The Strongest Player: Infinite Future

After watching the retired match of the Black Mamba, Yu Huo won it. He inherited the mantle of the Black Mamba and re-led the purple and gold army to the top..... Read more

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Chapter 719 Offseason trade, James goes to the Spurs! Chapter 718 Melon refused to join the Lakers! Chapter 717 One day tour of the video game city, Yu Huo Kobe defeated the old man!

Chapter 716 Brother Huo, let the boss go! Chapter 715 Kobe's "microservice private visit" Chapter 714 James wants to choose a good coach Chapter 713 Rivers! Really legendary coach! Chapter 712 Lao Zhan, where are you going next year Chapter 711 Can bullfights fight like this? Three free throw line dunks! Chapter 710 Dwyane, who are you brother? Chapter 709 End Paul's winning streak! Chapter 708 So the question is, who is the master of the ball!

Chapter 707 Lady, undress me! Chapter 706 Flash vscp3! Chapter 705 Fan proposal: Five people bullfight!

Chapter 704 Bloodbath street basketball player Chapter 703 Add a group, none of the five of us are good at it Chapter 702 On vacation, meet the banana boat brothers Chapter 701 Full ticket mvp! Chapter 700 Dayao has been in for a while! Chapter 699 The new season is over, see you in October! Chapter 698 Yu Huo: I want to add two more members to my mvp trophies Chapter 697 mvp! Yu Huo! Chapter 696 The best moments of the season, the Lakers swept 4 items!

Chapter 695 Mitchell's Declaration of Challenge Chapter 694 The Lakers won the best general manager and best coach again Chapter 693 Yu Huo accepted the award on behalf of Dayao, stunned the audience Chapter 692 Dayao is shortlisted for dopy! Chapter 691 Mitchell's Declaration of Challenge Chapter 690 The award ceremony begins Chapter 689 2018 awards ceremony! Chapter 688 Two big fish in the offseason! Chapter 687 Discuss signings Chapter 686 Kupchak: This top-salary contract must be signed today for whatever you say! Chapter 685 [Veteran's second spring halo]! Chapter 684 Yu Huo! The first person in the league!

Chapter 683 Regret for the playoffs? Did not fight Tianwang Mountain and tiebreaker Chapter 682 Why did you sign Dayao? intuition. Chapter 681 Win the championship! Win the championship! Chapter 680 Bill Russell: Go and create your time! Chapter 679 Lakers championship! Thanks across time and space! Chapter 678 Slam dunk! High five with Mamba! Boss, did you see it! Chapter 677 Nail board...little cap Chapter 676 Response tactics? I fire singles! Chapter 675 Zhan Huang exerts his strength, the Lakers are in danger Chapter 674 At the end of the third quarter, it was tied again! Chapter 673 The knight archer who finally awakened! Chapter 672 Continuous fast break, fierce battle

Chapter 671 Dayao buckle James! Anger cut 2+1! Chapter 670 James Yuhuo both eat t? Chapter 669 After the first quarter, one point difference Chapter 668 Dayao committed two offenses, UAE broke out Chapter 667 In order not to be fouled, it was too hard! Chapter 666 See also 3% win rate Chapter 665 g4! James opened 2+1! Chapter 664 Thanks, brother Chapter 663 Let the players take care of things up and down the court Chapter 662 I’m not targeting anyone, I’m saying everyone here is rubbish Chapter 661 Are you worthy of the fishing laugh runner-up? Chapter 660 Take down g3! Lakers 3:0 Cavaliers!

Chapter 659 Kyushu country f4 fit! Chapter 658 Double-edged sword tactics Chapter 657 Tactical Demon Tylen Lue Chapter 656 Ingram's consecutive strikes Chapter 655 Mars hit the earth! Yu Huo James is on Biao! Chapter 654 James's pupil of death Chapter 653 jr shocked the sky to pick up, Jeremy Lin rushed to buzzer in 7 seconds Chapter 652 Veteran's battlefield Chapter 651 Halfway through the third quarter, the game is stalemate Chapter 650 Today is the three males of Kyushu! Chapter 649 The predecessors led the team to withstand the pressure, and the descendants came up with a 3+1! Chapter 648 Score 10 points in a row! It's been a long time, I'm crazy!

