Lin Fan is now stunned. He completely can't understand what it is. What is the existence of Xinfeng Tianjun, he completely can't understand.

Geng Yangtian, they looked at Xinfeng Tianjun, and their hearts were also very shocking. After they cultivated to a certain level, they already knew that the most powerful existence in the world was Xinfeng Tianjun. Now they see Xinfeng Tianjun. The mood is naturally very pleasant and exciting.

When Xinfeng Tianjun complained about this, his fingers lifted, and the door of the secret land opened. "Let them all come out, they know how to choose this thing."


At this moment, Lin Fan looked at the secret, with a hint of excitement, anticipation, and even tension.

A ray of light blasted out, and the whole secret was shrouded in a glow of light.

"They are coming out."

Lin Fan was nervous and his lips moved slightly. He hadn't seen them for a long time, and they didn't know how they were.

Geng Yangtian They didn't know what was going on, but they felt that there was a lot of creatures coming out of it.

"This is where?"

"Are we out?"

"He succeeded, we came out of the secret."

One after another, the figure appeared between heaven and earth.

When Lin Fan stared at it, he found countless familiar figures.

Water and fire emperor.

Xuan Yunxian.


It’s amazing.

Zhang Ergou.


Pangu demon.

and many more…….

"Hey...." Seeing these familiar figures, Lin Fan’s throat moved slightly and shouted.

Among the crowds, Xuan Yun Xian looked around and didn't know where it was. Suddenly, when a voice came, the crowd of people suddenly quieted down.

When Xuan Yunxian saw the figure, it was completely excited. "Fu Jun..."

When the water and fire emperor stood there, when he saw Lin Fan, his eyes were softened, as if he had not seen it for a long time, and suddenly recalled it.

Lin Fan took Xuan Yunxian into his arms and gently stroked the hair. Then he looked at the water and fire emperor. "Are you coming?"

The water and fire emperor snorted and looked over, but he was the emperor, how could he show this kind of demeanor, but looked at Lin Fan’s expectation, and then slowly came to Lin Fan’s side, “once, once as a long-awaited reunion Reward."

Left and right hold, Lin Fan smiled on his face, and then he sang Joe, Yu Jiu Ling gathered around, looking forward to watching the master, they have not seen for a long time, the excitement of tears have flowed out.

Xuan Yunxian looked up. "You have succeeded."

Lin Fan nodded. "I won't let you down."


Lin Fang, who was far away from the side, saw Lin Fan, two claws rushing, tears swaying, jumped up to Lin Fan's shoulder, and his head rubbed Lin Fan's face.

Lin Fan smiled. "It’s been so long, I haven’t grown up yet, but it’s not good.”

The chicken shook his head and did not speak. He leaned on Lin Fan’s face.

Pangu Devil came forward, "Human Emperor, you finally succeeded."

Dasheng also came over and looked at Lin Fan’s eyes. It was also full of excitement. They finally came out of the prison. Since then, the world has become big and big, and there is no constraint.

At this time, there was a wave of fluctuations in the crowd.

"The big devil is here."

"What, the big devil is also coming out."

"The big man saved me..."

At this time, a young man rushed from the crowd, Lin Fan looked at it, did not expect Wang Xiaoming this kid, that is, the great feat of the great Tianjiao disciples.

"The strength of your kid is very good." Lin Fan smiled.

Wang Xiaoming shook his head. "You can save me this time."

Lin Fan smiled, did not speak, and one familiar person appeared.

It is almost a hundred years since Lin Fan came to the side of Lin Fan for a few years.

Time flies like an arrow, and it changes a lot, but it is very sighing to meet again at this moment.

Xinfeng Tianjun stood there, raising his head at this moment, his brow slightly wrinkled, and he found a chaotic explosion in the distance, and then began to say, "Come on..."

Lin Fan said, "What is coming."

"Beginning or ending is coming..." Xinfeng Tianjun said with dignity, and then looked at those creatures. "This gentleman said that everything is just a story written by the king, but there is always a deviation in the story. There is also a factor of uneasiness. The first factor is you. The second factor is chaos. Everything is safe and sound. It can be smashed in the endless time and space when the book is built and the world is built. , which brings the biggest change, that is, the system, he is integrated into your body, and you may be the biggest change, or the biggest change has made you, the future of the infinite Wang Buddha, this is the final chapter, Because of the change, he was not the last variable. For the first time, Ben was integrated into the book with all his own strength, and wanted to change the changes that occurred, but this defeated, even though he finally suppressed the Lord of Chaos with the Buddha. But we are all fallen, and the body of the chaos is suppressed in the abyss of the Fochi..."

