In the future, the infinite Wang Buddha will become like this, and everyone will be shocked. The Bodhisattva ancestors looked at the future of the infinite Buddha in the void, and the heart was shocked.

"You have become a sinful Buddha thoroughly..."

In the future, the sound of the ancestral ancestors of the Buddha is passed on. "What is the good Buddha? What is the evil Buddha? It is the Buddha at the beginning, the Buddha is the Buddha, the anger is evil, the peace is good, and the Buddha heart is unstable." Come to my seat and feel Buddhism."

Bo Xin’s ancestors were chilling. He felt the most evil power in the world from the future Wang Buddha. The Buddha is good and feels the suffering of the heavens and the earth, but now he is the kind of evil Buddha.

Under his seat, I am afraid that I will break into an evil Buddha in an instant. From now on, the Buddha's heart is unstable and falls into a deep abyss and hell.

"Into the lost donor, you have never said anything to your ancestors, but the ancestral Buddha is generous and forgives all your actions. Now it is not in the palm of your ancestors, accepting baptism." The future Buddha said.

Lin Fan’s throat moved slightly, and there was a glimmer of surprise in his eyes. Then he looked at the Lord Frost God. “Are you okay?”

When the Lord God of Frost heard this voice, he suddenly condensed, but when he looked at Lin Fan, he suddenly felt that his nucleus, which had gradually broken, was controlled by the indigenous people in the palm of his hand.

Lin Fan whispered: "I will help you revenge, and you can go."


In the future, the emergence of the infinite Wang Buddha will make Lin Fan have a lot of pressure. He feels that the gap between him and the future Wang Buddha is vast and vast, and he is not at all able to deal with it.

Now the Lord of the Frost and Frost falls in his own hands, and only has to hurry and kill. His own experience is almost full, and he only hopes to have a chance in this last.

"You..." The Frost God did not expect that things would become like this. She didn't even think that she would die so badly, and she gradually lost her eyes, but it seemed to flow with a trace of memories.

Sakura's lips moved gently, and Lin Fan listened carefully, but did not hear it, only two words.


"Hey, congratulations to kill the cold god."

"Oh, the experience has increased..."

Lin Fan looked at the experience, his eyes flashed with a hint of helplessness, still a little bit worse, still a little bit worse...


The eyes locked in the remaining thirteen main gods, and if they were all killed, their experience might be over.

However, in the future, the infinite Wang Buddha is in front of himself and how to suppress it.


"The future is worthless Wang Fo, I did not expect you to dare to appear, is it that you are not afraid of my baby?" Lin Fan looked at the future of the infinite Wang Fu cold channel.

In the future, the infinite Wang Buddha looked at Lin Fan, and he was not sad or happy, not even a single worry.

"You want to fight against the ancestral Buddha, but it is a banyan tree, not self-reliant."

Lin Fan took a deep breath and was very vigilant in his heart. The feeling that the future Wang Buddha gave him in the future is too high and unpredictable. Is this the way of the Heavenly King?

But now, he can't wait, and then he has a white object in his hand.

"soap bar."

call out!

The soap instantly flew away toward the future of the infinite King Buddha.

I don't know why, Lin Fan always feels that this soap seems to be useless.

However, at this time, Lin Fan directly went to the thirteen main gods to kill, did not keep hands, the power burst out completely, directly suppressed.

When the Lord God saw the future King Buddha coming out, he was already dumbfounded, and when he saw the fall of the Lord Frost God, it was even more shocking.

"Death..." Lin Fan burst into a slap, and once he took a picture, directly shrouded all the gods, and after killing the main **** of the frost, the limit of power increased. Now it is simpler to kill these gods.

The Lord Gods felt this power, and suddenly they were horrified and fought, but in the face of this absolute power, they were like ants.

"Oh, congratulations to kill the chaos of the Lord."

"Hey, congratulations to kill the speeding god."


The system prompts the sound to ring.

Lin Fan looked at the experience of continuous increase, and I was looking forward to it.

Be sure to be full.

As the system prompts, the experience bar keeps beating.

Looking at the experience will be full, Lin Fan is also full of excitement.


"Experience is full."

Lin Fan’s heart was overjoyed and finally filled, but suddenly he stumbled because the system didn’t have any follow-up tips.

Experience is full, strength should not be improved, but now how can it be.

Lin Fan’s heart was slightly cold, and then he looked at the void. He hoped that the soap would be useful.

However, when the gaze gaze at the void, it is completely stunned. In the future, the infinite Wang Buddha will hold the soap in his hand.

He can see that there is a thin thread on the soap that entangles the body of the future Buddha. But I don't know what kind of power, even these thin lines are resisted.


The soap was crushed by the hands of the future King Buddha, and then turned into ashes scattered between the heavens and the earth.

"It's really a magical thing, but in front of the ancestral Buddha, everything will vanish." In the future, the infinite Wang Buddha looked at Lin Fan, and there was a hint of playfulness in the deep Buddha's eyes.

"You..." Lin Fan was so cold and cool at the moment, this special pit, really pit.

Soap is a forged object, how can it be useless.

In the future, the infinite Wang Buddha is at the same time with the gods who control the heavens and the world. Looking at Lin Fan’s gaze is like treating an ant, the corner of his mouth is a playful color, "Your Majesty!"

"Roll...." Lin Fan yelled.

Geng Yangtian looked at Lin Fan. "You go, we block you, as long as you are alive, there is hope."

Lin Fan shook his head. "You can't go."

In the future, the infinite Wang Buddha smiled. "Yes, you can't go. You are so rude to the ancestral Buddha, then you will be sent to hell."

At this moment, the future of the infinite Wang Buddha's palm turned over, in the palm of the Buddha, suddenly became a dead hell, which is indistinct, like a terrible abyss.

"Come on..." In the future, the infinite Wangfu Buddha mouth opened lightly, and an invisible force suddenly broke out.

An ancestor suddenly became horrified, and his body was uncontrolled and flew toward the future.


The ancestor flew into the infernal **** in the palm of the future.

Among them, the ancestors were locked in chains and suffered endless disasters.


In an instant, when the people had not reacted, the ancestors disappeared instantly.

"Remove sin and enter the country of Buddhism."

Lin Fan looked at this scene. He didn't think that the power of the infinite Wang Buddha in the future would be so strong. Then he clasped his hands. "The future is worthless, I will die."

In the future, the infinite Wang Buddha looked at Lin Fan, revealing the disdainful color. A golden finger slowly extended and penetrated the void. The whole world was only with this finger.

Lin Fan’s heart is stunned, how can I encounter these abnormalities every time.

The strongest force in the body, condensed, and punched away.


A vast force came through, Lin Fan's body violently tumbling up, the body is the explosion of the earthquake, when the pause, he found that this arm, and even burst, and eventually dissipated.

Damn, strong.

In the twinkling of an eye, the arm grows out, although it doesn't matter, but at the moment, how to solve it.

Really strong.

But Lao Tzu will admit defeat.