"The strongest system" is finished, suffering from loss, there are many words to say, this book is the longest book I have written, I am very satisfied with the results.

However, since I have never written a fantasy, the experience is not enough, and there are many problems in the text.

This is only known when I write it myself.

This road is not easy to come. When I am about to finish this, my heart will be reluctant.

I am not reluctant to give up this book, but I am reluctant to let the protagonist ‘Lin Fan’ in the book.

There are already four books whose protagonist is ‘Lin Fan’. I don’t know why, I have a feeling for ‘Lin Fan’, which is a feeling I have never had before in the previous two books.

The story of 'Lin Fan' is not over yet. I always wanted to continue writing down with this name, because I feel that every time I write this name, it seems to be continuing his life.

Now I am writing the urban class "The Life of You", which is a character attempt. It is trying to update, and the book readers who have finished reading can go and have a look.

Also, the next book is scheduled to be published in October, the type is fantasy, the protagonist's name is still 'Lin Fan', I will inform you when I send the book.

Thank you, editor-in-chief Taishan. Thank you for compiling Qinghu. Without them, this book will not have such achievements.

Thanks to all the brothers and sisters who supported this book. When the book is over, the friendship will still be there. I hope my book can accompany you until you leave the web. But what I hope more is to be able to spend the rest of my life.

When I entered the business, my early book friends knew that I wanted to attend the annual meeting to write a book. Now I have been looking at it for two years. There is still a distance from my goal, but I believe that I will Successful, hehe.

Thanks to steven0625 Silver League, the first silver alliance since the book was his reward, and at the same time, it has accumulated and there are also five silver alliances. I will remember it for a lifetime, thank you for the support of steven0625 book friends here. I haven't talked to him a few times, and I don't know how to thank him. So I asked him for the name of a prostitute, and he became a disciple of the protagonist in the book, but because of my penpower problem, I didn't write much.

Thank you for loving me, the great leader, thank you to your lord, support for me, I remember.

Thank you, Your Majesty, thank you for your lord.

Thank you for your back to destroy the girl's heart, thank you for your lord.

Thank you, the supreme killer, thank you for your lord.

Thank you for your battle, thank you for your lord.

Thank you, Luoyang Chenxing, thank you for your lord.

Thank you, Kaiko, thank you for your lord.

Thank you for your warmth, thank you to your ally.

Thank you for your love, thank you for your head.

Thank you, Zhang Junwang, thank you for your head.

Thank you, Wang Meng, thank you for your head.

And thanks to all the brothers and sisters who supported this book, without your support, there is no such achievement in the book.

Xinfeng would like to thank everyone, thank you very much, I will write a better book, thank you, thank you.