The Strongest System

Yours Truly shall have all of you bow down to me! Arriving in this brand-new world, Lin Fan found himself in possession of a system which allows him to level up indefinitely unbounded by the limitations of this world. Upon learning a powerful technique of Monkey Steals Peaches, L.... Read more

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~ End this testimonial Chapter 1159 Big end (end of this) Chapter 1158 This is impossible

Chapter 1157 Desperate Chapter 1156 Terrorist strength Chapter 1155 Zufo Chapter 1154 broken Chapter 1153 War **** died Chapter 1152 Start with one Chapter 1151 Sovereign, you are too weak. Chapter 1150 Destruction one tenth Chapter 1149 Strike

Chapter 1148 5000 US sword Chapter 1147 Who gave you the courage Chapter 1146 Shot

Chapter 1145 Two tricky gods Chapter 1144 All this is an illusion Chapter 1143 Let's melee Chapter 1142 Stop your sister Chapter 1141 Don't give your back to the enemy Chapter 1140 I lied to you again Chapter 1139 Three seconds, believe it or not Chapter 1138 Dark and dark Chapter 1137 One enemy five

Chapter 1136 Strong kill Chapter 1135 There is something wrong with this situation. Chapter 1134 Planting Chapter 1133 Come and get it. Chapter 1132 Mixed into the enemy Chapter 1131 Start the road to killing Chapter 1130 Hacking you this girl Chapter 1129 Why are you so insidious? Chapter 1128 How to kill BOSS Chapter 1127 I killed it. Chapter 1126 It seems a bit dangerous Chapter 1125 Frost Lord God shot

Chapter 1124 Kill Chapter 1123 Too high to see you Chapter 1122 All dying Chapter 1121 Lin Fan is very busy Chapter 1120 After chasing for so long, I reacted Chapter 1119 There is a kind of you coming over Chapter 1118 Joint suppression Chapter 1117 This position is drilled Chapter 1116 The power of the big brother broke out. Chapter 1115 Practice hands Chapter 1114 Was pitted Chapter 1113 Abnormal horror

Chapter 1112 Dissatisfied Chapter 1111 Too bad Chapter 1110 Truth king Chapter 1109 Life and death Chapter 1108 Violent Chapter 1107 Weak, too weak Chapter 1106 Tu Shen (third more) Chapter 1105 Spike (second more) Chapter 1104 Rain (first more) Chapter 1103 Heaven and Earth (fourth) Chapter 1102 Fighting (third more) Chapter 1101 Let's say good (second more)

Chapter 1100 Hell (first) Chapter 1099 Good sinister (fourth more) Chapter 1098 You are teasing me (third more) Chapter 1097 The Lord God is coming (second more) Chapter 1096 Why is this (first) Chapter 1095 Hacking people (fourth more) Chapter 1094 Good and evil Buddha (third) Chapter 1093 What are you asking me (second more)? Chapter 1092 All shot dead (first more) Chapter 1091 Outsiders (fourth) Chapter 1090 Get sick (third more) Chapter 1089 Retreat (second more)

Chapter 1088 Lin Fan is the ultimate BOSS (first more) Chapter 1087 One pot end (fourth more) Chapter 1086 Sweeping (third more) Chapter 1085 Hell (second more) Chapter 1084 This guy is handed over to you (first) Chapter 1083 This matter can't be ended (fourth more) Chapter 1082 Dumbfounded (third more) Chapter 1081 Sliding down (second more) Chapter 1080 Otherwise I have to retired (first) Chapter 1079 Promotion (second more) Chapter 1078 The Gate of the Immortal King (first) Chapter 1077 The fairy king is coming out (fourth more)

Chapter 1076 Dissatisfied (third) Chapter 1075 Too relaxed (second more) Chapter 1074 Who else (first more) Chapter 1073 Scary battle (fourth more) Chapter 1072 Push the past (third more) Chapter 1071 Come on (second more) Chapter 1070 This blow is a bit big (first more) Chapter 1069 Do you not make me? (fourth more) Chapter 1068 Going to war (third more) Chapter 1067 嗑 磕 磕 addicted (second more) Chapter 1066 Nevernight Magic Disk (first) Chapter 1065 It’s a bit difficult

Chapter 1064 Shot (third more) Chapter 1063 Going out (second more) Chapter 1062 Peekaboo (first) Chapter 1061 Dan Hai (fourth more) Chapter 1060 Swallow all (third) Chapter 1059 Start scraping (second more) Chapter 1058 This is awkward (first) Chapter 1057 Let's go, let's go together (fourth more) Chapter 1056 Deaf madman (third more) Chapter 1055 Who is afraid of who (second more) Chapter 1054 Frightened (first more) Chapter 1053 Sudden death (fourth more)

Chapter 1052 Wendao Tianjun (third more) Chapter 1051 Fury (second more) Chapter 1050 Digging the tunnel (first more) Chapter 1049 Potholes (fourth more) Chapter 1048 Run after the cut (third) Chapter 1047 Get rid of the magic (second more) Chapter 1046 Practice by yourself (first) Chapter 1045 Mentally retarded (fourth more) Chapter 1044 This is somewhat interesting (third more) Chapter 1043 If you don’t agree, you can shoot (the second one) Chapter 1042 Waiting for the advent (first more) Chapter 1041 I dare to kill me.

Chapter 1040 Trial Chapter 1039 Eating (fourth more) Chapter 1038 Come back (third more) Chapter 1037 Insulted (second more) Chapter 1036 Come back (first more) Chapter 1035 Sovereign candidate (fourth) Chapter 1034 Can be protected (third) Chapter 1033 Thorough suppression (second more) Chapter 1032 One move, just one stroke (first) Chapter 1031 Let me come (fourth more) Chapter 1030 Will not trust others (third) Chapter 1029 Losing money (second more)

Chapter 1028 Still useful (first) Chapter 1027 We are going to be killed (fourth more) Chapter 1026 Five gas magic works (third more) Chapter 1025 Hope so (second more) Chapter 1024 Let's withdraw (first more) Chapter 1023 The future is worthless Wang Fo (fourth more) Chapter 1022 Fearless (third more) Chapter 1021 Animals, you want to dry up (second more) Chapter 1020 Kung Kung in front of a big knife (first) Chapter 1019 Still not enough (fourth Chapter 1018 Unsuccessful Devil (third more) Chapter 1017 Own people, don't do it (second more)

