Xi Jingxuan left with the real person Gu Hong.

Although a little bit reluctant, but still more happy, happy Jun often laughed and saw his name immediately after seeing his appearance.


On the road, Jingxi Xuan smiled and said: "After decades, he still remembers me!"

Gu Hong was speechless.

The stronger the warrior, the stronger the memory. Unless there is an amnesia in a car accident, there is almost no forgetting, let alone decades. I really do n’t know how happy this fool is!


Gu Hongzheng shook his head and secretly said, "The hardest thing to understand in the world is really the relationship between men and women."


Xu Jingxuan said, "How do I feel that the heaven and earth attributes of the upper realm are stronger than before!"

"That's because your mood has changed." Gu Hong truly said.



Jun Chang laughed and led his disciples back to Wanguzong on the Tonggu warship, but he stood on the bow and thought seriously.

Ling Yao, the emperor, was so dead?


System said: "It must be dead."

Jun Chang smiled and shook his head with a smile: "This woman seized the Taixuan Zhenjing, and the Emperor Wu of the Nine Kings helped him to ascend, which shows that she attaches great importance to the realm and rights, and how can she easily die."

The system said: "In my opinion, the Emperor Ling Yao knows that the stars will not stay overnight, so she can only confess her fate."


Suddenly, Jun Chang smiled and patted his head and said, "After the night stars are killed, the soul robs the house and is born again. Since the woman has also cultivated the Tai Xuan Zhen Jing, even if the body is destroyed, is there no possibility of resurrection?


The system is dumb.


Jun Chang smiled and hurried to call the elder Tai Xuan, and asked about the Tai Xuan Zhen Jing carefully. After all, he created the cheats, and the result was: "The Tai Xuan Zhen Jing was created by me, but it did not let him The function of soul regeneration. "


The dog frowned suddenly.

Taixuan said, "Even if there is no martial arts that regenerates the souls of martial arts souls, how can I, who is focused on the study of matrix formations, create such an inverse heavenly approach."

"No, no!"

Jun Chang rubbed his temples with a smile, and said, "Since Master ’s mind has no soul rebirth, how did Ye Xingchen take away after thousands of years? Could it be ... system, what do you think?"

"There must be something strange about this!"


Inside the cabin.

After hard choices, Ye Xingchen still took out the Tai Xuan Zhen Jing with body fragrance.

This cheat book was of great significance to him, because if he did not get it, he would not die in the hands of the Emperor Ling Yao, he would not be reborn and joined the Vanguard Sect, and he would not have achieved what he is today.

"Now that I've broken through the higher ground to find the truth, what's the use of keeping it?"

Ye Xingchen gradually raised the flame in his hands, apparently intending to burn it to say goodbye to the past completely.

However, when he just lifted the Tai Xuan Zhen Jing, a letter slipped from the inside, and it floated to the ground.

Ye Xingchen frowned.

But the body took it honestly, locked in a row of juanxiu show fonts.

"Emperor Ye."

"I should be dead when you see this letter, so congratulations, you have revenge."


Ye Xingchen's eyes flickered with anger.

Before this woman died, leaving a testament, how did she feel like she was taunting herself?

"In the last life, you were obsessed with martial arts. You did n’t understand the world, and you did n’t understand human relationships. There are so many people in this life. I am happy for you and prove that it was right to obliterate you.

Seeing this line of text, Ye Xingchen almost burned the letter.

Kill me, right? No words?

"In fact, I want to tell you personally, but I know you hate me, so I can only tell you by letter after death."

"The Taixuan Zhenjing created by the elderly Taixuan did not have the ability to regenerate the soul of the warrior, and some of the written formulas were intentionally modified."

Seeing this, Ye Xingchen's expression was dull.

"You may be curious, if you can't be reborn, why do you still lose your house? This is because you still have a shocking identity that can shake the upper universe and even change the order of heaven and earth."


Ye Xingchen secretly said, "Who is you?"

Although the former Yedi had a strong strength, his IQ was obviously unable to keep up. Now, under the control of Jun Changxiao, he looks like a sand sculpture. In fact, his IQ has basically reached the normal passing line.

"You may question that I am lying to you, it doesn't matter anymore, because when that day comes, you will understand that everything I do is for you."

"At last."

"I hope that you can become stronger until you have the power to shake the universe to honor the sentence that was said that year-all in the world, the land of Mo Fei, the shore of the rate soil, and the King of Mo Fei."

Ye Xingchen looked blank.

Did you say this before?

The beneficiary of the letter only had the word 'lingyao', and the pen tip was vaguely reluctant and nostalgic.

"This woman's whitewashing skills are terrible."

Ye Xingchen shuffled the letters into a ball, and originally planned to burn them, but hesitated for a while, still earning space rings.


At this moment, the sound of Jun Chang laughed in his ear: "Are you asleep?"


"Come in the cockpit."




In the cockpit, the elderly Taixuan carefully watched the Taixuan Zhenjing he created, wondering: "The recipe on the next two pages is not my own hand!"

This martial art on the starfall continent belongs to the gods. It was created by his whim when he researched the battle of heaven and earth. Every word and every pattern on it was written in person, and I naturally remember it clearly.

"Has it been modified?" Jun Chang laughed.


"Who changed it?"

"You ask me, who do I ask?"


Jun Chang smiled at the always silent Ye Xingchen, who after a long time tangled, took out the last testament left by the Emperor Ling Yao.

"Under the heavens, there is no land for kings.

"Roseland's Shore, Prince Mo Fei?"


After Jun Chang smiled, he felt his chin and said, "How arrogant and domineering this is."

"The disciples never said." Ye Xingchen said.

"I didn't say it in the last life, maybe I did in the last life." Jun Chang smiled.

Night stars are gone.


Jun Chang patted him on the shoulder with a smile, and said, "If the letter of the Emperor Ling Yao is true, you may have a huge identity."

"The woman is so deliberate that she knows she will die, so she intentionally left a letter to disturb me."

"It's possible."


Ye Xingchen said earnestly: "The disciples now only want to practice martial arts with all one's heart, and defend the Eternal Sect with life and the rest of their lives!"

Jun Chang smiled: "This seat is very pleased."

"Go back and rest."

"This letter ..."

"Stay here first ~ www.mtlnovel.com ~ Yes."

After Ye Xingchen left, Jun Chang laughed and picked up the testament. He secretly said, "The writing is pretty."

"The host doesn't feel familiar?"

"A little bit, but I can't remember."

"Need a reminder?"

"Have something to say, let it fare!"


The system also does not sell Guanzi, saying: "The host can take out a copy of Qi Xuanxia Guang broken pieces at will to see."

This sentence can be said to awaken the dreamer, Jun Chang smiled and patted his brain immediately, and said, "I said that I was so familiar, the original and the handwriting on the scroll were very similar!"

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