Chapter 647 Lin crazy again? Chapter 646 Rehat James Chapter 645 Teacher Wang Meng, did your math teacher die early? Chapter 644 g3, start a fight for iron? Chapter 643 Barkley: The Cavaliers will reverse to win the championship! Cavaliers fans: Shut up! Chapter 642 Yu Huo and Dayao are too bad Chapter 641 Dream back to 07-08! Dayao deliberately missed a penalty! Chapter 640 Are you going to steal me? I'll steal myself first! Chapter 639 Three Heroes of Kyushu Fighting Emperor Zhan Chapter 638 Zhan Huang wants to take over the game? Chapter 637 Actual 360-degree windmill dunk? ! Chapter 636 Kyushu Big Brother Yilian

Chapter 635 Tie at halftime, but the suspense remains Chapter 634 Rush a quarter, lead by 5 points Chapter 633 Starting advantage, the Lakers' morale is soaring Chapter 632 Lakers vs Cavaliers! g2 open Chapter 631 I don’t know how to start the title, it’s the Lakers championship. Chapter 630 Yu Huo quasi lore! The Lakers beat the Cavaliers by 2 points! Chapter 629 This ball is pretty nice Chapter 628 Zhan Fawei Chapter 627 The score is biting, the decisive battle begins Chapter 626 The Cavaliers three-point rain, Yu Huo opened the situation Chapter 625 Halftime change Chapter 624 This is the height of Kyushu

Chapter 623 Fairies fight! Chapter 622 Self-throwing and self-deduction, to resolve the deadlock Chapter 621 Don't pretend, Wade will laugh Chapter 620 The rose is still blooming? Yes, last year, not this year! Chapter 619 Opening deduction! James as the background board Chapter 618 Watch the finals, and there will be a dunk contest! Chapter 617 Rush! Ride the lake and gather again for the finals! Chapter 616 It’s my failure to hit the lore Chapter 615 12 three-pointers + lore! Lakers swept the Warriors Chapter 614 Durant's Chinese characters all popped out! Chapter 613 11 three-point record in the playoffs, can it be broken! Chapter 612 Curry carrying the dynamite bag

Chapter 611 28 points big reversal! Lakers 3:0 Warriors Chapter 610 Bloodshed! You are just this kind of player Chapter 609 Tied! Oracle Arena panicked Chapter 608 Buddha? Today Tathagata came in person and I also beat him up! Chapter 607 Let me hear more of your wailing! Chapter 606 Counterattack Cousins, Buddha Thompson Chapter 605 Warriors fans: Is this banner wrong? Chapter 604 When did Yu Huo break the record? Chapter 603 Overtime fierce battle, the lore of the lore king! Chapter 602 The Warriors dragged into overtime, this wave is not a loss? Chapter 601 Green got black feet, and Old Joe came forward! Chapter 600 Durant broke out! You, always drop God, Yu Huo!

Chapter 599 30 points and 20 assists! Chapter 598 Suddenly understand James' happiness Chapter 597 The average age of the three of them is 38.7 years old! Chapter 596 The veteran's waste heat, the Eagle King reappears Chapter 595 Yu Huo admits counseling? Hidden knife in the smile! Chapter 594 Raiders bald Mamba! Take down g1! Chapter 593 The sixth man late Chapter 592 Are you unreasonable? Yu Huo is never reasonable! Chapter 591 Are you going to be shaken? 5 missing 1! Chapter 590 Zhang Weiping: What am I talking about? Chapter 589 Can jumping ball be distracted? Really dumb Chapter 588 A backhand wave of cultural invasion, oh no, Sino-foreign exchanges

Chapter 587 Durant also came to talk Chapter 586 James sprays trash talk Chapter 585 The situation of the parties Chapter 584 Sweep the jazz, Kobe likes Chapter 583 Absolutely! kill! Chapter 582 Double 50! The battle between two rookies! Chapter 581 A tense situation! Yu Huo dazzled Mitchell! Chapter 580 Talent showdown! Scary rookies Chapter 579 Two consecutive victories came to the match point! Chapter 578 1v5 win a goal Chapter 577 Center showdown! Dayao suppresses Gobert Chapter 576 Fight against the Jazz! The battle for Kobe's heirs!

