Lin Fan is fed up, and every time he comes to the end, there will be more abnormal existence to suppress himself.

The main **** of the frost has been very abnormal since the beginning. Now it is good, and there is a future Wang Buddha, and it is even more powerful than before. This is a metamorphosis.

I can't beat it at all.

In front of this vast Buddha power, he really didn't know what to do, and he didn't know how to fight it. He couldn't start.

In the future, the infinite Wang Buddha looked at everything in front of him, but the anger in his heart did not dissipate. From the moment he saw Lin Fan, he was already resentful. From the first encounter with this guy, this guy brought himself Countless shame.

Especially in the sin of the Buddha’s pool, he has to pay thousands of times and pay 10,000 times.

The Buddha pond is filled with endless power, but it is also filled with endless pain. It is the will of the evil Buddhas. The residual will of the road will impact his mind. If it is not his own mind, I am afraid that it will sink.

Now that everything is over, he has the power of absolute power. It is a terrifying force. In front of these guys, in his eyes, it is the ants, the ants who waved and destroyed.

"How? Do you still want to resist?" asked the future Buddha.

Lin Fan licked his arm, his mind was flowing, what should he do? Between them, there has been a big difference. In terms of strength, it is impossible for them to confront themselves.

Along the way, I have been helping the system, but now I have reached this level, but I find that the experience is full, I can't rise to the level, if I become a strong person in heaven, what else is afraid.

Moreover, my own means to deal with the future of the infinite Wang Buddha may not work. If the future Wang Buddha is also like the idiots, the IQ is not high, and perhaps there is a chance to kill him, but now, I am afraid there is no hope. .

"In the future, there is no limit to Wang Fo, what do you want?" Lin Fan asked, slowly accumulating strength.

"Ha ha..." The future Wang Buddha suddenly smiled, and the law was Buddha, solemn and incomparable. At that moment, there was a burst of laughter, but people felt that there was an infinite sense of horror, laughter paused, and the law was fierce. Change, "I want you to die, but I want you to look at the people around you, one by one and die in front of you."


Suddenly, an irresistible force flooded the world, and Geng Yangtian changed their face because there was an irresistible force that forced them to be forced at the moment, leaving them with no resistance at all.

A figure of the body will fly toward the future.

Lin Fan saw this scene, biting his teeth, his sleeves glimpsed, and the melting pot of the heavens and earth burst out instantly, wrapping them all in Gengyangtian, and then angered, "Don't be too arrogant."


The figure is flashing, and it is directly pressed toward the future.

In the future, Wang Buddha will shake his head; "The sea of ​​suffering is boundless, and the back is the shore. Do you think that you have the strength to fight against the Buddha?"

"Repression and evil."

The void of the sky was forcibly torn apart by a force, and a bergamot descended from the sky, with a breath of breath and a mighty voice.

"In the eyes of the ancestors, you are the ants, but the Buddha will let you feel what is the real power."


A palm of the sky came to the sky, facing the vast Buddha's palm, Lin Fan's heart was dignified.

Inside the earth furnace.

Geng Yangtian, they looked at the scene in front of them, and their hearts were anxious. They knew that Lin Fan was definitely not the opponent of the future Wang Buddha.

"What should I do now? He is not the opponent of this evil Buddha at all."

"No way, he has become Tianjun, between Xianwang and Tianjun. Although it is only a realm, the difference is undoubtedly the difference between mortal and immortal."

"Oh, why is it that he will break through Heaven?"


A palm of the hand was shot on the ground.

Even if Lin Fan condenses all the power and can't resist it with a punch, it is not a contest between the realms.

The earth swayed and the earth fell apart. Under this palm, the earth completely collapsed and slammed deep, forming a huge pothole.

The power of a palm, no one can stop.


In the future, the infinite King Buddha calmly looked at it all. For him, this kid is not enough to be his opponent, but now it is slowly playing, let him know what despair is.

In the deep pit.

Lin Fan is a **** shackle, and now he understands how powerful this power is.

When I was in the palm of my hand, the whole body was shrouded in a cloak. There was no room for rebellion. If it wasn’t powerful, I’m afraid it would have vanished.

"Oh, yeah..."

Lin Fan pinches his fingers, and the Sycamore tree radiates the power of life. However, in the previous battles, all the forces of life have already erupted. The power of life produced today is of little use.


At this time, the tree of the phoenix tree slightly cracked a crack, and in the gap, red blood flowed out, and then a vast force broke out in the body.

"Master, come on, I have to sleep."

When I heard this voice, Lin Fan suddenly saw it, as if it did not respond.

How can there be a voice?

When feeling the situation in the body, at the very top of the Sycamore tree, a little scorpion-sized elf hides under a huge leaf, but it is getting smaller and smaller and gradually dissipating.

Eventually, the Indus tree disappeared and became a seed, just like the first time to get the Indus tree, it is the most primitive state.

The blood flowing from the body of the Indus tree has condensed into a ball at this moment. In this ball, a vast force of life flows out. This is the life force of the roots of the Indus tree. At this moment. All contributed.

"I have worked so hard to cultivate the Wutong Shenshu. I didn't expect to return to the liberation before the liberation. In the future, the Buddha will not be killed, and I will not swear."

The flesh is recovering and the injury is recovering.

"In the future, there is no limit to Wang Fo. You should take Laozi as an ant. I will see it today. What are you doing?"


The ground instantly cracked, Lin Fan's body spun up, countless sacred magical powers broke out, and the world was bright, and the whole world was caught in the power of the magical powers.

In the future, the infinite Wangfu was slightly condensed, but he did not expect this kid to recover.

A finger penetrates the world and gently clicks out, but for Lin Fan, just this finger is enough to drink a pot.

Why is the gap between these strengths so great?


"The world is true."

In an instant, the heavens and the earth are flying in the void, and the golden words float in the void.

In the future, Wang Buddha will shake his head and say: "The world is really not enough."

Lin Fan looked up and took a deep breath. "You don't be too proud. Today, Laozi is desperately fighting with you."

"Blood incineration."

When the arm is smashed, the blood in the body is splattered, and the blood of the gods is integrated into the body, but it has never burned, because the loss to itself is too big, which is the act of consuming the life.

At this moment, only the blood of this life that is swayed by this one is enough to make Lin Fan fall into an endless period of weakness.

And those worlds are really boiling in the moment when they are contaminated with blood.

In every word, a ray of light erupted and eventually merged together.