Lin Fan listened to everything that Xinfeng Tianjun said, and his head was blown up. What he said was nothing to do with it. He couldn't understand it.

What is your relationship with you when you write a book, even if something goes wrong.

However, Lin Fan only understood one thing, that is, the system, Xinfeng Tianjun, he knew the existence of the system.

However, it is the system itself, or the system is itself. This may not even be known to Xinfeng Tianjun.

I don’t even know it.


At this time, the void in the distance conveyed an unusually horrible force. This force is even more horrific than the future Buddha.

"This..." Lin Fan was shocked and couldn't believe it.

Xinfeng Tianjun looked at Lin Fan. "I don't know if you are the source of this monarch, or you are the system, and with the help of the origin of this monarch, it is all unknown, but now the master of chaos Coming soon, if you want to suppress the Lord of Chaos, you must put all these sources into the body and make the way of heaven..."

Lin Fan waved his hand. "Don't say it, it's impossible. The Lord of Chaos you said is stronger, and I will not sacrifice the people around me."

"They are you, you are them. If you live, they will live. If you die, they will die. Everything will die. From now on, there will be no one between heaven and earth, except chaos." Feng Tianjun said.

Wang Xiaoming asked in confusion. "Da Bo, what did he say, why can't I understand?"

Lin Fan waved his hand. "Don't ignore it, he is mentally retarded."

Xinfeng Tianjun looked at Lin Fan, and his eyes flashed with urgency. "You don't believe it. The Lord of Chaos is not what you can face. He is a horror more than the future Wang Buddha. You are not a god, there is no chance of winning." ”

When Lin Fan just wanted to say something, a figure suddenly appeared between the heavens and the earth.

"Yes, Xinfeng children said it is right, not a heavenly king, you are not my opponent." A black robe appeared between heaven and earth.

Xinfeng Tianjun looked up and looked alert. He is just a projection of the gods. The body has already fallen. In the face of the Lord of Chaos, he has no grasp at all.

When Lin Fan looked at the black robe, his heart trembled fiercely. Although there was no breath, but invisible, he gave himself a great pressure, as if he were an ant in front of him.

The black robe took off the hood and revealed the true face.

Xinfeng Tianjun saw this person, his face changed slightly, "When you hear the truth..."

The black robe voice is low. "Xinfeng children, who is the king of the road? I am the master of chaos...."

At this moment, Xinfeng Tianjun suddenly reacted. "It turned out that when I and the Buddha suppressed you, I only felt that there was no trace of God in your body. You have already occupied Wendao Tianjun."

The black robe laughed. "You said it was wrong, it was not occupied, but he volunteered. He heard that Tian Jun could not accept that he was just a character written by Xinfeng Tianjun. He wanted to surpass his fate and control everything. Xinfeng children. Didn't you fall into your own writing story in the past? You want to occupy the factor that caused the change. Unfortunately, you didn't expect yourself to fail, completely degenerate, look at these poor creatures, they may I don’t think that I’m just a character you’ve written, and you’re never going to have your own destiny, because everything is your Xinfeng children’s early shape.”

"Oh, yes, it’s a bit more, my body should come, I will swallow all of you, and by that moment, I will be the only master who controls everything..."

In that far direction, a black mass of meat seems to be swallowing everything, like the source of darkness, devour everything between heaven and earth.

"Also, I have to say that the story you wrote is really bad and flawed, and it will make such a big change. Maybe you don't even know that it will happen to this point. You come and want to mend it." Such a flaw, but did not expect that he will fall here." Wendao Tianjun laughed, his eyes filled with endless ridicule.

Faced with this sudden change in the eyes, everyone who has just emerged from the mystery is completely dumbfounded.

Under the majesty of this, they shivered, feeling that the end of the world may be just that.

"What exactly is going on?"

"We are the characters we wrote? How come?"

"Impossible, this is impossible."

Lin Fan looked at everything in front of him, and he didn’t know what to do. The vast black meat mass occupied all the heavens and earth and floated slowly. At that time, it smelled the heavenly king, slowly The meat mass flew away. Suddenly, the body collapsed and a **** thought merged into the meat mass.


A vast expanse of breath broke out from the meat mass and it stirred up.

Xinfeng Tianjun opened his hand and grabbed it toward the secret. Among them, Wanjie flew out and directly integrated into the body.

