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The Strongest Supplier of God-level Systems

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Qitian came to the end of the world with the strongest supplier system.

Do you want to have an S-level genetic talent and become an extraordinary genius? Eat more pecans to make up the brain!

You don’t want to work hard, you want to soar 999 directly? Eat more experience Dan crazy upgrade!

Want a pet? Come, come, the beast is your choice!

Want a weapon? No problem, the soldiers pick you up!

The goods in this shop are hard to buy, and they are exquisite. You ask who i am? There is no one of the strongest suppliers in this world!

- Description from soxs


Short Title:SSGLS
Alternate Title:神级系统末世最强供应商
Author:Zhu Fu
Weekly Rank:#679
Monthly Rank:#653
All Time Rank:#282
Tags:Game Elements, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Loyal Subordinates, Male Protagonist, Pets, Post-apocalyptic, Ruthless Protagonist, Store Owner, System Administrator,
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27 Comments on “The Strongest Supplier of God-level Systems
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  1. Sudah baca sampai 600 chapter ... Dan kulihat beberapa character terlupakan. Seperti weapon manager Dan tittle profiter yang seharus nya +5% (dapat di chapter 500an++..)ga masuk di chapter600an

  2. Hmm setelah berusaha bertahan drop atau tidak untuk baca, aku putuskan drop aja lah Selain MC semua seperti punya pola pikir anak kecil Tuan muda A-Z (semua musuh) pasti selalu frontal d depan mc, meski tau MC kuat tetap saja tidak mau mundur, Dan terus saja begitu di ulang2 Musih selalu tau dari mana mc berasal. Tapi tak pernah menyelidiki apa yang sudah dilakukan. Pernah bunuh tuan muda clan atas tapi seperti dilupakan.

  3. It's a standard for web novels from China for MC or the hero of the story to be shameless, arrogant, conniving & back stabbing. They see it as something to look up to or admire, go figure...

  4. Always hoping to find the ones that make it worth reading, there are actually a few of them doesn't follow their norm. That itself is worth the trouble.

  5. typical system with sever punishment of failure, MC become slave of the system, the story is way too repetitive with typical cheap face slapping scene, i'm outta here.

  6. I haven't really read this one and I just saw your comment by reading the reviews. I saw people like you saying "MC is like SYSTEM SLAVE" on some other "SYSTEM TYPE" novels too. You guys know that without the SYSTEM, the mcs are basically nothing right? I don't care about face slappings cause I haven'read nor am I arguing about those. I just care about "MC is like SYSTEM SLAVE". All he has were basically GIVEN by the SYSTEM, like EVERYTHING and MOST MCS would just be NORMAL PEOPLE OR NOTHING.

  7. i think this kind of setting is an easy for the author to give his mc a thing to do. Basically its the system that drives the mc to a certain direction from where the mc will have certain encounters or adventures without having to give to much explaination as to why the system would task the mc to do things. Do the task to further the plot, mc cannot not do the task because the author will obliterate the mc.

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