Chapter 1016 Explosion News (first) Chapter 1015 You dare to marry me (fourth more) Chapter 1014 It’s too fast to die (third more) Chapter 1013 This is the welfare of the younger brother (second more) Chapter 1012 Riches (first) Chapter 1011 Selling medicinal herbs (fourth more) Chapter 1010 Chamber of Commerce (third) Chapter 1009 Step into the sky (second more) Chapter 1008 The evening is not guaranteed (first more) Chapter 1007 Really last time (fourth more) Chapter 1006 Damn you this **** (third more) Chapter 1005 Oh, it’s really awkward (second more)

Chapter 1004 Demon is killed (first) Chapter 1003 Rub it and die (fourth more) Chapter 1002 Upgrade (third more) Chapter 1001 Big Brother, we are wrong (second more) Chapter 1000 This is a technical activity (first more) Chapter 999 This is the embarrassing situation (fourth more) Chapter 998 Repression! Repression! (third more) Chapter 997 Don't worry, come up (second more) Chapter 996 You are not satisfied (first) Chapter 995 Do something (fourth more) Chapter 994 You are going to heaven (the third one) Chapter 993 Think about it (second more)

Chapter 992 Promotion (first more) Chapter 991 True to yourself (fourth more) Chapter 990 On the right track (third more) Chapter 989 Witness the miracle moment (second more) Chapter 988 No one believes (first) Chapter 987 Return to the old business (second more) Chapter 986 Beat (first) Chapter 985 Take advantage of it (fourth more) Chapter 984 You think you are the first (third more) Chapter 983 Still somewhat intelligent (second more) Chapter 982 Earth Magic Cave (first) Chapter 981 Silent old man (fourth more)

Chapter 980 You are all eyes (third) Chapter 979 Absolutely let it shine brightly (second more) Chapter 978 The journey is about to begin (first more) Chapter 977 You lost (fourth more) Chapter 976 You can't do this (third more) Chapter 975 Start with the fight (second more) Chapter 974 This is the case (first) Chapter 973 This is helpless (third more) Chapter 972 Flying up (second more) Chapter 971 I am happy (first more) Chapter 970 Solving boring (fourth more) Chapter 969 Riding a Trojan is very powerful (third)

Chapter 968 Reincarnation (second more) Chapter 967 So many people have enough funeral (first) Chapter 966 This looks good (fourth more) Chapter 965 Heavy casualties (third) Chapter 964 The strong one followed by a wave (second more) Chapter 963 Are mentally retarded (first) Chapter 962 True fairy list (fourth more) Chapter 961 You are particularly sick (third) Chapter 960 Always living in a secret Chapter 959 Give a thin face (first) Chapter 958 The final secret (fourth more) Chapter 957 I am undernourished (third more)

Chapter 956 It’s your own name (second more) Chapter 955 Full harvest (first more) Chapter 954 Miserable (fourth more) Chapter 953 Just a little bit (third more) Chapter 952 I want to blew myself (second more) Chapter 951 The turbulent era is coming Chapter 950 You can't do this (fourth more) Chapter 949 You have already lost (third more) Chapter 948 Take another move (second more) Chapter 947 Mysterious shadow (first) Chapter 946 Another seven old dogs (third) Chapter 945 Promoted to artifact (second more)

Chapter 944 Eternal Axe Shard (first more) Chapter 943 You are so beautiful (fourth more) Chapter 942 The last piece of debris (third more) Chapter 941 Thai Day (second more) Chapter 940 Thoroughly killed (first more) Chapter 939 You are yin me (fourth more) Chapter 938 Despite coming (third more) Chapter 937 Sure enough, it was discovered (second more) Chapter 936 Blood Sea Array (first) Chapter 935 The enemy is not at home (fourth) Chapter 934 A small experiment (third more) Chapter 933 Will to power (second more)

Chapter 932 You dare... (first more) Chapter 931 Let you not come to me (fourth more) Chapter 930 Very arrogant (third Chapter 929 Settlement (second more) Chapter 928 Beauty is also correct according to Europe (first) Chapter 927 How did it become a thief? (fourth more) Chapter 926 Peach, banana (third more) Chapter 925 Everything has become confusing (second more) Chapter 924 Group battles (first) Chapter 923 Crazy plundering brigade (fourth more) Chapter 922 Locust battalion (third) Chapter 921 Do a big thing (second more)

Chapter 920 Thorough suppression (first) Chapter 919 Three palms kill (fourth more) Chapter 918 Still can't play (third more) Chapter 917 Stepping everything (second more) Chapter 916 Complete outbreak (first) Chapter 915 Dominating the road to Leizong (fourth more) Chapter 914 Too much hegemony (third more) Chapter 913 Mixed into Lei Zong (second more) Chapter 912 Mixed into the big race (first) Chapter 911 One palm five (fourth more) Chapter 910 Completely collapsed (third more) Chapter 909 This is a feat (second more)

Chapter 908 Small, rushing (first more) Chapter 907 Almost bitten by the chicken (fourth more) Chapter 906 One egg in hand, the world I have (third more) Chapter 905 The strongest sword (second more) Chapter 904 a group of mental retardation (first) Chapter 903 The biggest winner (fourth more) Chapter 902 Super dew object (third more) Chapter 901 Come on, rely on you (second more) Chapter 900 The feeling of goodness is coming up (first) Chapter 899 Nima, monkey (fourth more) Chapter 898 Thank you Buddha this time (third more) Chapter 897 Strangle the future (second more)

Chapter 896 Still don't hurry to save the car (first) Chapter 895 Hard fight (fourth more) Chapter 894 Three strongest (third more) Chapter 893 Promotion (second more) Chapter 892 Shenshan (first more) Chapter 891 Hidden eternal position Chapter 890 Run away (third more) Chapter 889 There is a kind of movement (second more) Chapter 888 Who is afraid of who (first more) Chapter 887 This is not a good situation (fourth more) Chapter 886 Very bitter (third) Chapter 885 Who doesn't have long eyes (second more)

Chapter 884 I think (first) Chapter 883 Can't ask for it (fourth more) Chapter 882 Who stops the dog (third more) Chapter 881 This is the rhythm of sad reminder (second more) Chapter 880 Play with your sister (first) Chapter 879 I request a substitution (fourth) Chapter 878 This argument is true or false (third) Chapter 877 The new era is coming (second more) Chapter 876 Play me (first) Chapter 875 Endless myths are true (fourth more) Chapter 874 Kill everything (third more) Chapter 873 Completely extinguished (second more)