Chapter 575 Clock in off work Chapter 574 What is 39 points called progress? Chapter 573 Once a year, bullfight with Kobe! Chapter 572 No. 1 in history, ranking, mysterious phone Chapter 571 This ball-mvp scoring history record! Chapter 570 I, Yu Huo, realized Chapter 569 Heart attack Chapter 568 Slow opening? nonexistent Chapter 567 I said, the Lakers championship Chapter 566 It's a glorious defeat? Chapter 565 73 wins! At the home of the Warriors! Chapter 564 The third 70 wins in history!

Chapter 563 Come back! The fourth ten consecutive victories! Chapter 562 Trouble! Possess Pachulia! Chapter 561 Chasing records? Yes, but not necessary Chapter 560 41 points at halftime! Chapter 559 New system? Mamba mental system! Chapter 558 Be a basketball player in the next life Chapter 557 From the beginning... Chapter 556 There is a spirit called Mamba spirit Chapter 555 Despicable system Chapter 554 The first game, 11:0! Chapter 553 Come on, basketball solve Chapter 552 This is not Pachulia!

Chapter 551 All staff health card Chapter 550 Unexpected haze Chapter 549 Thank u! Boss! Chapter 548 The eyes are full of Kobe when he was young Chapter 547 Curry's two nightmares Chapter 546 The Giant of the East-Dayao! Chapter 545 Bullfighting contest! Yu Huo's formation Chapter 544 I should do my best to perform with you Chapter 543 This All-Star is so good Chapter 542 Yu Huo, professional level 10 English translation Chapter 541 What's your dunk? It's mine in my hands! Chapter 540 Learn Carter's sword to refer to Kobe? You point to me first

Chapter 539 I also use it by the way Chapter 538 The legend of brother still circulates in the rivers and lakes Chapter 537 Who else is not convinced? Chapter 536 I give you this 0 point, it is justified! Chapter 535 The guy who is rare in a century Chapter 534 New Skills Challenge Chapter 533 Shura Field Ah Shura Field Chapter 532 Angry rookies Chapter 531 All-stars want to disturb my interest Chapter 530 First in history-steal four pairs of blocks! Chapter 529 Three pairs of blocks Chapter 528 Spring Supper, one night, sleepless

Chapter 527 I think we can go one step further Chapter 526 Kobe's... assists? Chapter 525 Valentine's Day again Chapter 524 One meal operation, UAE is on top! Chapter 523 All-star lineup released Chapter 522 The trade deadline, the Lakers' reinforcement Chapter 521 Uzbek's comeback is to be aggressive! Chapter 520 I'm such a good person Chapter 519 As Pope hits, the game becomes dull Chapter 518 【Bounce】max! Hanging arm tomahawk dunk! Chapter 517 Veteran leaderboard Chapter 516 Pope's Law

Chapter 515 Our goal is the championship Chapter 514 27 consecutive victories! The sword refers to the longest winning streak? ! Chapter 513 All-star comprehensive reform Chapter 512 The first-round ticket king is released, Kobe's expectations Chapter 511 That number-24 consecutive victories! Chapter 510 2018 first battle Chapter 509 Best of the month Chapter 508 Beard foul Chapter 507 Just because I took a look in the crowd Chapter 506 The inside line was blown up again! Chapter 505 20-game winning streak Chapter 504 Keep your good brother

Chapter 503 James wants to invest in a lo-mei shop? Chapter 502 Lao Zhan said no, but his body... Chapter 501 Turtle, is this the life of the rich... Chapter 500 Take over the game Chapter 499 The old man chats and goes crazy Chapter 498 Yu Huo and Rose duel Chapter 497 It's the first in the two leagues Chapter 496 Zero to zero? Chapter 495 James' bet Chapter 494 If you don't shoot, you will never score Chapter 493 Blindness does not affect my death Chapter 492 Blind mamba?