A thick and evil voice is passed between heaven and earth. "Xinfeng children, you will accommodate your own source. What is the use? You are already a fallen person. You can only rely on this god, you can still help me." ""

Xinfeng Tianjun’s sleeves glimpsed, and the time of heaven and earth seemed to freeze. The chaos master seemed to have stopped, but there was a crisp voice that was transmitted from the Lord of Chaos.

At this moment, Xinfeng Tianjun looked at the countless creatures that came out of the secret. "You are all the characters written by the prince. The 10,000 worlds you are in are also changed by the origin of this prince, and you are this. The creatures under the monarch, if you can't destroy the chaos master, you will disappear forever, and this last line of life is to give him all the resources."

The words of Xinfeng Tianjun made everyone stunned, as if they were immersed in huge information and could not extricate themselves.

Later, Xinfeng Tianjun looked at the Lord of Chaos who covered the sky. "The Lord of Chaos, you are the wrong existence."

"The arm is a car, not self-reliant." The Lord of Chaos has no mouth, no eyes, no hands, he is a mass of meat.

When Xinfeng Tianjun came to the suppression of the Lord of Chaos, a tentacle suddenly appeared on the meat group, as if it penetrated everything and appeared directly in front of Xinfeng Tianjun.

Xinfeng Tianjun’s glimpse did not respond at all.


Take a palm and shoot the smash of Xinfeng Tianjun directly.

"It's so weak, it's too weak. The Lord of Chaos made a laugh, but this laughter is harder to hear than crying."

When Xinfeng Tianjun was photographed as ashes, a group of origins returned to Lin Fan's body, but at this moment Lin Fan had already stood there silly and was at a loss.

Suddenly, a voice came and let him react.

The strongest and the demon gods in the ancient sacred world laughed.

"Haha, I didn't expect to come to the end. After all, it was just a dream of others. What else do you mean..."



One has another power that has become the source, and has been integrated into Lin Fan's body.

When Lin Fan saw this scene, he suddenly said, "Don't do this, this is not true..."


Lin Fan looked and saw Zhang Ergou smile, but in Lin Fan's opinion, this smile seems to be saying goodbye.

"Actually, I understand. Although I don't know what the guy said is true or not, but the meat group that doesn't fall in the autumn is definitely not fake. He is very strong. You have to win. You are the owner of my two dogs." Zhang Ergou is happy. Laughing, under Lin Fan’s unbelievable look, the two dogs that existed in front of him suddenly disappeared.

"Don't do this, this may be fake..." Lin Fan said, but it has no use.

Wang Xiaoming glared at the arrogance in the crowd. "You **** has been suppressed by Laozi for decades. Now give you a chance to see who is the first to cost."

"Wang Xiaoming, what are you doing?" Lin Fan yelled.

Wang Xiaoming looked at Lin Fan. "Da Bo, actually I feel that the guy just said it is right, so you have to win."



In an instant, the power of the whole group is involuntarily integrated into Lin Fan’s body.

Xuan Yunxian lies in Lin Fan’s arms. “It’s very satisfying to be able to see you, but maybe this is fate...”

Water and Fire, "Sister, let's go together."

芷 Joe, 幽九灵, "Sister, wait for us."

Lin Fan immediately grabbed them, gritted his teeth, and looked at each other. "I will not let you turn the cost source."

Xuan Yunxian shook his head. "It's useless. This is fate. You can't avoid it. You have to be strong. Although he is strong, we believe in you."

"Oh...." The chicken smashed Lin Fan’s face and fell in love.

"No..." Under Lin Fan’s horrified eyes, a familiar smile disappeared completely.

The Lord of Chaos, "It’s really touching. Hey, why do I say touching? Yes, I am the Lord of Chaos. I am inclusive of all emotions. If you are so sad, let me help you."


In an instant, the Lord of Chaos burst into a burst of sound, bursting out a sharp sound, where the sharp voice passed, everything turned into nothingness, those creatures could not resist this force, all burst, turned into the power of origin. Into the body of Lin Fan.

The Lord of Chaos looked at everything. "There is much quieter here. Xinfeng children said that you are the savior who saves everything, but I don't believe it, your strength is too weak, even I can't resist a sneeze."

Lin Fan looked at everything in front of him, as if he had caught it, then he looked at the owner of Chaos. "You are looking for death..."

“Hey, congratulations on improving.”

"Repaired: Heavenly Kingdom."

"Hey, accumulate enough power to wake up."