Chapter 872 Calm ratio (first) Chapter 871 Good calm guy (fourth more) Chapter 870 Zerg descending (third more) Chapter 869 Starlight City (second more) Chapter 868 Back to the initial place (first more) Chapter 867 This is the earth (fourth more) Chapter 866 Chickens eat small bugs (third more) Chapter 865 Horrible bug ancestors (second more) Chapter 864 Let me go with you (first) Chapter 863 The most extravagant banquet Chapter 862 Being mad at alive (third more) Chapter 861 Sacrifice, invincible power (second more)

Chapter 860 Then take it by yourself (first) Chapter 859 Didn't talk about it (fourth more) Chapter 858 Don't leave (third more) Chapter 857 Eat shark fins (second more) Chapter 856 Uncultivated race (first) Chapter 855 Giant shark (fourth more) Chapter 854 One palm destroys the enemy (third more) Chapter 853 a sword torn open (second more) Chapter 852 Someone is offering (first) Chapter 851 My master is the glass heart (fourth more) Chapter 850 There is nothing wrong with this (third) Chapter 849 This is about to explode (second more)

Chapter 848 The little mouth is getting sweeter (first) Chapter 847 God's coming (fourth more) Chapter 846 You are going to fly (third) Chapter 845 All promotion (second more) Chapter 844 Another place of eternal (first) Chapter 843 The supreme face is completely gone (fourth more) Chapter 842 End of the road (third) Chapter 841 I am the strongest (second) Chapter 840 Come, let's do it (first) Chapter 839 Let's talk slowly 9 (fourth more) Chapter 838 Where there is blood, there must be wealth Chapter 837 Ok, well said (second more)

Chapter 836 This is impossible (first more) Chapter 835 Scared to death (fourth more) Chapter 834 Your gift, the Emperor accepted (third more) Chapter 833 This is a monk (second more) Chapter 832 Retreat, must be closed (first) Chapter 831 Uncle, obviously bitter in mind (fourth more) Chapter 830 You are the protagonists of the world (third) Chapter 829 This is a painful thing (second more) Chapter 828 Ultimate weapon (first) Chapter 827 Still give no way to live (fourth more) Chapter 826 Mixed King Wang Xiaoming (third more) Chapter 825 Behind the scenes (second more)

Chapter 824 Ten trillion to hand (first more) Chapter 823 Then continue (fourth more) Chapter 822 Your pain, I understand (third more) Chapter 821 To see three metamorphosis (second more) Chapter 820 Please continue your performance Chapter 819 Looking for a relative (third) Chapter 818 Wrong, no letter (second more) Chapter 817 The dragon has a reverse scale (first more) Chapter 816 How can you do this (fourth more) Chapter 815 Don't owe you (third) Chapter 814 This performance is overkill (second more) Chapter 813 One million million sundan (one more)

Chapter 812 This is a group (fourth more) Chapter 811 Fair group (third) Chapter 810 Don't make trouble (second more) Chapter 809 Routine starts (first more) Chapter 808 The opportunity is here, it should be (fourth more) Chapter 807 Enemy in front (third) Chapter 806 This is not the case (second more) Chapter 805 Continue to hang up (first more) Chapter 804 Feng Shui turns (fourth more) Chapter 803 This is teasing me (third more) Chapter 802 You will kill me (second more) Chapter 801 All flying up (first more)

Chapter 800 Amazing change Chapter 799 Owner of creation Chapter 798 Refined planet Chapter 797 This is the seal Chapter 796 Everything is clear (fourth more) Chapter 795 The magical effect of physical fitness Chapter 794 Resentment (second more) Chapter 793 Scared to death (first more) Chapter 792 This fart is not simple (fourth more) Chapter 791 The last person (third) Chapter 790 Great attitude (second more) Chapter 789 Non-human, is God (first more)

Chapter 788 Mixed one is worse than the other (fourth more) Chapter 787 Feng Feng body (third) Chapter 786 Go back to high (second more) Chapter 785 Go back to the Holy Family (first) Chapter 784 Anxious to die (fourth more) Chapter 783 Say good touching picture (third more) Chapter 782 Don't be ah (second more) Chapter 781 Side by side with the sun (first) Chapter 780 This is to beat the thunder (fourth more) Chapter 779 This is complicated (third) Chapter 778 The change is too big, the heart can't stand it (second more) Chapter 777 Overbearing apprentices (first)

Chapter 776 One foot is dead (fourth more) Chapter 775 This is an insult to us (third more) Chapter 774 Praise the king (second) Chapter 773 Things are big enough (first) Chapter 772 Xiao Ming, you have to be awkward (fourth more) Chapter 771 This is a sign of villain (third) Chapter 770 Xuanhuangjie Chapter 769 It’s too late (first) Chapter 768 This is to kill people (fourth more) Chapter 767 Reward for harvest (third) Chapter 766 God's will (second more) Chapter 765 This picture quality is too low (first)

Chapter 764 Only you can withstand (the third) Chapter 763 Where are such good things (second more) Chapter 762 I have thousands of ways to get you (first) Chapter 761 This is a trick (fourth more) Chapter 760 This can't die (third more) Chapter 759 Ancient holy altar (second more) Chapter 758 St. (first) Chapter 757 This play is a bit shameless (fourth more) Chapter 756 The strong talent of the Samsung family (third) Chapter 755 Wretched harassment (second more) Chapter 754 It is bound to kill the holy (first Chapter 753 Take a wool

Chapter 752 Fortunately, I have time. Chapter 751 The power of terror Chapter 750 Daduhua Foguang Chapter 749 Sorry, I am a human being. Chapter 748 Let's hug it. Chapter 747 The only two strong people Chapter 746 Tortured each other, very strong Chapter 745 Who is afraid of who, hurt each other? Chapter 744 The crisis is coming Chapter 743 This is going to be pitted. Chapter 742 Condensed in heaven and earth Chapter 741 I really don't believe it.

Chapter 740 The fourth punch, must be crit Chapter 739 Old man! Old man! Chapter 738 The art of crossing, it will change from now on. Chapter 737 Bargain for you, is the dog Chapter 736 Dissatisfied Chapter 735 Bloody battle Chapter 734 BUFF is on, ready to go Chapter 733 Helpful man Chapter 732 Beidou Blasting Boxing Chapter 731 Open your arms and hit me. Chapter 730 too difficult Chapter 729 "Black Tiger Heart" advanced!