Chapter 491 Only basketball will not betray you Chapter 490 What is the picture? Only picture love Chapter 489 Uncle Drew is coming Chapter 488 Brother Huo, you seem to have exposed something... Chapter 487 Falling leaves could not be better Chapter 486 Death button! Chapter 485 Return to Toronto, Carter dreams back to the top Chapter 484 Fire Mamba! Chapter 483 More fire on the 24th! Chapter 482 mabam,come_back! Chapter 481 mabam,out Chapter 480 The last night of Lakers 8

Chapter 479 It's still here, the day when Kobe's jersey retires Chapter 478 Money and honor, Rose's choice Chapter 477 Rose is coming back! Chapter 476 Lin crazy is coming! Career scoring record high! Chapter 475 Let your son go Chapter 474 Ball daddy: Yu Huo is not as good as my son Chapter 473 Second ten-game winning streak of the season Chapter 472 5 championships, 2 fmvp, 1 mvp Chapter 471 Double happiness Chapter 470 The effect is immediate Chapter 469 Say goodbye to your past self Chapter 468 It's alive and conquered!

Chapter 467 This is it? Chapter 466 nba finale? Chapter 465 Cousins' decision Chapter 464 Long-lost conflict Chapter 463 After 11 years, Dayao won the best of the week again Chapter 462 I'll buy a donkey to send O'Neill Chapter 461 Dayao? Terrible! Chapter 460 Barkley cried! Chapter 459 Dayao breaks career scoring record Chapter 458 Mutual explosion Chapter 457 Yu Huo's plan Chapter 456 "Great Demon King" Shuki

Chapter 455 Huh! Really dare to vote? Chapter 454 The ball finished very wonderful Chapter 453 Kobe and McGrady are there Chapter 452 The enemy is... a small expert who robs the rich and helps the poor? Chapter 451 Did you play Mamba? Chapter 450 Beyond! 13 consecutive victories! Chapter 449 Owen, you don't know the blessing in the blessing Chapter 448 Leading when lagging behind, multiplying the lead ten times Chapter 447 Who is leading by 12 points? Chapter 446 Mamba Chapter 445 Still too tender Chapter 444 Kuzma's transformation

Chapter 443 Fate, yellow-green war! Chapter 442 Playing 3v3 with old seniors Chapter 441 Championship and MVP odds list Chapter 440 Unbeaten in a single month again Chapter 439 Yu Huo is the first person in the league Chapter 438 Don’t provoke anger, neither should his teammates Chapter 437 I will deduct it for you Chapter 436 The tacit understanding of the Lakers Chapter 435 Four-game winning streak Chapter 434 The Lakers are too strong inside Chapter 433 Play against the Clippers, Yao Big Hat Griffin Chapter 432 Buckley is here again

Chapter 431 Dayao's new contract Chapter 430 End of preseason Chapter 429 Yao made his debut, dominating both offense and defense Chapter 428 Regulating Master Yu Huo Chapter 427 Return to Los Angeles Chapter 426 Injury roll thick halo Chapter 425 Los Angeles Kyushu National Team Chapter 424 Hurry up and sign this big guy Chapter 423 Uncle Drew's Table Chapter 422 Dayao's recovery Chapter 421 The Great Prophet Yu Huo Chapter 420 Fight again, Dayao

Chapter 419 Pinnacle group? I do not like Chapter 418 bad news Chapter 417 Dunk on the Great Wall Chapter 416 Who does the bodyguard hired by the star guard against? Chapter 415 I plucked your tongue Chapter 414 Airport conflict Chapter 413 Pick-up and marriage urging Chapter 412 Three cards Chapter 411 Welcome to nba Chapter 410 Draft Chapter 409 Encounter Uncle Drew Chapter 408 Eight-year contract of 100 million yuan

Chapter 407 Ooguanhai's praise Chapter 406 The enemy of the enemy is a friend? Chapter 405 Best lineup and mvp votes Chapter 404 MVP Grand Slam Chapter 403 Say again the acceptance speech Chapter 402 Finale-mvp announced Chapter 401 Yu Huo should be the best general manager Chapter 400 Won another 5 awards Chapter 399 Best rookie and best background Chapter 398 Best Dressed Award Chapter 397 Just get married early Chapter 396 Yu Huo's shoulder

Chapter 395 Both husband and wife hold the crown Chapter 394 The system doesn’t know what to reward Chapter 393 Live sleep Chapter 392 Inventory of tnt Tian Tuan Chapter 391 Too many uncrowned kings Chapter 390 Encounter Paul Chapter 389 Free 200,000 sets of champion suits Chapter 388 Fairy Days and Live Disturbances Chapter 387 Staples' Champagne Chapter 386 The hero is crowned Chapter 385 This crown, how many people realize their dreams Chapter 384 The moment of awarding the trophy

