Not long after the fight began, the Ling Yao Yao Emperor chose to give up and died under the star Fangtian Huaji.


The martial arts soldiers were depressed.

In the first game, Jun Chang laughed and conceded.

In the second game, Ling Yao Yao gave her life.

Is this still fun to watch?

Fake match, refund!

"It's over!"

Tonggu's heart suddenly referred to his throat.

The child was killed.

Qing Wei's real person must be fried!

However, when he looked over, he found that the other person was calm, but turned his eyes wet after leaving a sigh.

"Is this gone?"

It is difficult for the ancient people to set up a channel.

The Emperor Ling Yao fell, and Qing Wei, who was a master, must be angry.

However, as an eyewitness, she could see clearly. Just now, the situation was that the apprentice was desperately trying to die, and how to blame outsiders.

Being killed and begging to die are two concepts.


Far away from the mountain at funeral night, the elder elder sighed to the sky and cried in tears: "You are finally free!"

The death of Ling Yao Yao did not make Jun Changxiao and Wan Guzong feel sad because she had killed Ye Xingchen, and he was taken for granted today.

Debt repayment.

Killing lives.

Eternal truth.

However, Ye Xingchen held Fang Tianhua's halberd and looked at the dead body, and his expression was dull and blank.

Do not misunderstand.

Not regret.

I didn't expect to kill this woman easily.

Since rebirth, Ye Xingchen has continued to cultivate and become stronger, in order to become the Emperor Lingyao, even fantasize that there will be a fierce battle with him, but as a result, she will give up resistance and even kill her intentionally.

This was not what he wanted, because it was too simple! Too no experience!


Ye Xingchen took Fangtian Huaji.

The Emperor Ling Yao fell down like a withered flower, and her beautiful face showed a sense of relief.


A blaze of flames came over, completely covering the body.

Ye Xingchen was afraid that this woman used any means to choose a fake death, so she must frustrate her and discontinue any whitewashing opportunities in the future.

After the body of Ling Yao Yao was incinerated, he withdrew his weapon and landed on the Burial Night Mountain. The long-held resentment in his heart was completely dissipated, his spirit was more refreshed, his mouth slightly raised, and a smile appeared.


He laughed!

"Untie the knot and get rid of the demon." Jun Chang smiled and comforted: "The stars will be more successful in the future."

Speaking from other populations, I'm afraid I need to think carefully, but I can definitely say that the future is immeasurable.


The grievances between Ye Xingchen and the Emperor Lingyao draw a perfect ending today. As for whether there is a hidden feeling in them, people do not say that they are eager to die, and naturally cannot be verified.


One thing the woman was right.

She used to go to the grotto to retreat, only to fight Ye Xingchen, but in the end she barely broke through to find the realm, and in the latter two years, she had entered the upper level of the realm, and the realms of the two sides were far away.

Perhaps it is for this reason that the Emperor Lingyao decided to end with death after a brief confrontation.

Where the stars fall, no night stars fall.

Ye Yeshan was buried without Ye Xingchen.

All grievances and all injustices are gone today.


After walking down the mountain, Ye Xingchen took a deep breath, looked up at the sky, and secretly said: "Now I am no longer obsessed with hatred, but only in pursuit of a higher martial arts realm, to protect the Tongmen and Zongmen from being bullied!"

The death of Ling Yao's empress did not let him lose his motivation, because there are more precious things in this world that are higher than hatred, such as family love and friendship, but there is no such thing as men and women.



Qi Jingxuan bowed her head and blushed, "I have something to say to the monarch."

Under the treatment of recuperative dandan, the injury has recovered significantly.

"Go on."

Gu Hong real person said kindly.

He could see that Tuer and Jun Chang laughed that there should be a story, and naturally they would not urge them to leave.


The Tonggu real person standing aside was not angry, "If it wasn't for my apprentice to let you apprentice, how would you let the old guy win?"

Gu Hongzhen said lightly: "If you lose, lose, don't make excuses!"


Tonggu really said: "This is not to lose, this is to let!"

"It seems you are not convinced, come here, it is better for us to fight each other!"

"Afraid of you?"

The two old men who didn't look right at each other caught fire in a few words, and then made a road to fight in the funeral mountain.

"Boom boom!"


The powerful energy explodes, and the picture is magnificent.

However, letting the two sides fight is extremely wonderful, the camera is always locked on Jun Changxiao and Yun Jingxuan, and the tragic reminder is reduced to the background picture.

"Master of the palace."

Dog left curious: "How can you be the son of the plane?"

Qi Jingxuan sat down, always lowering her head, and she was obviously a bit nervous and shy. She said, "Master said that I have the power in my body."

"Power of origin?"

Jun Chang smiled and wondered: "Does that group make you lose your intellectual attributes?"


Xi Jingxuan said: "This power comes from the origin of the plane, and the owner is the son of the plane."

"I did not expect the Lord of the Palace to be the son of the Astral Plane." Jun Chang smiled and arched, smiling: "Disrespect, disrespect."

Qi Jingxuan shook her head and said, "I am not the son of the plane of the starfall continent, because I heard Master said that the power of my body is unusual and may come from the upper universe."


Jun Chang smiled suddenly.

Systemically: "It seems this woman has an unknown story."

"Does the Lord of the Palace know what plane it is?" Jun Chang laughed.

"do not know."

Qi Jingxuan's expression did not fall: "The power of the origin is the essence of a plane. If it is integrated into the body of a warrior, it means that the plane will no longer exist."


Jun Chang laughed and understood.

Since there is the power of the origin in her body, she has been in a plane or has been destroyed. No wonder she just said that she has no father, no mother, no relative and no reason.


Qi Jingxuan looked up and smiled: "Master said, if I can perceive the third step, I can travel freely through the upper universe, maybe I can find my homeland, and wake up the plane with the power of the origin."


Jun Chang smiled slightly.

The third step is how far away.

Admittedly, Jingxing Xuan can break through the search for truth in a short period of time, and the speed of improvement is very fast, but it takes a long time to gain insight into the realm of heaven, not to mention finding a clueless plane in the upper universe is simply Needle in a haystack.


Jun Chang smiled and thought of something, and said, "I have a warship previously committed by the Astral Realm. I can ignore the realm to cross the upper universe, and the Lord of the Palace can follow it. If you are lucky, you may find it."

"Okay," said Jingjing Xuan.

Seeing her agreeing so readily, Jun Chang smiled a little. UU reading books www.

Bian Jingxuan lowered her head, holding the corner of her clothes, and said, "I rejected your invitation at that time. I did not rise to the upper world together, and I will never refuse it again."

"I go!"

Su Xiaomo, who overheared her ears, exclaimed: "This is tantamount to confession to the lord!"

"okay then."

Jun Chang laughed and said, "I will inform you when I set off, and then I can come to Wan Gu Zong to meet."


Xi Jingxuan nodded, a smile appeared on her face.

Jun Chang raised his hand with a smile, glanced at the labor soil, and arched his hand, "It's not too early. I'll take my disciples back to the Zongmen, and the palace master, leave!"


Su Xiaomo spit out blood.

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