Chapter 728 Come on, I am ready. Chapter 727 It’s impossible to explode like this. Chapter 726 Ten Princes exploded Chapter 725 The enemy came to the door. Chapter 724 Hong Jingtian Chapter 723 You are not qualified for a servant. Chapter 722 Barrenness is not Chapter 721 a palm of the hand Chapter 720 The nosy of the green emperor Chapter 719 I use my hands to save you. Chapter 718 Triggered by the war, earth-shattering Chapter 717 Favorite group

Chapter 716 砸就砸 Chapter 715 The first **** king of the ancients Chapter 714 I want to take advantage of the benefits Chapter 713 The rebel army was established Chapter 712 This is not loaded, it is uncomfortable Chapter 711 Deaf people are sentimental Chapter 710 Left and right, holding flowers Chapter 709 Spike Chapter 708 The Emperor shot, you will have no power to fight back Chapter 707 What is called horror Chapter 706 Is the 10,000 contribution value so difficult? Chapter 705 Rent yourself

Chapter 704 This is a sad day Chapter 703 Pothole old man Chapter 702 Guardian land Chapter 701 Do you see someone blowing in front of the cow? Chapter 700 My heart is the glass heart Chapter 699 Domineering side leakage Chapter 698 I was scared. Chapter 697 Mastering the stick, but aiming for the yard Chapter 696 Xiaoyou, are you coming out soon? Chapter 695 Let's make a bet. Chapter 694 The next day Chapter 693 Zhibao Fawei

Chapter 692 This wave is not perfect. Chapter 691 Each other, each other Chapter 690 Vulture, let’s tell the truth. Chapter 689 Running faster than rabbits Chapter 688 Blood Mang Chapter 687 Almost ran away Chapter 686 Group attack Chapter 685 Reluctant to leave Lin Fan Chapter 684 Killing Chapter 683 Let's five or five points Chapter 682 Scarlet Mountain Chapter 681 You want to learn, I can teach you.

Chapter 680 Donor, you have gone in the direction Chapter 679 Know this road Chapter 678 There are so many arrogance Chapter 677 You are vulgar and rogue. Chapter 676 This place is a bit weird. Chapter 675 The gap between people Chapter 674 This feeling is very beautiful Chapter 673 Save it Chapter 672 Barren Savior Chapter 671 The city of the king Chapter 670 The birth of yin and yang dragon Chapter 669 It’s such a kind heart

Chapter 668 屠龙宝刀, click to send Chapter 667 Zulong reincarnation Chapter 666 My name is Dragon Slayer. Chapter 665 Ten Prince Chapter 664 Sweat Chapter 663 This is really an artifact Chapter 662 Please also please Chapter 661 a radio that can also change the tape Chapter 660 Former mystic Chapter 659 Second highest "sacred" Chapter 658 We are all animals Chapter 657 This scene is a bit scary.

Chapter 656 Miscalculated Chapter 655 I take people first, you will wait Chapter 654 Give a face Chapter 653 Blood sacrifice Chapter 652 Weird route Chapter 651 The tragic death of Qi Junwang Chapter 650 Put down the butcher's knife and become a Buddha Chapter 649 calm down Chapter 648 Eight Eternal Gods Chapter 647 There are a lot of enemies. Chapter 646 Hit a fist Chapter 645 Every hiding is like a ghost

Chapter 644 Wei Jun Wang is very dissatisfied Chapter 643 This is a lot of effort. Chapter 642 Rolling all the way Chapter 641 You can’t recognize such a big **** in front of you. Chapter 640 Really forgotten by everyone Chapter 639 Time lapse Chapter 638 The chance is really too bad. Chapter 637 Morality is lost Chapter 636 It’s good to have a backing help. Chapter 635 Sanzhao Shengyangdan Chapter 634 You said that you are impatient Chapter 633 Headache, headache

Chapter 632 Swallow Chapter 631 Meizu talent is too unstable Chapter 630 Don't forget to rob Chapter 629 It’s so small Chapter 628 The evil prince is also a sad reminder Chapter 627 This is not a live broadcast. Chapter 626 Sycamore flowering Chapter 625 Laugh Chapter 624 How can I know no one's name? Chapter 623 Pay attention to the way forward Chapter 622 More experience Chapter 621 Many sisters were shocked

Chapter 620 The top ten beasts of the ancient times Chapter 619 Illusion Chapter 618 Flesh Chapter 617 How can you be like this? Chapter 616 Hit me Chapter 615 This is a scene that people can't believe. Chapter 614 This ground is a bit hard Chapter 613 My ranking is higher than the master Chapter 612 Fight Chapter 611 Master is back. Chapter 610 Domineering side leakage Chapter 609 Overbearing power

Chapter 608 Really, when I am Lin Fan, I can’t bully. Chapter 607 Rising Chapter 606 This is a big treasure. Chapter 605 There is actually experience in the book. Chapter 604 Cute and mortal Vanfan Chapter 603 A new starting point appears in front of you Chapter 602 too weak Chapter 601 Slight punishment Chapter 600 I am afraid that Lin Fan will blow them up. Chapter 599 Master is the master of me. Chapter 598 Zongmen in the cave Chapter 597 Despicable, shameless.

Chapter 596 The only cave in history Chapter 595 Last moment Chapter 594 Today's grace, will come to Japan Chapter 593 Thank God, thank you, thank you for the ancient family Chapter 592 I really can't hold it anymore. Chapter 591 There are ancient people before, and then there are cave days. Chapter 590 unprecedented Chapter 589 Cave day degeneration Chapter 588 Spend a little bit of hands and feet Chapter 587 Life is better than death, playing with the applause Chapter 586 I am the day, it is your father. Chapter 585 Burly old anger

Chapter 584 One stroke Chapter 583 Melee will start Chapter 582 Shocking Chapter 581 The spirit of ridicule Chapter 580 Devils gather together Chapter 579 One hand pinch Chapter 578 This girl is too overbearing. Chapter 577 Pain and happiness coexist Chapter 576 The tragedy happened Chapter 575 There is still no shame. Chapter 574 Great Mausoleum Chapter 573 Hematemesis

Chapter 572 conflict Chapter 571 Full of gunpowder Chapter 570 Wan bat ancestors died Chapter 569 Man bat wars, terrible Chapter 568 This is forcing me to enlarge. Chapter 567 I am going to get you today. Chapter 566 Binding items, I also want to grab Chapter 565 Zhongpindao Chapter 564 Vinegar flavor Chapter 563 One-claw bomb Chapter 562 Condensed, the long river of water Chapter 561 Treasure

Chapter 560 Spoiled king Chapter 559 Water and fire mystery Chapter 558 Thunder Tactical King of Electric Shock Therapy Chapter 557 Children, come to this law, Wang Nian Chapter 556 These stunts are kept by me. Chapter 555 This means horror Chapter 554 Big explosion Chapter 553 It hurts and doesn't help. Chapter 552 Crazy practice Chapter 551 Insult to death Chapter 550 Heaven and earth Chapter 549 Don't run, can't run.

