Shen Qingwu stared at Huang Wanwan and said, "What if they don't leave?"

Huang Wanwan didn't speak anymore. He cut a piece of cattle and put it in his mouth to chew, and then took another sip of red wine.

In this silent way, Shen Qingwu gave the most accurate answer.

Obviously, if the ten-day period comes and Du Yuefei and others have not left the Yangtze River Delta, then he will kill them!

Shen Qingwu's face gradually became cold, and said: "I can tell you very clearly now that none of them are willing to leave the Yangtze River Delta. Under the premise that they refuse to leave, my brother cannot pick them up. ."

"They will continue to stay here, waiting for you Huang Wanwan to deal with them." Shen Qingwu said.

Huang Wanwan's complexion was still calm, and he didn't seem to be surprised by these words, because the moment he received the news that Shen Qingwu was going to Zhanhai in person, he had already guessed this result.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for Shen Qingwu to come to Zhanhai.

"Don't force me." Huang Wanwan spit out four words solemnly.

"Do you really dare to take things to that point? Do you really want to stop the road?" Shen Qingwu asked.

Huang Wanwan said: "It was because he didn't want to, so I gave him a ten-day deadline! This is the biggest leeway! He should think carefully and cherish it. If the power is gone, they can rebuild in the north, but if the people are gone, There is nothing left."

"I know very well what the consequences of killing them will be, and he will definitely make him hold the determination to die, and will kill me at all costs! I just don't want that situation to happen prematurely, so, Only gave him ten days."

Huang Wanwan said that when he spoke, his eyes were erratic, and he dared not look at Shen Qingwu.

"You are so powerful now that you have the potential to sweep thousands of troops. Why do you have to push them to a desperate situation? You have the ability to open one eye to them, they can't really threaten you in the true sense. "

Shen Qingwu said coldly: "Even Du Yuefei and Hong Xuanxuan, who are the most capable, can no longer shake your foundation."

Huang Wanwan took out a cigarette again and held it in his mouth silently. This was the most habitual action.

When he was about to ignite, he suddenly woke up, and put down the lighter in an anguish. Obviously, his mood at the moment was not peaceful.

Distracted to the point of distraction.

Taking off the cigarette, crushing it and holding it in the palm of his hand, Huang Wanwan looked up at Shen Qingwu and said, "Sister, do you think I am singing the double song with him this time?"

Shen Qingwu frowned. Before she could say anything, Huang Wanwan laughed at herself and said: "Of course not! This time, I am fighting for myself, and I should live for myself."

"Since it's not a double reed, what reason do I have to keep his women in my hinterland? Let those women pierce my hinterland like barbs? It doesn't make sense!"

Huang Wanwan said calmly: "Actually, the thing that I should move the most is his woman, but he is late and has not moved yet. First, he is using this method to repay his kindness to me. Second, also I keep leaving room for you."

"But now, it's different. I have made up my mind. I have already left the rest of the way and there is no need to keep my hands."

Huang Wanwan said: "If you don't take his woman again at this moment, it will be too unreasonable. It will make people think that Huang Wanwan is doing something outside and doing it, and I have no real courage!

Hearing Huang Wanwan's words, Shen Qingwu's expression shook fiercely, and a strange light burst into his eyes.

She stared at Huang Wanwan and said, "The people behind you made you do this?"

Huang Wanwan shook his head and said, "I am going to do this myself. This step is time to go! If you don't go anymore, others think I'm afraid of Chen Liuhe. If you don't go, others think I'm still having an affair with Chen Liuhe!

From Huang Wanwan's words, Shen Qingwu seemed to have heard something. She stared at Huang Wanwan directly: "Do you want to completely separate him from him in this way? Are you trying to let others Sure, you have nothing to do with him forever?"

Huang Wanwan was silent and did not speak.

Shen Qingwu's eyes shone inexplicably, she said: "You said, you don't want to be someone else's dog, but you are still acting as someone else's dog. You are showing sincere heart to your new master!"

Huang Wanwan scrutinized Shen Qingwu's eyes in a daze, and said: "It has nothing to do with heartfelt! The chess game has reached this level, it should be so! There is no more room for it."

Shen Qingwu's eyes narrowed slightly. She looked at Huang Wanwan, but couldn't see through Huang Wanwan's thoughts.

From this brief conversation, some information worthy of consideration has actually been revealed. Things may be more complicated than imagined!

Huang Wanwan will make this move, so does it mean that he can't help himself?

"Little sister, eat quickly, otherwise it will be cold and the taste will not be so good." Huang Wanwan grinned and said to Shen Qingwu.

Shen Qingwu said, "Do you think I still eat the food you prepared for me now?"

Huang Baiwan smiled unchanged, and said: "Don't worry, it's not poisonous. In this world, even if one day chooses one between my life and yours, then I will definitely let you live well. I will not harm you."

Shen Qingwu shook his head: "It has nothing to do with this, the ways are different and don't conspire!"

"Little girl, you know, it's just a matter of position between me and him. I have long since been separated from the level of personal grievances. To be honest, even if I die in his hands one day, I I also believe that he will take a bottle of wine and go to my grave to toast a glass."

Huang Wanwan said softly: "If one day my old Huang really went against the sky and let him die under my hand, then I would definitely slam my head on his grave. That day, no one Will be more sad than I cried."

Shen Qingwu looked at Huang Wanwan silently, and said: "That was before! From the moment you wanted to kill his woman, the kind of feeling you mentioned has been destroyed by your own hands!"

Huang Wanwan smiled, and the smile turned out to be a bit miserable. He said, "Perhaps, anyway, it's me Lao Huang who is sorry for you."

"How can I let those women go?" Shen Qingwu pulled the topic back again.

She went south to Zhanhai this time for two purposes. The first was to preserve the safety of Du Yuefei and her daughters as much as possible, and the only feasible way was to negotiate with Huang Wanwan.

Secondly, she wanted to try to see if she could instigate Huang Wanwan. No matter what, she could learn some secrets from Huang Wanwan's mouth.

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