"Oh, my mom, my brother is sore, you are using some strength, I am going to die." On the battlefield of the Holy Mozong, a teenager who seems to be only sixteen or seven years old, stands at this time. There, it was screaming, but the **** of pain was showing a hint of refreshment.

Lin Fan has a secret, that is, he is not an indigenous person here, but from the earth, not the soul, but the body passed together.

When I came to this mysterious world, Lin Fan’s heart was sour, did the novel have been seen? The protagonists in the book are not cows than bombs, strength, status, money, beauty, that is at your fingertips.

The body is shocked, the spirit of the king is released, and you are the Zunmen supreme or the beautiful woman, all of whom are surrendered to the feet.

However, in Lin Fan’s daydream, when he didn’t finish the end, he found that the rhythm was wrong. What was special was a sandbag for a disciple in a magical door. At the time, Lin Fan was on the spot.

Even if Nima is a waste material, Lao Tzu recognizes it, at least in any case, it is also a young master of waste in a big family.

But now I am a sandbag for people to practice. This moment, Lin Fan didn't want to say anything more, and even cried for a few days.

When I came to the first year of this holy demon, I was very impressed by Lin Fan. The suffering was also inhuman, and I was almost beaten into a third-class waste.

If this is not a conscience, the sandbags have a refining secret, I am afraid that it has long been linked.

Titanium Devil

At that time, when I got the cheats of this refining body, Lin Fan’s heart was very happy. Hey, this name is enough to be domineering. Can this refinement be invincible?

However, when Lin Fan explored and practiced himself, he discovered that the end of this special thing is completely a pothole.

The "Titanium Devil" has a total of three layers, which is the practice of the sacred body written by the founder of the Holy Devils. It belongs to the sandbags exclusive cheats.

Even if you have reached the third level, according to the cheats, the achievement of the Titanium-class body, that is, those disciples, holding the real guy, a knife fell.

But fortunately, the Emperor pays off, and Lin Fan’s tragic fate makes it impossible for God to look at it. Directly in the dark night of a certain month, Lin Fan explores the life with Zhou’s niece in his sleep. I found myself suddenly having a data system.

Lin Fan studied for a long time, and did not see the artificial intelligence mentioned in the novel. It was completely self-exploration.

As for this data-based system, Lin Fan didn't quite understand it at first, but later found that he had more data on his own "Titanium Body" under his character data panel.

After the daily work of sandbags was completed, Lin Fan immediately went back to dinner and practiced. After all, if this is not to practice the "Titanium Devil", the ghost knows that one day will be killed by a heavy hand.

But now Lin Fan is waiting for these disciples to be beaten every day, then go back to sleep and be his beautiful daydream.

After Lin Fan screamed at the wave of the red-faced disciple, he opened the data panel and carefully smashed it up. He tried to raise the level of Titanium to the fifth level.

As for the "Titanium Devil" cheats, it is said that the top three layers, but this one is quickly practicing to the fifth floor, is it awkward?

Name: Lin Fan.

Grade 1.

Experience value: 0.

Gongfa: "Titanium Devil" 4 layers 20003000.


Lin Fan looked at this own data panel, but it was also a bit shabby. This level has been level 1 for a long time. As for the upgrade, Lin Fan did not think about it, but he could not find the way.

I have been in this world for a year. Although I haven’t been to the Holy Mozong, Lin Fan has also inquired about the level of practice here.

The day after tomorrow, innate, into the gods, small heavens, big heavens...

Each level is divided into nine levels.

Lin Fan knows that this is probably not the only thing, but whoever makes himself a sandbag party can detect that these are very good.





The experience of "Titanium Devil" has slowly increased. Lin Fan looked at the sect of the sect of the sect who had already given up the milk. He also sighed. Today, he saw the ghost. He even met such a rookie. For each attack, you can only add 1 experience point.

And this fist knocked on the body, weak and weak, Lin Fan even thought, but don't have no experience...

Sure enough, this is why you want to come.




I am going to go, this waste really does not work, and does not increase the experience, this is still a hair.

Lin Fan turned his head and looked at the friends around him who were both Shabu Party. At this time, they screamed and screamed, as if they had suffered the most damage in their lives.

In the Holy Mozong, the sandbags were killed by disciples, and no one would manage them. They dug a pit and buried them.

"Why don't you call it." At that moment, the disciple saw Lin Fan, who was still screaming in the sky. At this time, he looked around and suddenly felt a anger in his heart. When the sandbags were mourned by their own sorrows, he was a little tired. But it is also very exciting, I feel so good.

But now he is angry.

Looking at Lin Fan, who can't be wasted this day, squatting at the disciples in front of him, "Call your sister, it's very tired to act, your fist is weak and weak, like a girl."

When the disciples heard this humiliation, they suddenly turned white and burst into blue, and their eyes became angry.

Lin Fan glared at the face of this disciple, and he laughed out. "You have a good expression. Go back and eat more milk, just like itching."

"You...you." The disciple suddenly seemed to be speechless, and the voice became sobbing. The original fierce eyes suddenly changed and became watery.

"Wow... you bully people, my fists are not weak."

Lin Fan was instantly stunned. He looked at the disciple who broke his **** and screamed and ran away from the practice. He had nothing to say.

As a disciple, this is still so unbearable.

Lin Fan shook his head, not paying attention to this guy, but must find a way to quickly raise the rank.

The four-level "Titanium Devil" is a bit perverted. I don't know what it will be like.

Lin Fan stood on the chin and stood in the same place, watching the sects of the sects who struggled to beat the sandbags, and suddenly a smile appeared.

It seems that the taunting mode must be turned on.

Lin Fan was full of anger and then screamed.

"Give me a hand, I have something to say..."

Lin Fan’s roar, it’s completely comparable to the lion in the novel. In Lin Fan’s opinion, isn’t it the big trick to see who?

I want to be on the earth in the past, but Laozi is a class leader. This is not a big deal.

The sacred disciples who were honed by the sandbags were stopped by the screams.

The screaming sandbags, Lin Fan, looked at Lin Fan, did not know what the sandbags with them were doing?

At this time, some sandbags hurriedly waited for the next wave of attacks.

What is the day like this?

I heard that if you practice the "Titanium Devil" to the third floor, you can become a disciple of the outside door, and check out the disciples who treat them as sandbags.

But it is impossible to think about it. Some old sandbags that have been here for a few years, "Titanium Devil" is only a layer.

As for the three layers, how difficult it is, it is difficult to go to the sky.

At this time, those sandbags who are still returning, when they heard the following sentence, they were dumbfounded.

This man is going to be killed.

"You don't look at me with confused eyes. I am blunt, everyone in the room is **** in my eyes..." Lin Fan shouldered with one hand, and the disciples against these outside doors were very contemptuous. .


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