Chapter 548 How is it so true? Chapter 547 Converse King Chapter 546 This is a pig-like teammate. Chapter 545 Weijun Wang is coming Chapter 544 This acting is a bit exaggerated. Chapter 543 I am going to start the routine. Chapter 542 Desperate field Chapter 541 Terran Chapter 540 Lin Fan’s handsome appearance Chapter 539 Desperate Spear Chapter 538 Raise the hand, the army collapses Chapter 537 The opportunity to come out is coming.

Chapter 536 This script is open in the wrong way. Chapter 535 Four poor ghosts Chapter 534 Promotion Chapter 533 Explosion, Dafange Chapter 532 Random resistance Chapter 531 Stupid can Chapter 530 a brick trip Chapter 529 Invincible defense Chapter 528 Head of the four army Chapter 527 No one can fight? Chapter 526 alone Chapter 525 Go to Despair City and kill Desperate

Chapter 524 Ancients, how are you? Chapter 523 Also provoked a giant Chapter 522 All suppression Chapter 521 Will help you out of the sea of ​​bitterness Chapter 520 Come over and take it. Chapter 519 The heart is bleeding Chapter 518 Fragment of artifact Chapter 517 Lin Fan is actually very wit Chapter 516 What is this special pit? Chapter 515 Doomsday Chapter 514 I didn't expect the power to be so big (thank you steven0625 lord) Chapter 513 Fallen

Chapter 512 It’s a pity that this group of living experiences Chapter 511 Thunder King Chapter 510 Eyes look, a little horrified Chapter 509 Brother, where do you touch this hand? Chapter 508 What is your hand? Chapter 507 Wan Gu Gu Gu Chapter 506 Dafan brother became a practice Chapter 505 Could it be that you have been handsome for a long time? Chapter 504 Look at the drug work of Xiaoye Chapter 503 Poisonous king Chapter 502 Condensing all exercises Chapter 501 Let it blast, my brother

Chapter 500 Let the medicine fly slowly for a while Chapter 499 A touch of cold light, **** mottle Chapter 498 The bad guys are occasionally handsome. Chapter 497 Still so a woman Chapter 496 Cruel Chapter 495 This glory, this temperament, the world is unparalleled. Chapter 494 Sword Chapter 493 It’s time for Xiaoye to play. Chapter 492 Against the sky Chapter 491 The most horrible magic weapon is about to be born. Chapter 490 You can't do it. Chapter 489 Tu Ling Changhe

Chapter 488 Fudge Xiao Ye, just don’t come out Chapter 487 Rage upgrade Chapter 486 Beat the master Chapter 485 You are waiting for me. Chapter 484 I want the hole in front, I want the hole behind Chapter 483 Zhiyong, who is this? Chapter 482 Too shameless Chapter 481 This is detrimental to the style of the young master. Chapter 480 Ancient beast dad chasing Chapter 479 The blood of the three giants Chapter 478 It’s so insidious Chapter 477 Aristocrat among the ancient beasts

Chapter 476 Which head should I knock? Chapter 475 Certified by the blue sky Chapter 474 Don't be patient, call it out. Chapter 473 Most like to cut the head of Lin Fan Chapter 472 No one can rob me. Chapter 471 Very indifferent Lin Fan (thanks to the back of the girl who destroyed the girl's heart) Chapter 470 Wanted list Chapter 469 Justice team Chapter 468 This is a misunderstanding Chapter 467 Then what should I do? Chapter 466 Hacked you (thank you for the communist of steven0625) Chapter 465 If this is silly to what extent

Chapter 464 All the special things are the Emperor Chapter 463 The strongest mode hides BUFF Chapter 462 The last day before departure Chapter 461 Most believe in Uncle Lin. Chapter 460 I won't refuse you. Chapter 459 The little sister was shocked. Chapter 458 The original human race is still very famous. Chapter 457 Strange uncle with children Chapter 456 Terrible scene Chapter 455 My desperate fan Chapter 454 a small target Chapter 453 The mob was almost robbed.

Chapter 452 Crashed and completely collapsed Chapter 451 I cut, I cut... Chapter 450 This is poisonous Chapter 449 Refining God and God Chapter 448 Cut everything Chapter 447 The strongest mode is officially open Chapter 446 Ancient Chapter 445 A large group of Tianjiao are stunned. Chapter 444 Flying up (end of the second volume) Chapter 443 New hope or despair Chapter 442 Faceless Lin Fan (thanks to steven0625 lord) Chapter 441 I feel that you are all right.

Chapter 440 Yuan Tiandi Chapter 439 Erupt, my little universe Chapter 438 Hit the explosion Chapter 437 I want to re-grow the big hang Chapter 436 The enemy is too strong, I can only help. Chapter 435 Forever lost the sacred things Chapter 434 Ancient attack Chapter 433 Don't be awkward, okay? Chapter 432 Start fighting (thank you for loving me, Dachangxing's lord) Chapter 431 Frightened Chapter 430 The refiner is successful, and the trouble is coming. Chapter 429 Hidden so deep, can be seen by you

Chapter 428 There are always people who want to get rid of it. Chapter 427 Know the time person as Junjie Chapter 426 I know what to do. Chapter 425 Inhumane Lin Fan Chapter 424 Very violent and bloody Chapter 423 Angry and angry Chapter 422 The monkey that broke out together steals peach Chapter 421 I sent it to my door. Chapter 420 Such a big golden finger Chapter 419 Ronggui’s hometown Chapter 418 Life winner Chapter 417 Sorrowful pleading

