But obviously, Shen Qingwu’s second purpose is destined to end in failure. Although she has also learned some secrets in Huang Wanwan’s heart, she can feel Huang Wanwan’s involuntary helplessness, but this It does not have much substantial significance.

"There are only two endings. Either they all leave the Yangtze River Delta, or they will die in the Yangtze River Delta." Huang Wanwan said with his head down, not daring to see Shen Qingwu, but the words were sonorous.

Shen Qingwu said in a condensed voice: "It seems that all these words are nonsense. It seems that what I said has no weight in your heart!"

Huang Baiwan continued to be silent. He didn't know how to answer. It was obvious that this time, he was obviously determined to implement this decision to the end.

Shen Qingwu stared at Huang Wanwan, and then said, "Do you know that you owe him not only your life, but also my life?"

Before Huang Wanwan could speak, Shen Qingwu continued: "Once, when you were in the Yangtze River Delta just now, if I called you to Beijing, you had no choice. At that time, if I wanted to, you would have to die! But I didn't Do that and I will save your life."

Huang Baiwan exhaled a sulky breath and said, "I know, I owe you."

"Pay it back if you owe it!" Shen Qingwu said, "My request is very simple. You don't need to pay any price. You just need to give the women a living space! They don't want to leave here, so keep it!"

Huang Wanwan shook his head: "They don't go because they want to be disadvantageous to me and want to help their men do something! I keep them, it's just that I'm Huang Wanwan's nothing. Don't dare to kill the killer, who would believe that I am immortal with that man?"

"Same sentence, in the Yangtze River Delta, I don't want any hidden dangers to exist. This place must belong to me, and it must be clear! Everything that belongs to Chen Liuhe must be completely eliminated!"

Huang Wanwan raised his head and looked at Shen Qingwu and said, "Sister, don't force me, I have given you enough room and time."

"They can't threaten you." Shen Qingwu said angrily.

"This is not a question of threat or not, it is a question of attitude and determination." Huang Wandao.

"Huang Wanwan, what are you afraid of?" Shen Qingwu's voice was awe-inspiring.

Huang Wanwan shook his head lightly and said nothing. In his heart, there are a lot of thoughts and secrets hidden in his heart, which are not known.

At this moment, there was a sudden turbulence outside the restaurant. Turning his head to look around, he saw a large group of fierce people rushing towards him.

There were a lot of people, there were 34, and the bodyguards guarding the door couldn't stop them, they rushed in directly!

This group of people came straight to Shen Qingwu and others. They surrounded Shen Qingwu's table with the fastest speed.

Moreover, they all took out pistols from their pockets, and pointed their guns at the two daughters, Shen Qingwu and Su Wanyue.

These people came for Shen Qingwu and Su Wanyue.

The appearance of this scene in vain caused Huang Baiwan to squint his eyes severely. The face that was still smiling a little, instantly became cold, and it was as cold as an ice cave.

And Shen Qingwu and Su Wanyue faced this battle, only for a brief moment of panic, and soon calmed down.

Shen Qingwu tilted his head and quietly scanned the murderous gunmen, without showing any fear.

Then, she turned her gaze on Huang Wanwan's face and said, "This is your handwriting? Are you going to leave me in Zhanhai?"

Huang Wanwan's face was so cold that it was terrifying, gloomy and creepy.

He first stood up from the seat, stepped forward a few steps, and blocked Shen Qingwu and Su Wanyue in the seat with his body, so that the gunpoints were pointed at him.

Obviously, this sudden scene was not his arrangement. If he wanted to kill Shen Qingwu and Su Wanyue, he didn't need to be so troublesome.

The most important thing is that the sentence he just said to Shen Qingwu is completely from the heart without the slightest water. Shen Qingwu's life, whether it is now or in the future, will definitely be more than his yellow million life. important!

"Who are you? Who made you come?" Huang Baiwan was not irritated or excited, and his voice was slow and low.

Among these people, he saw a lot of familiar faces, many of them were the Titans he brought over from Jingyun, who made great achievements for him!

"I brought them here." At this moment, a loud voice came from the back of the crowd. The crowd spread out on both sides, only to see a lanky middle-aged man with a pair of gold-rimmed glasses stepping forward. Come.

Seeing this person, Huang Wanwan's eyes narrowed deeply again, narrowed into a slit, which was as sharp as a blade, and even with undisguised murderous intent.

The tall and thin middle-aged man walked not far in front of Huang Wanwan.

He looked like he was in his early forties, white and pure, not vicious and sturdy, on the contrary, he had a wise scholar-like atmosphere.

He is not a warrior, but a strategist.

The fact is also true. His name is Liu Yongyi, not Huang Wanwan’s enemy, but a military-level figure under Huang Wanwan.

He followed Huang Wanwan from a very early time, and followed Huang Wanwan from Zhenyun to Zhanhai. He has made many good strategies for Huang Wanwan!

This time, Liu Yongyi's strategy played a big role in dealing with Du Yuefei and Hong Xuanxuan, making many things more effective.

Liu Yongyi can be said to be a very important role under Huang Wanwan's command. His status is also very high. He is one of the most capable seniors under Huang Wanwan's seat and Huang Wanwan's confidant!

"Boss, I know there are some things that you can't do. Therefore, such a wicked person can only be done by his subordinates." Liu Yongyi looked at Huang Wanwan and said, with respect and determination in his eyes.

Huang Wanwan did not rush into the sky with anger. He quietly looked at Liu Yongyi, and said slowly, "You are such a smart person, why would you take the initiative to seek death?"

Facing Huang Wanwan, Liu Yongyi bit his head and said: "Boss, this time, Chen Liuhe's sister and woman went south to Zhanhai and took the initiative to deliver them to us. This is a great opportunity for us! You! Think about it, if we kill both his sister and the woman, what will happen?"

"I promise, Chen Liuhe will go crazy! With his personality, he has a high probability of going south to Zhanhai to collect the bodies of these two people. I have received news that Chen Liuhe is in very bad health now, as long as he goes south now , Then, in our layout, he will undoubtedly die!!!"


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