This is the most powerful force that Lin Fan can display now, and it is also the most undead fight. It is not worthwhile to hurt the enemy by one hundred thousand, which is not worthwhile.

In the future, the infinite Wang Buddha first took a calm look. At this moment, there has been a change. The Buddha’s face is condensed. “Xinfeng Tianjun?”


The heavens and the earth are cracked, and the infinite power runs through them. The power that erupted from the heavens and the earth is condensed into a ball at this moment.

A top shadow has gradually formed. Slowly reaching out of the palm, the power of the world is like being in the hands, gently blocking the Buddha's finger in the future.


The devastating power bursts open at this moment. This is the collision between absolute strength, and the power generated is enough to shake the world.

"Xinfeng Tianjun." In the future, the infinite Wang Buddha saw this person, as if he could not believe his own eyes. In a moment, he denied his thoughts. "No, this is not Xinfeng Tianjun, this is God. Read the projection."

Lin Fan looked at the shadow of the sky standing in the void. Although there was shock in his heart, he couldn’t think so much at the moment.


Now that the opportunity is coming, why not.

Moreover, his own strength is gradually weakening, and he will soon enter a period of weakness. If at that time, the future infinite Wangfu cannot be suppressed, then all this can be really late.

In the future, the infinite Wang Buddha roared, "I can see what I can do."

A giant scorpion broke out completely and broke out more powerfully than before.

Lin Fan slammed out and bombarded it, but for the future Wang Buddha, it was like itching, and there was no pressure at all.

"The things that ants usually have, dare to start with the ancestors, and find death." In the future, the infinite Wangfu snorted, and from behind him, suddenly a bergamot was suddenly extended, and Lin Fan was slammed away.


Lin Fan only felt that the blood in his body was completely boiling. It was the absolute power that shocked the body. The power of life condensed by the Indus Tree broke out and repaired its own injuries.

Xinfeng Tianjun Tianwei is a mighty place. At this time, the future Wangfu will be shaken back, but it will not be able to suppress the future Wang Buddha, and then his eyes will be in a distant direction.

One finger points out, and one wave passes away.


From that faraway place, a wonderful atmosphere came from, and then a huge mysterious scene appeared in front of everyone.

In the future, the infinite Wang Buddha looks at this scene, and his heart is condensed, not knowing what it is.

Lin Fan sees this mystery but it is a glimpse. This is the ancient sacred world and the world.

Xinfeng Tianjun said, "If you want to achieve the Heavenly King, you must find all the origins, refine it, and return all the origins to one, and Heaven will be done."

Lin Fan looked at Xinfeng Tianjun, and then looked at the secret, suddenly screaming, "Roll, Laozi does not need to sacrifice his own way to achieve the Heavenly King, even if there is no achievement of Heaven, this vulture, I can Kill."

In the future, Wang Buddha heard this and immediately looked at the vast mysterious floating in the void. Is this the origin of Xinfeng Tianjun?

"Ha ha..." The future of the infinite Wang Buddha screamed, "the power of the source, the Buddha Buddha smiled."

At this moment, in the future, the infinite Wang Buddha opened his hand and covered the sky, and grabbed it away from the secret.

"Looking for death." Lin Fan went to kill, but for the future of the infinite King Buddha, this is just that the ants are making a negligible roar to themselves.

Xinfeng Tianjun's fingers lifted, the light shrouded in the secret, protected the secret, and then looked at Lin Fan. "He is not your ultimate enemy. Even if you defeat him, it is useless."

Lin Fanyi, then looked at Xinfeng Tianjun, "What do you say?"

In the future, the infinite Wang Buddha also stopped, "You..."

Then, in the future, the infinite Wang Buddha laughed. "Haha, it’s ridiculous, it’s useless to beat me? Is there anyone who is more powerful than the ancestral Buddha?"

But after this is finished, the future Wang Buben wants to say something, but then he thinks of a person, impossible, absolutely impossible.

In the end, I looked at Xinfeng Tianjun and Lin Fan. "If you have too many words, let me die."

"The evil spirits, the Purdue..."

With the roar of the infinite Wangfu in the future, the heavens and the earth are completely shrouded in a sinister Buddha power. This is a big move to kill everyone.

Xinfeng Tianjun, "I will entangle him, and you will use the melting pot of heaven and earth to suppress him."

Lin Fan frowned and his heart groaned. "It’s easy to say, practice, where is that simple."

But even so, this is the last hope.

In the future, Wang Buddha did not expect that at this time, Xinfeng Tianjun's projection of God's thoughts was actually activated by the real scriptures of this world. It is abhorrent, especially this is just a projection, but this strength is so powerful.

I have taken all the power in the Buddha pond. How can it be even worse than a projection?

"Xinfeng Tianjun, I don't believe you can suppress me." The future Wang Buddha is roaring.

However, at this time, Xinfeng Tianjun, who floated in the void, lifted his finger and the void suddenly changed. A book, a pen floating in the void.

"After the chaos, there is a day, Xinfeng Tianjun is even ahead. What is happening in this world is the story written by the prince. It is a fascinating mind to form a world of thousands. Your destiny is imprinted in the book. Everything is self-determined, your destiny is fixed, and resistance is futile."

At this moment, the mysterious book floating in the void suddenly turned up. Every time a page was turned over, its own picture appeared. This is what happened in the whole world all the time.

When the last page is reached, the displayed picture is the figure of the future Buddha.

In the future, the infinite Wang Buddha saw himself in the picture, and was suppressed by this kid and completely mad.

"Impossible, I am the future ancestral Buddha, how could it be constructed? I don't believe it, give me death..." The future Buddha is mad at the moment, and now someone tells him that he is only the existence of others. What a blow, is it that his own destiny has not been controlled by others?

Lin Fan is now in charge of so much, whether you are constructing it or not, you have to die for me.

A punch hit the head of the future Wang Buddha.

"Impossible, you lied to me."


In the future, Wang Buddha reached out and grabbed Lin Fan’s arm and glared at Lin Fan. “Everything is a ghost made by your little boy. Everything in this picture is false.”

Lin Fan looked up and looked at the picture, suddenly burst into a burst. "Death."


In the void, a sword instantly broke Lin Fan's wrist, and at that moment, the hand that was cut off, holding the nine-five red bricks, slammed into the head of the future Buddha.


Nine-five red bricks are in the middle of the goal.

Lin Fan’s face showed a smile, and the operation was very powerful.

However, at this moment, Lin Fan did not hesitate to release Geng Yangtian from the melting pot of the heavens and earth, and then pressed the future infinite Wangfu.

"Wind...." Lin Fan excitedly shouted.

Geng Yangtian, they saw this scene, they were all thoroughly excited.

Win, really won...

Xinfeng Tianjun, "No, this is just the end of the story written by the king. The final change is still..."

The crowd was stunned at this moment.

Lin Fan looks at Xinfeng Tianjun. "Don't scare people..."

"This is not to scare people, but the facts..." Xinfeng Tianjun shook his head and then looked at the void. "All that happened to you today is just the beginning."

Lin Fan shook his head. "I don't understand, what are you talking about?"

Xinfeng Tianjun’s face is dignified. “I will tell you.”


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