Chapter 416 How dare you seduce me? Chapter 415 Activate the final skill Chapter 414 Turn on the training mode Chapter 413 Killing the audience (thanks to the owner of steven0625) Chapter 412 Both faces are swollen Chapter 411 Don't think that you are a woman, you can add points. Chapter 410 Domineering side leakage Chapter 409 All suppression Chapter 408 I have a baby, I dare to call you a board. Chapter 407 Come slowly Chapter 406 Very wonderful Chapter 405 Ready to do a big job

Chapter 404 Treasure Chapter 403 The essence of this simple, why do we not understand Chapter 402 They are starting to tremble (the lord of the monarch) Chapter 401 Not allowed to insult my family's practice Chapter 400 Flicking Chapter 399 teacher…… Chapter 398 came back Chapter 397 Liquid of life Chapter 396 Supreme predecessor, you are talking Chapter 395 Scattered boy Chapter 394 Ruthless ridicule Chapter 393 Rolling

Chapter 392 Burst your eyes Chapter 391 Poke slowly. Chapter 390 Do you want to be in the sun again? Chapter 389 The old black dog found a good person Chapter 388 Unfamiliar picture Chapter 387 I said that I played it and I played it. Chapter 386 I am coming to cover me (2) Chapter 385 I am coming to cover me (1) Chapter 384 Small contradiction between two young disciples Chapter 383 Super super powerful Chapter 382 How to play after this? Chapter 381 What do you want to do?

Chapter 380 How many brain cells have died? Chapter 379 Lost in mysterious land Chapter 378 Thoroughly fried Chapter 377 Return to the Holy Family again Chapter 376 Chicken follows the steps of Big Brother Chapter 375 Excited vomiting Chapter 374 There is a stroke of injury Chapter 373 Your body, I want it. Chapter 372 Just got out, I was beaten. Chapter 371 Tianjiao Chapter 370 Should not appear in this era Chapter 369 To break the barrier

Chapter 368 If you don’t accept it, you’re afraid of who’s afraid. Chapter 367 You dare to give me a few minutes. Chapter 366 Urinary collapse Chapter 365 Unmatched in war Chapter 364 How did Xiao Ye go, he encountered metamorphosis? Chapter 363 Also found a secret room Chapter 362 Demon **** blood Chapter 361 Ancient demon domain Chapter 360 Going to the clothes, deep work and name Chapter 359 Shock is essential. Chapter 358 Crazy, crazy Chapter 357 Say good routines?

Chapter 356 The opportunity to send the door is coming. Chapter 355 A glimpse of the head, across the sea Chapter 354 Lucky chicken Chapter 353 This is an interesting thing Chapter 352 What is it? Chapter 351 Little girl with high consciousness Chapter 350 Stubborn Chapter 349 Shoot through you Chapter 348 Kill the sky Chapter 347 Overbearing Lin Fan Chapter 346 Give you some materials Chapter 345 Heaven is coming.

Chapter 344 One second changed to local tyrants Chapter 343 Broken... broken. Chapter 342 Don't ignore me. Chapter 341 Why don’t you grow a little? Chapter 340 Pretending to be a jade boy Chapter 339 Lao Fengxiang re-emerges Chapter 338 This is a **** night Chapter 337 Say good hints, but people? Chapter 336 Man standing at the top of the food chain (subscription) Chapter 335 Gorefiend Great completely collapsed Chapter 334 Come out, my little friend. Chapter 333 Very versatile Lin Fan

Chapter 332 What is your business? Chapter 331 The scene of horror happened Chapter 330 Directly dry Chapter 329 Come slowly, I am waiting for you. Chapter 328 Gray smoke Chapter 327 Oh, ............ Chapter 326 Lin Fan's love story Chapter 325 Are the faults of the past Chapter 324 Desire Chapter 323 Big Brother, what are you doing to pull me into the grove? Chapter 322 This is a tragic story Chapter 321 Flame lord's escape career

Chapter 320 Strive for perfect Lin Fan (thanks to steven0625 lord) Chapter 319 Tai Te is so powerful Chapter 318 One finger Chapter 317 a desperate moment Chapter 316 It has always been regarded as a bragging. Chapter 315 Let's get things done. Chapter 314 Magical inn Chapter 313 Do not accept, can try Chapter 312 One more than one Chapter 311 Misunderstanding, we are here to congratulate Chapter 310 What is this treatment? Chapter 309 Let's divide

Chapter 308 humiliation Chapter 307 Take you to play Chapter 306 Spray is healthier Chapter 305 Rich oil (subscription) Chapter 304 Not much, I will be half ~ The third hundred and three hundred is very envious. Chapter 302 Peace before the disaster Chapter 301 we won Chapter 300 Just a punch Chapter 299 Desperate moment Chapter 298 The strongest battle (thanks to the ally of steven0625) Chapter 297 The power of unity

Chapter 296 No one is waste Chapter 295 Master of domineering side leakage Chapter 294 The first in the world Chapter 293 So many things are broken Chapter 292 Late for the brother (subscription) Chapter 291 Full of harvest Chapter 290 Run it and run it Chapter 289 Peerless posture Chapter 288 That palm is so brilliant Chapter 287 Hand of Gorefiend the Great Chapter 286 Lin Fan’s overbearing president career Chapter 285 That figure of style

Chapter 284 How can I be afraid of death? Chapter 283 Such awkwardness, such superiority Chapter 282 You really hurt me so much. Chapter 281 Jiu Zongzong was trampled by you like this. Chapter 280 Chicken's routine Chapter 279 There are so many tricks, but you can’t see it. Chapter 278 Ha, it’s a direct fate. Chapter 277 I always feel that something is wrong. Chapter 276 The clumsy demon has to turn over. Chapter 275 Wow in the eyes of others Chapter 274 Xiaoye can't see you. Chapter 273 The essence is tens of thousands, giving birth to countless

Chapter 272 The ancient crane, the last big move Chapter 271 Xiaoye can still be afraid of hanging Chapter 270 It turned out to be him Chapter 269 Lin Fan is not stupid, stupid is the world Chapter 268 This is a tragedy. Chapter 267 鲲鹏吐纳 Chapter 266 Sycamore tree Chapter 265 Too strong, so tired (thank you steven0625 lord) Chapter 264 The ultimate invincible Lin Fan Chapter 263 Just fight (seeking a monthly ticket) Chapter 262 Final swan song Chapter 261 One arm dry everything

