The scene was very exciting!

For the alchemists of the Tianbao Chamber of Commerce, this is a good opportunity to make a fortune!

Don't you cherish such a good opportunity? Isn't this going to be difficult for myself?

Seized this opportunity, ten times the rate of return, so cool!

As for losing, they really did not consider this situation, because they never felt that Qi Tian could complete hundreds of immortality missions in two days...

What's more, everything in front of you has already been hammered...

"No! We all pressed so many **** crystals, and finally we won, ten times compensation, are you worthy?"

"That's it! Just a few of our bets have tens of millions of Need For God Crystals, ten times, that's hundreds of millions of Need For God Crystals!"

"This general force can't come out at all!"

"Grass! So, is this playing with us?"

"So, this is a polished one? What's the use of that?"

"'s very uncomfortable. Although it's a must-win game, but in the end, you can't get cash, that's meaningless!"

"I'll say it! How can there be such a good thing in the world? It turned out to be a trap!"

"Look through and see clearly, hey... heartbroken!"

"Ooooo... I have no chance to get rich..."

The original betting wave gradually decreased, and these people focused their attention on Qi Tian, ​​and then each stepped back.

From their perspective, they don't think Qi Tian can come up with so many **** crystals.

"Who said I can't afford this God Crystal?"

"Do you know, what kind of panacea is this?"

Qi Tian raised her mouth slightly, and immediately took out a scarlet pill... Love Book House. 2shuwuxs. "This...this medicine is of high quality!"

"Bawen... rub! This is the Eight-Pin Peak Elixir of Bawen!"

"Eight-level Pinnacle Elixir? Herbs! An eight-level Pinnacle Elixir is worth at least ten million Need for God Crystal!"

"This... isn't it about to be sent?"

"It turns out there are such treasures in this hand!"


"No... this medicine is... there is a problem with this medicine!"

Among the alchemists, a slightly older alchemist suddenly showed horror...

"There is a problem? Zhang Lao, do you mean that the eight-grade Pinnacle Elixir is fake? Yes! If it is the kind of eight-grade Pinnacle Elixir, how could it appear on this person!"

"Oh, and it's still eight lines...Do you think it's possible?"

"Shut up!"

"This...this is the genuine Eight-Pin Peak Elixir!"

The alchemist called Zhang Lao suddenly shouted, and then his eyes flickered with excitement...

"If I read correctly, this is the reincarnation pill! Eight-pin peak reincarnation pill!"

"Supposedly... It is said that this Pill has the anti-celestial effect, which can increase the chance of becoming a holy man by 50%!"

"Shendan! This is absolutely Shendan!"

The alchemy master known as Zhang Lao was completely excited, and as he said, his body was trembling unnaturally...the expression of endless surprise in his words.

"Reincarnation Pill? Raise the chance of the top half-holy strong man being 50% sanctified? With this pill, wouldn't it be possible for a force to come out with an extra strong man in the sanctuary?"

"I'm going! The value of this immortality may be far more than ten million Need for God Crystal!"

"Reincarnation Dan, made from reincarnation fruits in the small world of reincarnation. It is said that the method of refining has long been lost... I did not expect to see this reincarnation Dan today!"


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