Chapter 383 Kobe became president of the league? ! Chapter 382 kobe,this_is_for_you! Chapter 381 The end of three overtime! Aim for the championship! Chapter 380 Defend the double overtime! I will definitely be able to invest! Chapter 379 Vince Carter Chapter 378 Fight hard over time, the outcome is still on standby Chapter 377 Forever rose, the savior of one-footed free throw Chapter 376 Belated meniscus tear Chapter 375 There are three more [Lore Killers] Chapter 374 Never underestimate the heart of a championship Chapter 373 Only an outbreak can continue Chapter 372 A slam dunk feast

Chapter 371 The first quarter of tiebreaker: the tranquility before the storm Chapter 370 Los Angeles Airport at 4 AM Chapter 369 This_is_for_you Chapter 368 The power of true fans Chapter 367 We want tiebreaker Chapter 366 Death Five Old vs Death Five Little Chapter 365 I have to learn Mandarin after watching nba Chapter 364 I'm bald and stronger Chapter 363 Live shave Chapter 362 Just a little bit short Chapter 361 The Lakers want to break their dreams? Chapter 360 The troubles of the strong

Chapter 359 Quasi lore and anti lore Chapter 358 The third quarter of the fierce battle Chapter 357 Defensive battle Chapter 356 The opportunity to fight is the best gift of destiny Chapter 355 Competitive sportsmanship Chapter 354 No miracles Chapter 353 What it's like to be a three-pointer at halftime Chapter 352 It's all t-shirts to blame Chapter 351 g3 starts! The first person in the league Chapter 350 Hot on Twitter Chapter 349 Mystery gift Chapter 348 Kill the heart! Win g2

Chapter 347 Three-point rain smashes the knight Chapter 346 The difference between James and Kobe Chapter 345 Start Chapter 344 It's been a long time, the youngest mvp Chapter 343 Sprinkle dog food at the ends of the world Chapter 342 The battle is fierce, and the buzzer is three points to stabilize the position Chapter 341 Lakers double guns detonated the audience Chapter 340 Roses bloom in time Chapter 339 g2 start, fall back and dunk Chapter 338 g2 looks ahead, Caijing is here again Chapter 337 Lucky Boy Yu Huo Chapter 336 The power of idols

Chapter 335 Win, record, core Chapter 334 Decisive moment Chapter 333 Break through 50 points Chapter 332 Weapon exchange-offense and organization Chapter 331 James' problem Chapter 330 Double-teaming and breaking double-teaming Chapter 329 Second in history at halftime Chapter 328 Layup is easy, but it's hard not to be chased Chapter 327 Finals-level defense Chapter 326 The finals kicked off Chapter 325 Xiao Hua dismisses get out of class, the referee's incident is cold and cold Chapter 324 Watching the game is both a replay, dialysis of Qikai G5

Chapter 323 Wild field live broadcast, joy into the segment Chapter 322 Chasing Egg Forest Twitter barking, Yu Huo strength protects fans Chapter 321 Day of celebration Chapter 320 The weight of the Western Championship trophy Chapter 319 We refuse to tie-break Chapter 318 We refuse to tie-break Chapter 317 ufo reproduction Chapter 316 Ingram is not bad Chapter 315 No one else would let Greene go? Chapter 314 Durant is unstable Chapter 313 Caruso Chapter 312 You think it over before you judge

Chapter 311 Smell inside Chapter 310 This referee won't be a demon today, right Chapter 309 nba high-level meeting Chapter 308 Event magnifying card Chapter 307 Awards and referee reports Chapter 306 The referee on the cusp Chapter 305 Do I have any seeds? Chapter 304 Maka Chapter 303 What is the use of records? Chapter 302 The Eye of Death Chapter 301 One-third of the rain Chapter 300 Desperate

Chapter 299 The referee makes another move Chapter 298 Consecutive steals Chapter 297 To use basketball to solve Chapter 296 Home whistle Chapter 295 NBA Caijing, you still come? Chapter 294 Just ask Kobe for takeaway? ! Chapter 293 Kobe is here! Chapter 292 Sneaking in Chapter 291 Ssangyong of Kyushu that shocked the alliance Chapter 290 The end of domination Chapter 289 Is this playing rugby? Chapter 288 Malicious foul conflict