Chapter 260 Not my chicken is timid, you are not giving me Chapter 259 Tragic guy Chapter 258 This time it’s a big hole (seeking a monthly ticket) Chapter 257 This is a forbidden place to die. Chapter 256 Mysterious crack Chapter 255 Can't solve it, report my name Chapter 254 Tai Te’s grievances Chapter 253 This is not activated. Chapter 252 What made Lin Fan shocked Chapter 251 Lack of a gluten Chapter 250 This fart is poisonous Chapter 249 Funeral demon city

Chapter 248 Mysterious lady Chapter 247 Indifferent to fame and fortune Lin Fan Chapter 246 It just wants to go home Chapter 245 Different encounters Chapter 244 Wang's contempt Chapter 243 The world of swords (seeking a monthly pass) Chapter 242 As God descends Chapter 241 Magical practice Chapter 240 Give me a chicken Chapter 239 Found a terrible secret Chapter 238 Unfavorable (I thank steven0625 lord) Chapter 237 Seven degrees space to fly you

Chapter 236 Everything is a routine. Chapter 235 Inhuman treatment Chapter 234 The most realistic acting (subscription) Chapter 233 I saw the future Chapter 232 I believe you Chapter 231 Domineering appearance, leading the audience Chapter 230 High energy ahead (subscription) Chapter 229 Oh, it’s delicious. Chapter 228 Set of road brothers' wrong ideas Chapter 227 The most brutal play Chapter 226 Keeping you in the future is also a scourge Chapter 225 Kill people, even fear yourself

Chapter 224 Life is better than death Chapter 223 Lost the chicken face (subscription) Chapter 222 I want to ask which way to go, or this one. Chapter 221 Such as jade bone Chapter 220 Fox fake tiger Chapter 219 Fighting chicken in the phoenix Chapter 218 Comprehend the sky (subscription) Chapter 217 Permanently stay in the heart of a woman Chapter 216 Once again, a powerful acting Chapter 215 Ancient beast Chapter 214 Trust between people? Chapter 213 Cares you, hurts in my heart (thank you steven0625 lord)

Chapter 212 Evil and mysterious grove Chapter 211 Born in the daughter's country Chapter 210 Robbery again Chapter 209 Mysterious temple Chapter 208 You are worthy of pride Chapter 207 Who is afraid of who, hurt each other? Chapter 206 Compared with the ratio of cattle Chapter 205 I am about to smash in front of the big BOSS. Chapter 204 I will cut you down first. Chapter 203 Tudor Temple Chapter 202 Various manifestations, people worship Chapter 201 This big identity is not very interesting.

Chapter 200 Give a slap to a date Chapter 199 High pressure palace ice night Chapter 198 One finger Chapter 197 Must talk to you Chapter 196 Extreme token shard Chapter 195 Form a detachment Chapter 194 The philosophical transformation of yin and yang (thanks to the lord of steven0625) Chapter 193 Do not believe, you can touch yourself Chapter 192 Man left woman right Chapter 191 The horror happened (question for the monthly pass) Chapter 190 Thinking too much again, losing big Chapter 189 This little trick, Xiaoye has already seen through

Chapter 188 Eternal heritage Chapter 187 This can be realized 啥 (subscription) Chapter 186 Plan implementation Chapter 185 Anti-blood Chapter 184 Fierce land Chapter 183 No eternal (thanks to the lord of steven0625) Chapter 182 Unsurpassable routine Chapter 181 Six swords forgive Chapter 180 I’m not afraid to walk around the world. Chapter 179 Unbearable love Chapter 178 This day will belong to me (thanks to the lord of steven0625) Chapter 177 One finger

Chapter 176 Nervous for one night Chapter 175 Hospitality Chapter 174 Zhang Ergou's rise plan Chapter 173 Is this all thinking too much? Chapter 172 You dare to pick me up a brick. Chapter 171 Wrong (thanks to the lord of Luoyang Chenxing) Chapter 170 Being a man can't be too windy Chapter 169 Tolerate loneliness to be invincible Chapter 168 Touched crying Chapter 167 Tonight is a sleepless night. Chapter 166 Are you kidding me? (seeking a monthly pass) Chapter 165 Hanging

Chapter 164 Sect who thinks it is a failure Chapter 163 Very obedient Chapter 162 "I don't die" Chapter 161 Ultimate esoteric, volley fancy Chapter 160 There is a problem with this person template Chapter 159 New skills have emerged Chapter 158 Don't be contaminated with this custom (seeking a monthly pass) Chapter 157 Scenery Chapter 156 The first little Lolita apprentice in life Chapter 155 High speed chain tread Chapter 154 Junior, you are a bit arrogant (subscription) Chapter 153 An upgrade that has no humanity

Chapter 152 Unsightly scene Chapter 151 This is not the right thing. Chapter 150 I really don’t believe in evil (seeking a monthly pass) Chapter 149 This fart is ah (see the monthly ticket, ask for a subscription, ask for a reward) Chapter 148 Are you ready to die? Chapter 147 Incorrect intelligence Chapter 146 Successful integration (2/62) Chapter 145 Upgrade...Upgrade (1/62) Chapter 144 This kill is too cool. Chapter 143 This piece of heaven and earth is so delicate (thanks to steven0625 League)) Chapter 142 Uncle Shi came to the medicine (thank you steven0625 Da League) Chapter 141 Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue jointly played

Chapter 140 Uncle Shi helps you to open the light (15, seeking reward, seeking subscription, seeking everything) Chapter 139 Different treatments (14, seeking a subscription, seeking a reward) Chapter 138 I want to be born (13, ask for a subscription, ask for a reward) Chapter 137 Heaven and Earth Furnace (12, seeking a subscription, seeking a reward) Chapter 136 A small matter (11, seeking a subscription, seeking a monthly ticket) Chapter 135 A perfect plan (10, ask for a subscription, ask for a monthly ticket, ask for a reward) Chapter 134 One of the three masters, each wretched (9, seeking a subscription, seeking a monthly pass) Chapter 133 This forced, full score (8, seeking subscription, seeking monthly ticket) Chapter 132 Icy Master Sister (7) Chapter 131 Indigo Peak (6) Chapter 130 Do not understand, just plan (5) Chapter 129 But really (4)

