"You all think my panacea has not been successfully refined?"

"Do you think I can't make all the Elixir in a fixed time?"

"You guys, look down on me?"

Qi Tian pretends to be very angry, while speaking, he also makes a roar!

Must have the momentum, must come up! Only in this way can we lead the king into the urn!

When the time comes for another good show of catching turtles in the urn... Gee... then it's really perfect!

Qi Tian's mouth rose wildly, thinking in his heart, the expression on his face became more and more excited...

This way... naturally go better!

"Pooh hahaha! Don't you think you can be rescued again?"

"No, I'm ridiculous! This **** self-confidence... Ha ha ha ha ... I laughed sore stomach!"

"What's so special about me! Funny! It's so funny!"

"This Qitian... It's so interesting! It's all about this time, and it seems that the two days before the appointment is less than half an hour!"

"He has been staying in the alchemy room for the past two days, but according to our prying eyes, this alchemy room has never been alchemy in these two days!"

"This shows what is clear. In fact, from the beginning, this Qitian gave up! Now it is still pretending...I really don't know where it comes from!"

"Who knows! It's funny to watch anyway..."


Qi Tian's speech ushered in a sound of mockery. In the eyes of these people, all the words Qi Tian said now were dying before he died.

Let the prey relax the vigilance, it is more convenient to close the net...

Qi Tian squinted darkly, his hands clasped tightly, and the atmosphere was almost like...

Next, it's time to finish the game!

"You... do you dare not believe me!" END Fiction Net.zhongdianxs.

auzw.com "Why don’t you believe me!"

"I really refined all the Elixir!"


"Unbelief... If you don't believe me, I can bet with you!"

"I personally trade, any of you can bet! If I successfully refine all the Elixir, your bet will be mine! Otherwise... otherwise... otherwise you will bet ten times as much Compensation!"

Qi Tian pretends to be angrily angry, in order to earn a little more God Crystal, he can be regarded as soaring his acting skills to the peak!

Wave after wave is the perfect control of acting!

This feeling is extremely real!

Quiet, the scene was quiet for a moment, it seems that at this moment everyone chose to shut up...

The corner of Qi Tian's mouth rose slightly, and the whisper was almost waiting... It was also time for the final blow!

"Are you afraid? Have you counseled? I have already said that, you can't play with me!"

"I am really refining all the medicines, otherwise where can I confidently open such a market?"

"If I didn't complete all the Elixir missions, I would have to pay ten! Will I be so stupid?"

"You said, is this the truth?"

"You are not betting, that's right! Only in this way can you save a lot of God Crystal!"

Qi Tian said to the people sincerely, with a sincere heart...

"I want to bet on one million Need for God Crystal!"

"I also want to bet half a million!"

"I... I have a net worth of three million Need for God Crystal!"

"Don't rob me! Five million Need for God Crystal!"

"Ha ha ha ha! One loses ten! Send it! Send it! Send it completely!"


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