Chapter 287 Green wants to kick the egg again Chapter 286 UAE breaks out Chapter 285 Tenacious rebounder Chapter 284 NBA Caijing's prediction Chapter 283 Home defeat Chapter 282 time out Chapter 281 Physical crisis Chapter 280 A wave of warriors Chapter 279 nba is a place where a miracle was born Chapter 278 Win g1 Chapter 277 [Master of rhythm], terrifying Chapter 276 Today's Yu Huo is really full of vitality

Chapter 275 Single Pole Tactics Chapter 274 Double stamina card Chapter 273 Hu Yong double transformation Chapter 272 Invisible brain supplement is the deadliest Chapter 271 Human Confusion Award Chapter 270 And the top ten **** every week to grab hits Chapter 269 New tactics against the warriors Chapter 268 Talent Awakening: [Rhythm Master] Chapter 267 Do you guys come up with these questions? Chapter 266 The future is mine, and it is also now Chapter 265 reverse! Two notes 3+1! Chapter 264 Coach, let me go

Chapter 263 Veteran is not dead Chapter 262 Imitating the emperor's new work Chapter 261 Lore blocked, and then "lore" by Cousins Chapter 260 Leonard's facial paralysis was cured Chapter 259 Yu Huo is crazy Chapter 258 Dunk feast, dimensionality reduction blow Chapter 257 Free throws interfere with Dafa Chapter 256 Some people tell the truth like they are pretending to be coercive Chapter 255 Win g2 Chapter 254 Offensive, diving and nail board caps Chapter 253 Take over the game Chapter 252 Would rather be a health mamba? !

Chapter 251 Bald Mamba Caruso Chapter 250 Is this guarded or not guarded? Chapter 249 Bilingual anchor Yu Huo Chapter 248 This ball should be hit like this Chapter 247 Three minutes of rain! Break the single game record of the playoffs Chapter 246 Battle against the Spurs, defensive battle Chapter 245 Sweep it next time! Chapter 244 Four consecutive cities Chapter 243 Lustful rebirth Chapter 242 Black Mamba's way of education Chapter 241 Bullfighting for the first time in a year Chapter 240 Kobe is here for the Lakers’ crisis

Chapter 239 The playoffs are coming Chapter 238 After 8 years, another 60 wins Chapter 237 Frustrated and strengthened again Chapter 236 Victory in February Chapter 235 The way to the future Chapter 234 Yu Huo's problem Chapter 233 Lost shoes Chapter 232 The final vote king Chapter 231 Yu Huo has a new proposal Chapter 230 Eye defense Chapter 229 All-Star Lakers Chapter 228 All-stars with real guns and swords

Chapter 227 The awkward dance before the race Chapter 226 Changed the destiny of Kun Kun! Chapter 225 Yu Huo joins the war Chapter 224 Chicken you are so beautiful Chapter 223 Dine with Kobe's family Chapter 222 Help Kobe make up for regrets Chapter 221 Two full marks deduction Chapter 220 Two titles over Jordan Chapter 219 One title over Kobe Chapter 218 Cousins: I'm not playing anymore! Chapter 217 Handsome playful flower Chapter 216 Really kill

Chapter 215 No exhibition match Chapter 214 "Gan" Russell as the Green Leaf Chapter 213 All-Star Masters Fun Facts Chapter 212 Children make choices Chapter 211 Cake Face Night Chapter 210 Uninvited guest in the locker room Chapter 209 The future is yours Chapter 208 Desperate Demon Sword Chapter 207 Anticipation Chapter 206 Tony Parker Chapter 205 Cousins' instruction manual Chapter 204 Original Cousins

Chapter 203 Valentine's Day Chapter 202 Change the rules for Yuhuo Chapter 201 Can only say: Lakers championship Chapter 200 Tame Cousins Chapter 199 Cousins, the mindless and unhappy Chapter 198 Cousins ​​is coming Chapter 197 Trading deadline is approaching Chapter 196 There are many geniuses, but there is only one champion Chapter 195 The big prophet couple Chapter 194 Warriors collapsed Chapter 193 Full black mamba Chapter 192 Yu Huo, you are a real dish

