"Qi Tian Alchemist, you can be seen!"

"It's almost two days...how much of your immortality medicine have you completed?"

Dong Wei's eyes looked around, looking anxious.

The current form is there, a little carelessly, the alchemist of the entire Tianbao Chamber of Commerce may have to strike completely!

As the director of the Pill Medicine, Dong Wei would be so nervous and normal.

"Isn't it just two days before the time?"

"No hurries!"

Qi Tian stretched his lazy waist and looked a little tired. Just now he had been fighting Zhao Han Lisa in the conquering world of the local government, and still had some backache.

Dong Wei murmured secretly in his heart, and his eyes glanced around the alchemy room without any trace of alchemy!

"It’s over, the medicine business of the Tianbao Chamber of Commerce is really going to collapse!"

"How much God Crystal will be compensated!"

"Qi Tian Alchemist... Hey..."

Dong Wei's face was ashamed, his body trembling unnaturally, the state of the whole person during the speech also appeared very poor, and the inhalation sound appeared extremely real.

At this moment, outside the alchemy room, hundreds of thousands of alchemists of all levels of the Tianbao Chamber of Commerce have gathered. Almost all the alchemists of the Tianbao Chamber of Commerce have come.

They came here naturally to see the excitement.

"Hahaha! Did you see that, the dan furnace is cold, indicating that he did not refine the elixirs at all, is this a complete abandonment of treatment?"

"Hey! Even if he wants to struggle, is the key to being free?"

"The road ahead has been blocked for a long time, and no matter how struggling, I can't go out! It can only be said that it is indeed death along the way! The road is farther and farther away!"

"Who said no! I don't know what I think in my heart... Interesting, really interesting!"

"No, I have a stomachache with a smile... This should belong to the model of pretending to fail? Don't show up without that skill! It will be very comfortable to be beaten by the face?" Girls Novel Network.nsxs.


"Maybe there are any special hobbies! Who can be sure about this?"

"Hey! How much immortality he has delayed this time, and it is not enough for him to compensate hundreds of millions of top quality Jingjing!"

"Hundreds of millions? Let him lose money!"


"What I hate most in my life is this kind of pretense..."

"It's clear that the Chamber of Commerce came to suppress us!"

"This time we will continue to work together, it is natural that the Chamber of Commerce will continue to improve our treatment! Otherwise, the Chamber of Commerce will not want to continue to do business!"

"Yes! That's it! Don't save them any points!"

"Without us alchemists, the Tianbao Chamber of Commerce is about to collapse!"


"Go back and ridicule that Qitian well! Only in this way can my anger be extinguished!"

"Grass! Dare to grab business with us, does he have the ability? Hang him, no discussion!"



Qi Tian at this moment has almost become the public enemy of these alchemists!

One wave after another, it was crazy shouting!

In their eyes, Qi Tian's existence is hindering their way to get rich.

They want to make the immortality medicine that dominates the Tianbao Chamber of Commerce, so that they can grab more and greater benefits from the Tianbao Chamber of Commerce!

Pursuing profits, this is nothing, but they are greedy and want to step on Qitian, this is their original sin!


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