all covered with silver. The body looks very thin. There is no cumbersome and bloated mass-produced body of the Earth Army Zaku.

This machine looks thinner than Strike Gundam, it looks like a skeleton. At the same time, around the body, there was something like a sword and shield covering one side.

"This machine!" Looking at this silver machine, Captain Flagg couldn't help frowning.

From his point of view, this machine didn't seem to be able to fight at all. The armor is too weak. Just be afraid of being shot through by a light gun! Not to mention facing the light cannon and lightsaber.

But at this time, Xiao Zhi stretched out his hand and shot a ray of light from the watch on his right hand. This light just fell on the head of the machine. However, it is unbelievable that this machine seems to be activated on the spot.

From the body, the silver coatings all lit up, blooming with dazzling silver light. In the silver light, the machine then just sat up.

Then the cockpit on the abdomen of the fuselage opened, and Xiaozhi jumped, already entering the cockpit.

Inside the cockpit, it is completely different from the general body. Inside the cockpit, there is no joystick at all. There is only a round closed space.

This machine was not manually controlled, but was controlled by spirit. In the body, there is a mental power receiving system. The driver can use brain waves to control the body. In addition, there are floating guns equipped with the fuselage.

These are all technologies developed by Xiaozhi after he came to this world.

As Xiaozhi entered the body, the body's cockpit closed. Then the cockpit lit up.

This machine can't be driven by ordinary people, if it is a person whose mental power exceeds that of ordinary people. For example, it is like adjusting a small part of people, possessing spiritual abilities. After wearing a special driving suit, you can send and receive brain wave signals through the driving suit.

At this time, the driver can use the signal received by the driving suit to present a three-dimensional picture around the body in the driver's mind. The driver's mental power can control the body to make a variety of flexible actions.

At the same time, the driver will connect with the intelligent computer of the body through mental power, and with the help of the intelligent computer, he can perform various incredible operations.

For example, at the same time lock the unit of a legion. Then in an instant, all regiment-level units were wiped out. This kind of thing is just a trivial matter for this machine.

Of course, Xiaozhi naturally does not need this driving suit.

He just sat on the seat, and his mental power moved slightly, and the body had already moved. Even Xiaozhi sat on the body, just a cover. If he wants to, he can squeeze the Gundam into a metal ball with a move of mental power.

The reason for sitting on the body is just for Xiaozhi to have some fun. As Xiaozhi said before, this machine is his toy.

Following Xiaozhi sat in the cockpit of the body. The body emits a silver light. Then from the cargo box on the ground, the pieces of sword and shield seemed to be pulled by a strange force and flew automatically. Tongtong flew to the back of the body, turned into a combination, turned into two metal wings!

"My body, Guang Yin Gundam can be dispatched at any time." In the body, Xiao Zhi said.

When Xiaozhi spoke, his voice rang in the hangar. Not only that, the body has already been connected to the communication channel of the Archangel. His voice was also transmitted to the bridge through the communication channel.

Hearing these words, Captain Flagg was stunned. His eyes were a little serious. Gundam, the full name is GeneralUnilateralNeuro-linkDispersiveAutonomicManeuverSynthsisSystem, which is a universal continuous enhanced mobile weapon system mechanism in the whole field. Because the initials add up to GUNDAM, it is called Gundam.

Gundam itself is the latest airframe manufacturing plan of the Earth Federation. The essence of the plan is to spend a lot of money to hire the Sugon Society with technology to help the Earth Army build a powerful mobile weapon.

But based on Captain Flagg's understanding of this plan, this plan had never had this machine of Xiaozhi before.

Of course, this machine naturally has nothing to do with the Earth Army's Gundam plan. It was developed and manufactured by Xiaozhi. The spiritual power far surpasses the technological level of this era.

If you have to say it, as long as a person with mental abilities can sit in this machine, then he has enough power to rival a god. As for the name Guangyin Gundam, Xiaozhi just picked it up casually.

In the hangar, when the Assault Gundam and the Light Silver Gundam were ready to attack, the Archangel had already sounded the first-level combat security alarm.

All of a sudden, many people in the hangar moved around in a hurry. Go to your position and fix yourself.

Captain Flagg ignored the doubts in his heart, and he also hurried towards the bridge. Because his Skymaster cannot attack, he will take on the work of CIC. Responsible for the operation of the laser beam cannon on the battleship Archangel. ..

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