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The Strongest Reincarnation Boss

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Traveling to the mysterious world coincides with a weird eruption.

Lu Fan, who was planning to stay home, suddenly discovered that four reincarnation actors had come to his home, and even his dear wife had been replaced.

Only then did he understand that he turned out to be an NPC in the reincarnation world, a dragon set specially used to give missions to reincarnation actors! ! !

How can this make him tolerate! ! !

PS: This is an inspirational story of being forced to become a reincarnation actor, and going further and further on the road of actors, eventually becoming the strongest reincarnation actor.

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Short Title:TSRB
Alternate Title:最强轮回大佬
Author:Shadow tea
Weekly Rank:#2456
Monthly Rank:#2207
All Time Rank:#3944
Tags:Comedic Undertone, Harem, Lack of Common Sense, Multiple Identities, Overpowered Protagonist, Pregnancy, System, Transmigration,
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17 Comments on “The Strongest Reincarnation Boss
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  1. To enjoy this novel please remember the following/=/ 1. It has too much nonsense, that's why it is good /=/ 2. MC has a cheat but he is not like a 'i got godly immortal system cheat i'll slap faces and kill buddha yada yada'. He is more of a lazy bum, go with the flow because there is a rule in the story that if you question the nonsensical things that happen in the world the mc attracts more attention from the End Game boss./=/ 3. Horror is mostly deconstructed, this story is making fun of 'infinity' plot. /=/ 4. The MC is cursed to be a 'dragon set' aka stuntman/side character. He changes identities every time he encounters a horror story./=/ tldr: it has too much nonsense so digest it slowly

  2. Good story until author added Time Travel shit to it. Then it just became a mess. To give you a perspective:- MC transmigrates to a city which is used as a movie city for low tier movies by 1) REINCARNATION STUDIO 2) PURGATORY TRAIN 3) SAMASARA BUS 4) REINCARNATION CRUISE 5) REINCARNATION PLANE And this city is also used as Novice Village for REINCARNATION PARADISE VR Game. MC transmigrates there as an indigenous NPC. While other NPCs forget their memories after movies finishes MC remembers them. It's just after every movie he performs as NPC his identity will change. Well he mainly changes his identity between being Husband of one of the Three NPC sisters(later they get their memory back and learn that all 3 of them have same husband). After finishing a movie he find out that he has a daughter. MC thought it's a NPC that system arrenged for him but after doing a DNA test found that He is actually her biological father. Later he learns that the NPC wife system arrenged for him then didn't gave birth to her but had a miscarriage so she picked her from an alley. Then some chapters later MC learns that one of the 3 NPC SISTERS(his wives) gave birth to his daughter when she was playing a character in a movie where she traveled back in time( yeah. All 3 NPC sisters became movie acters. That's how they got their memory back.). Fearing the enemy chasing her she left her daughter in the alley where MC's SYSTEM arrenged wife picked her up after miscarriage. Then after many chapters we find that the 3 NPC SISTERS have another Cousin (maybe I am wrong about the identity here. So much confusion that I just skipped chapters without intersting title) who is actually MC's daughter's biological mother. When she gave birth to MC's daughter(LU MENG), a REINCARNATION STUDIO's recruitment notice fell into MC's daughter's hand. Right then the NPC SISTER WIFE who gave birth fainted for couple minutes. She gave birth to a cursed item which for fear of enemy chasing sank back into her. Right at that moment Lu Meng who accidentally touched the recruitment notice just after being born got transported to the side of NPC SISTER WIFE(SU SHIYAN I THINK). When SHIYAN woke up she found Lu Meng beside her and thought She gave birth to Lu Meng.

  3. If you've read Terror Infinity, or those horror novels that have ordinary people take part in various dangerous situations as "actors", you'll quickly recognize this type of novels. However, the mc in this novel isn't really an actor, but more like an npc in the Underworld. From time to time, he'd lose his previous identity, as in no one can remember it anymore, and get randomly assigned a completely new one that usually has something to do with the movies normal "actors" have to participate in. It's quite funny because how overpowered the mc is, and he wouldn't play according to the plot and change the "movies'" settings drastically.

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