Chapter 191 The live broadcast tricked the dog in to kill Chapter 190 This is the top traffic Chapter 189 Ross ATM Chapter 188 The warriors lose the pot of the trouble? Chapter 187 Is there a miracle? Chapter 186 Three British Battle Rand Chapter 185 Have you ever eaten Xiang? Chapter 184 Kefan's Prophecy Chapter 183 Gifts of roses, hand left lingering fragrance Chapter 182 Ban him Chapter 181 Can you give teammates skills? Chapter 180 The incredible Caruso

Chapter 179 Going bald is a dunk Chapter 178 This rose is so fragrant Chapter 177 Oracle Arena again Chapter 176 Successful transaction Ross arrives Chapter 175 I'm one centimeter away from death Chapter 174 Anthony Chapter 173 Yu Huo's assist Chapter 172 Small abacus Chapter 171 The league's strongest butt Chapter 170 Encounter an ex-girlfriend Chapter 169 Bogut Chapter 168 Lessons from Bogut

Chapter 167 Bald Mamba and Windy City Rose Chapter 166 So it's real in 2k Chapter 165 Lakers problem Chapter 164 Lost Russell Chapter 163 The scene of that night Chapter 162 Girlfriend to take home to mom Chapter 161 Permutation and combination of super **** data Chapter 160 Treasure Boy Yu Huo Chapter 159 Emperor Yan and Shafen Chapter 158 Emperor Yan and Sao Paulo Chapter 157 Silly and Sao Paulo Chapter 156 Both couples can fight like this

Chapter 155 Buff from girlfriend Chapter 154 Kiss smash Chapter 153 The Christmas War kicks off, the mysterious guest Chapter 152 Christmas Eve Chapter 151 Slam dunk contest preview Chapter 150 Huo Mi went to war without a single inch of grass Chapter 149 News Big Bang Chapter 148 Lillard's rap talent Chapter 147 Find the fault rap singer Chapter 146 Hung up Chapter 145 Miami's targeting Chapter 144 Watch the women's volleyball team

Chapter 143 One step closer to Kobe Chapter 142 "Forcing the King" Chapter 141 As fast as the flash Chapter 140 Stray step Chapter 139 Zhu Ting's plan Chapter 138 Spread the anger on the Bucks Chapter 137 mvp list and "intimate photos" Chapter 136 Bloodbath Mitchell Chapter 135 Feed a mvp girl Chapter 134 Streetball game with sister Chapter 133 Encounter the Bucks boss daughter Chapter 132 This is just an ordinary regular season

Chapter 131 Last 6 seconds Chapter 130 Rehearsal of the finals, the ultimate offensive and defensive Chapter 129 Raiders Chapter 128 One fire and four towers Chapter 127 One and four shots Chapter 126 Spiritual Leader Halo Chapter 125 Nervous Knife Chapter 124 The first player in the alliance Chapter 123 Twitter war Chapter 122 Develop new skills Chapter 121 Beach Volleyball Chapter 120 You guys are in a match and I am dating, oooooooo!

Chapter 119 One night in Hawaii Chapter 118 Confession Chapter 117 Paid vacation Chapter 116 Dialogue with James Chapter 115 conflict! Wing Chun shows its power! Chapter 114 Vent for Nick Chapter 113 Want to give Yu Huo some color? Chapter 112 Come back home Chapter 111 The first huge sum-20 million! Chapter 110 mvp prediction list third Chapter 109 There is only one kind of fire honey in the world Chapter 108 Yu Huo's true strength

Chapter 107 Harden's true strength Chapter 106 Touch porcelain? Yu Huo back hand defense Chapter 105 See tricks Chapter 104 Play against the mosaic, start the game Chapter 103 Two-game losing streak and Kobe's guidance Chapter 102 The distance to Kobe-ability value control Chapter 101 Best of the month and ten best **** of the month Chapter 100 Ten consecutive victories! Kobe, please eat! Chapter 99 Step on Bogut and "punch" Lillard Chapter 98 I'll show it to you Chapter 97 nba propaganda planner finds door Chapter 96 Emperor Yan