Chapter 128 One foot of God (3, ask for everything) Chapter 127 Lying in the trough, this level (second Chapter 126 Elite blame (subscription, monthly ticket) Chapter 125 Dare to subvert the Wannian rule Chapter 124 Unpredictable foot Chapter 123 Why are the teachers? Chapter 122 Dan Dingfeng can't sit still Chapter 121 One touch moved everyone Chapter 120 The emperor debut again (thanks to steven0625 consecutive four leagues) Chapter 119 I want to be a dreamer. Chapter 118 Unyielable Lin Fan (thanks to steven0625 Fifth League) Chapter 117 a fart collapse

Chapter 116 Super alchemy Chapter 115 The ten talented disciples of the outer door Chapter 114 Teacher, kicking his egg Chapter 120 The emperor debut again (thanks to steven0625 consecutive four leagues) Chapter 119 I want to be a dreamer. Chapter 118 Unyielable Lin Fan (thanks to steven0625 Fifth League) Chapter 117 a fart collapse Chapter 116 Super alchemy Chapter 115 The ten talented disciples of the outer door Chapter 114 Teacher, kicking his egg Chapter 113 No one believes in this day (thank you for giving me a warm lord) Chapter 112 This is a heartache (thank you for giving me a warm lord)

Chapter 111 Ye Shaotian moved by thank you (thank you steven0625 four lords) Chapter 110 Teaching four great skills Chapter 109 The secret of the Seven Holy Treasures Chapter 108 It is good to help the teacher solve the dark disease. Chapter 107 Really so god? (Thank you for the lord of steven0625) Chapter 106 Ye Shaotian, who is already violent (thanks to the lord of steven0625) Chapter 105 Shen Dan came to the world Chapter 104 The rise of late night thieves Chapter 103 Fiasco Chapter 102 Sentences of words Chapter 101 The most authentic side Chapter 100 It’s time to express your condolences.

Chapter 99 Self-made inhumanity Chapter 98 Remember, you have to do it. Chapter 97 Don't ask me how I know Chapter 96 Weird, very Chapter 95 No damage without buying or selling Chapter 94 BUG general alchemy Chapter 93 The tragic life of Zhang Ergou (thanks to the lord of steven0625) Chapter 92 I want to cry without tears (thanks to the lord of steven0625) Chapter 91 I am looking for a few scribbles (thanks to the lord of steven0625) Chapter 90 Can be a few flicker is a few (thank you steven0625 lord) Chapter 89 Regain self, don't change Chapter 88 Formal integration

Chapter 87 Two choices Chapter 86 Death is not terrible (the first volume is over) Chapter 85 Use the title, the last outbreak Chapter 84 Explosion, Lin Fan Chapter 83 Miserable war Chapter 82 Disciples who are afraid of death Chapter 81 No way, only dead battle Chapter 80 Big chaos will start Chapter 79 The rain is coming from the wind Chapter 78 Swear to the sky Chapter 77 Hui Zongmen Chapter 76 Crazy upgrade

Chapter 75 I want to cry you. Chapter 74 The ancient gods are not the same. Chapter 73 The auction really started. Chapter 72 Talk about things Chapter 71 Tragic Huang Xiaochun Chapter 70 The style is flying and it is earth-shattering. Chapter 69 Sister, you are so beautiful. Chapter 68 Rescue action Chapter 67 I don't go to hell, who goes to hell. Chapter 66 Heartache, student betrayal Chapter 65 Fortunately, my thinking is better. Chapter 64 All parties dispatched

Chapter 63 Love ruler Chapter 62 Believe it or not, I believe it anyway. Chapter 61 Teaching is more important than words and deeds Chapter 60 New skills: opening Chapter 59 This kind of pain is like a wave, one after another. Chapter 58 The most perfect masterpiece in the Xuanhuangjie Chapter 57 This is what men should do. Chapter 56 This wave of dangerous values ​​is a bit high Chapter 55 Advanced, my little baby Chapter 54 Master's empowerment Chapter 53 Justice, selflessness, love Chapter 52 Magical esoteric

Chapter 51 Glorious image shines on everyone Chapter 50 Standing on the moral high point to crush you Chapter 49 Lin Fan’s sacred teacher image is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Chapter 48 Show superiority, it is unlucky Chapter 47 Can the quality of these teachers compare with themselves? Chapter 46 Can't you see the point? Chapter 45 I said that you are yelling, you are called 啥 Chapter 44 Lin Fan Chapter 43 This time it was a digging pit that really buried myself. Chapter 42 So...test Chapter 41 Just ask if you are afraid Chapter 40 I am a senior now.

Chapter 39 Discriminatory practice Chapter 38 Peony Chapter 37 All started to work hard Chapter 36 Thanks to the two hospitality, I will thank you in the future. Chapter 35 The airport has turned into a hill Chapter 34 a good example of serving the people Chapter 33 Grandpa is coming... Chapter 32 Even the animals are not let go Chapter 31 Another genius is depraved (thanks to the lord of Wanjiang) Chapter 30 Success in death (thanks to the lord of Wanjiang) Chapter 29 Unyielding will Chapter 28 What the **** are you?

Chapter 27 I am coming... I am coming. Chapter 26 The younger brother is not such a person Chapter 25 Brother, you can't insult my IQ. Chapter 24 The two brothers are dying with me. Chapter 23 Is this a loss? Chapter 22 Weapon wholesalers are about to be born Chapter 21 Supreme Artifact: Nine Five Red Bricks Chapter 20 Deputy career, I want to die with you. Chapter 19 This younger brother is a bit cold Chapter 18 The brothers are crazy Chapter 17 Weak chicken with only 10 points of experience Chapter 16 Open a secondary occupation

Chapter 15 I won’t say anything about the pie in the sky. Chapter 14 Fancy shouting to inspire your potential Chapter 13 This rhythm is good Chapter 12 Can you give a chance? Chapter 11 Title: Dissatisfaction is dry Chapter 10 Brother, please stay (question) Chapter 9 This uncle is a wonderful wizard who can't live forever. Chapter 8 Pig mixed in the novice area Chapter 7 Brother, you are the person of the atmosphere. Chapter 6 Brother, step by step. Chapter 5 Rocket general rise Chapter 4 Pinch the egg you see (see collection, ask for a ticket)

Chapter 3 The most horrible martial arts in the world Chapter 2 A bunch of garbage to hit me. Chapter 1 Let me upgrade

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