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The Strongest Sect of All Times (Eternal Strongest Sect)

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Novel Summary

This novel is also known as Eternal Strongest Sect

This is a story about developing a sect, this is a warm and joyful home.

Not only we have a funny Patriarch, there are also a group of weird disciples with very different personalities.

Come on, youngsters.

Join our sect and together we will let your dreams fly!

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Short Title:ESS
Alternate Title:万古最强宗 / Eternal Strongest Sect
Author:Goodbye Jianghu
Weekly Rank:#325
Monthly Rank:#356
All Time Rank:#558
Tags:Adapted to Manga, Cheats, Comedic Undertone, Fast Cultivation, Late Romance, Male Protagonist, Master-Disciple Relationship, Overpowered Protagonist, Parody, Pets, Sect Development, Shameless Protagonist, Slow Romance, System, System Administrator, Transmigration, Weak to Strong,
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35 Comments on “The Strongest Sect of All Times
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  1. realllllyyy...?? do u know which chap the manhwa ended..? i mean which chapter in the novel is chapter 141 in the manhwa?

  2. Can i know who is the ML wife? I have been curious about that..Really wnt to know who the wife is bfore continue reading this novel..

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