In the last days, Tengyun base city.

About 100 years ago, the zombie virus broke out and the end of the world came!

More than 80% of human beings have become zombies. In order to survive, humans have established base cities to protect themselves.

Qi Tian looked at everything in front of him dumbfounded. He crossed here half a month ago. After half a month of digestion, he reluctantly believed everything in front of him.

This is the end time!

Zombies are everywhere! He saw with his own eyes that the owner of this shop was amiable one second before, and suddenly turned into a zombie and threw himself at himself the next second...

Hmm... he was lucky, this freshly baked zombie howled and was killed by the falling door panel a few times.

This shop looks a bit old...

The ghost knows what happened to him in these half months!

"Ding! Abnormal soul body is detected, and the strongest supplier system in the last days is on!"

"Ding! Post the first mission [open a grocery store]"

"Task Introduction: Find a shop and open a new store!"

"Task Time Limit: One Day"

"Success Reward: Opening the First-Class Elixir Supply Channel."

"Failure punishment: both the system and the host will die!"

"Remarks: As the most powerful supplier in the future, how can there be no place to stay?"

Qi Tian's eyes showed the color of the late gold finger finally coming?

"As for opening a shop... well, this is the shop owner who just finished the calf because he was accidentally contaminated with the zombie virus.

"System, the shop is selected!"

"Ding! The shop is too broken, not enough, and does not meet the conditions..."

Qi Tian's mouth twitched for a while, but what about the conditions?

Qi Tian pouted, dragged the zombie corpse at the door to the backyard, and then installed the trembling door panel, barely found some bandages in the shop, and wound the door panel dozens of times...

Make sure not to kill the talent to stop.

Then I cleaned the shop inside and out again...

"Okay now?"

Qi Tian, ​​tired for a long time, said weakly.

"Ding! Barely qualified! [Open a grocery store] Mission completed!"

"Ding! Get rewards and open up the first-level elixir supply channel!"

"The first-level elixir supply channel: open the first-level elixir supply channel for every 10 coins paid and get one elixir!"

Qi Tian looks happy, and finally can open a shop to make money!

"This street belongs to the civilian area of ​​the base city, and there are often zombies. It may be killed by the zombies sometime! Earn more coins and try to open the shop to the core area of ​​the base city, where there are military guards and security. The coefficient is greatly improved!"

Qi Tian looked around for a while and went directly to the cash register of this shop, inheriting the legacy of the previous boss-Seventy Ringgits!

"Recharge Seventy Coins!"

"Open seven times the first-level elixir supply channel!"

"Ding! Get two first-level violent pill, two first-level blood-recovering pill, two first-level super-speed pill, first-level rejuvenating pill!"

"Level 1 Violence Pill: Briefly increase the user's strength by 1,000 kilograms."

"The first-level blood-healing pill: can treat the user's injury."

"Grade 1 Speed ​​Speed ​​Pill: briefly increase the user's speed."

"First-class refreshing pill: restore the user's certain mental strength."

Qi Tian glanced back and forth, almost knew the effects of these four immortals.

"The first-level elixir sells for 1,000 Ling coins!"

Qi Tian put the seven immortals on the counter and rolled his eyes when he saw the price.

It's so dark!

"System, at such an expensive price, no one will buy it! I propose to sell it at a reduced price!"

"Ding! Insufficient host authority to change the commodity price!"

"Ding! Post the task [first pot of gold]."

"Mission Introduction: Sell a Elixir and earn the first commission!"

"Task time limit: three days!"

"Mission Reward: Seven Star Awakeners Biochemical Guard!"

"Failure punishment: system hangs up for one year!"



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