It can only be said that the sense of operation of the conquering game of the prefecture is indeed deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and there is a magic that is difficult to extricate themselves!

Because of this magic power, there will be so many true fans.

"Master? Are you online?"

Suddenly there was a cry of surprise in his ear, Qi Tian glanced in surprise, and saw Zhuge Xunzheng standing there excitedly.

This guy has entered the game world with his original face.

"Where is Wanbaoge?"

Qi Tian nodded, then issued an inquiry, and he had been away for quite a few days.

"Lord, everything is fine!"

"According to your orders, loan the Shenjing in the bank system every day and buy a gaming helmet at a certain percentage..."

"But Lord, now that our bank system accepts more and more customer deposits, we will need to pay them interest in batches one year later, which will be a huge consumption..."

"I think this interest rate is really too high. If you lower it a little bit, they will not have any opinions..."

Zhu Gexun naturally considered the development of the entire Wanbao Pavilion.

Considering from his point of view, the current form is not conducive to the development of the situation, and some changes can be made appropriately.

As more and more deposits are accepted by Wanbaoge Bank, even if it only reduces the interest by 10%, it is an astronomical figure.

"Do not move the interest!"

"This is the credibility of my Wanbao Pavilion!"

"Maybe you seem to have very high interest rates now, but after a while, you might not look at it that way..."

"Paying a little interest, but being able to obtain 100 times or even thousands of times the God Crystal's early control, is definitely worth it!"

"Right now we have invested most of the God Crystal in the gaming helmet and gaming warehouse!"

"For the time being, it is indeed quite a lot of consumption, but if you look at it after a while, the game helmet and the game warehouse will be able to bring us the benefits of playing together!"

"It will be easy to collect the interest by relying on these game warehouses and game helmets!"

Qi Tian waved his hands, confident and calm.

Zhu Gexun fell into contemplation, his vision was still somewhat limited, and needed a period of change. Xiaotao Chinese.xiaotaozw.

But making Zhuge Xun the head of the Wanbao Pavilion is indeed a good move.

Through this period of time, one can clearly feel that Wanbao Pavilion has gradually stabilized, of which Zhuge Xun's credit is indispensable.



"The owner!"


There were several exclamations in his ears, and Qi Tian's eyes lit up, and then several figures appeared.


"Zhao Han..."


"Well... and Xiaoxue."

"Have you changed to become an elven clan?"

Qi Tian's eyes glanced at the women in front of him, and then an unexpected look appeared on his face.

Unexpectedly, all of them have transferred to hidden occupations!

"Brother Qi Tian, ​​my sister and I have changed jobs and become fallen angels!"

"Sister Lisa and Sister Zhao Han were both transferred to become elf archers."

Meng Yu shouted excitedly, and as he said, he rushed directly towards Qi Tian.

This is already Meng Yu's signature action...

"Fujun, I just rented that room, or else... or shall we go in and see?"

Lisa gritted her teeth and then pointed to a house behind Qitian...

The houses in this life city can be sold or rented by NPCs.

Players only need to pay a certain amount of soul coins to rent or purchase.


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