But all this, Lin Fan did not hear the heart, but smothered toward the Lord of Chaos.

The Lord of Chaos looked at the breath that Lin Fan had exuded, and suddenly said, "It’s a lot stronger, but it’s not enough."

The tentacle that grew out of the meatballs once again slammed toward Lin Fan.

"Dog things, Lao Tzu wants to destroy you." Lin Fan yelled.


"It's so weak." The tentacles of Chaos's tentacles slammed, and Lin Fan's body was completely blown open. Under the power of the chaos of the chaos, even if Lin Fan broke through to the heavens, he was still not an opponent, or even just One stroke, the body was shot.

“Xinfeng’s child is really disappointing, returning to the source? What is the achievement of Tianjun? It’s still a shot.”

"Oh, there will be no more souls in the future, only the Lord of Chaos."

"Hey, what is that?"

At this time, the Lord of Chaos sees the distance, there is a small spot, and the spot seems to be beating.

Stretch out a tentacle and grab it toward the light spot, but when the tentacle is close to the light spot, suddenly there is a force that is devastated and directly turns the tentacle into nothingness.

The Lord of Chaos was shocked. "How could this be..."


The heartbeat sounded.

The light suddenly changed into a heart, and then something else grew out, gradually forming a figure. When the Lord of Chaos saw the face, it was slightly surprised.

"Is this guy still not dead?"

Lin Fan opened his eyes and looked at everything around him.

"Where is this? I am Lin Fan? I am Xinfeng Tianjun? Oh, yes, I am the system, I am Lin Fan is also a system."

"I am an infinite will, I am Lin Fan."

In an instant, a fine light broke out from Lin Fan’s eyes.

"I am Lin Fan, I am not Xinfeng Tianjun, I am not his reincarnation, nor the characters in his book, and I am the biggest factor."


An atmosphere that has never been seen broke out.

The Lord of Chaos felt this breath, and suddenly he was shocked. "It's so powerful, so powerful... I want to leave here..."

At this point, Lin Fansu woke up and returned to the self, then looked at the owner of Chaos. "Awful meat group, you actually made me so shameful."

A punch, an understatement of a punch, without any strength, and no breath, but this punched out, but it broke out a most horrible force.

Under this fist, the powerful chaos of the chaos was beaten into ashes, and the power was not over yet, but it broke out indefinitely.

The secondary element is cracked.

The world is cracking.

The universe is cracking.

Between the moments.

Lin Fan found that the situation in front of him had changed, surrounded by darkness, no light, no sound.

"Is my strength so powerful, has it broken everything and returned to the era of nothingness?"

Lin Fan stood there, motionless, as if he was feeling something.

There is no time here.

I don't know how long it has been.

ten years.



a thousand years.

100,000 years.

Millions of years...

When Lin Fan reached out, this piece of emptiness existed, and a vast expanse of glory appeared in nothingness.

Then there is another point.

A bright moon appeared.

A one-dimensional universe appears.

The two-dimensional universe appears.

The three-dimensional universe appears.

"Xinfeng Tianjun seems to like to write novels, so let him write novels forever." Lin Fan pointed a finger, in the three-dimensional universe, there appeared a blue planet, and then a breath into the earth Inside, time has passed, and people have gradually become human.

After a long time, for a long time, until the 21st century, a young man appeared in Lin Fan’s line of sight, quietly writing a novel in front of the computer.

Lin Fan smiled and kept creating the universe until the tenth dimension.

An infinite planet appears.

Lin Fan closed his eyes slightly, as if he was recalling something. When he opened his eyes, one after another appeared.

Among the stars, among the numerous gates, there is a sect called the Holy Devil, and in it, the name of a comrade is called Lin Fan.

In another sect, there is a female disciple with a face, and she is Xuan Yunxian.

In another forbidden place, a woman is famous for her peerlessness.

I don't know how long it took, Lin Fan didn't know how many dimensions of the universe were created.

He feels a little bored.

Until I fell asleep in an endless void.

In the endless time, he woke up for the first time, distracting a part of the mind, with a small part of the system power.

Woke up for the second time, and scattered a part of the mind, while carrying a small part of the system power.

After a long time, he found that there is a legend in all the created worlds. The legendary name is ‘Lin Fan’.

After all this, Lin Fan’s eyes penetrated the endless universe.

"Yunxian, the water and fire emperor, let me accompany you to the destruction of the universe until it disappears into the long river..."

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Ps: Recommend two books "Super Shared Goldfinger", "The Eighth Pawn Shop".

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