Chapter 95 Clearing and bathing Chapter 94 this_is_why_we_play Chapter 93 Kill the game Chapter 92 Crazy match Chapter 91 Rayuhuo to play volleyball? Chapter 90 Yu Huo fights two emperors Chapter 89 Can you be my girlfriend Chapter 88 Invite the entire women's volleyball team to dinner Chapter 87 Star whistle Chapter 86 Have you seen an assist who averaged 39 points per game? Chapter 85 A good opportunity to show sincerity Chapter 84 World Famous Paintings: Yu Huo & Zhang Changning

Chapter 83 Meet Zhang Changning for dinner Chapter 82 Challenge missions and 38 points in a single period! Chapter 81 I thought it was Zhu Ting, but it turned out to be Zhang Changning! Chapter 80 Yu Huo arranges tactics and meets the women's volleyball girls again Chapter 79 Midfield game, hit logo_shot Chapter 78 Mina airborne to Los Angeles, the eve of the break Chapter 77 Can you see that I am a systematic traverser? ! Chapter 76 The coward is still a hero Chapter 75 Four in a row back to back, watching him dunk to increase his physical strength? Chapter 74 The third game of four consecutive away, reappearing Kobe's lever back buckle Chapter 73 The second game of four consecutive away, lore the Grizzlies Chapter 72 I owe one after ten cakes

Chapter 71 Fast break the enemy, Yu Huo's celebration Chapter 70 Goebel, the mysterious power that came to the east Chapter 69 Play against the Jazz and shut up at home Chapter 68 The funniest joke this year? Chapter 67 One pick, three hangs, three people Chapter 66 Look down on people from Kyushu? You do not deserve Chapter 65 Encountered Redick, "Hey, let me add a group" Chapter 64 Kardashian touches porcelain? Yu Huo is angry Chapter 63 Kobe's call and small goal Chapter 62 First victory Chapter 61 Re-engraving of Kobe's classic scene Chapter 60 New faith, Zhang Weiping blows the fire

Chapter 59 Hit harden Chapter 58 Lean back and picturesque Chapter 57 Opener! Play against the mosaic team Chapter 56 Woman... Chapter 55 Fright Night Kardashian Chapter 54 Encountered a drunk... Chapter 53 Press conference Chapter 52 Ace vs. Ace (Part 2) Chapter 51 Ace vs. Ace (Part 1) Chapter 50 The first coax teammates Chapter 49 Yuhuo full firepower Chapter 48 Kyushu Kingdom True Dragon

Chapter 47 Galaxy lakers Chapter 46 Slap in the face Chapter 45 Battle against the Warriors, the opening cap library Chapter 44 Preparing for the preseason Chapter 43 Yu Huo and Volleyball Chapter 42 Good time in hawaii Chapter 41 A contract with an annual salary of 900,000 yuan Chapter 40 I want to be a pure basketball player Chapter 39 Summer League ends Chapter 38 If only love were that simple Chapter 37 LeBron Chapter 36 Encounter NBA Model Couple

Chapter 35 Dating and kiss Chapter 34 Yu Huo's choice Chapter 33 News and sister paper Chapter 32 He is the core and cornerstone of the team Chapter 31 The flag has to be paid back Chapter 30 fffffflag Chapter 29 Bullying and fearing hardship Embiid Chapter 28 The future is coming Chapter 27 Let us surprise them Chapter 26 gap Chapter 25 Yu Huo and Ingram's test Chapter 24 Vs. 76ers

Chapter 23 The "dating" that has been disturbed Chapter 22 Encounter Mina Chapter 21 Am I really inferior to him? Chapter 20 He is still a kid Chapter 19 I didn't lie either Chapter 18 Double star connection, air relay Chapter 17 One's own power Chapter 16 Summer league opener Chapter 15 Win Chapter 14 This Kyushu countryman is really strong Chapter 13 Get one point first Chapter 12 Encounter the champion

Chapter 11 Picked by the Lakers Chapter 10 Scouting report Chapter 9 Lakers' trial invitation Chapter 8 Los Angeles at 4 AM Chapter 7 Bullfight with Kobe Chapter 6 Can you meet Kobe? Chapter 5 Buckle Chapter 4 Broken leg Chapter 3 Roommate finds the difference Chapter 2 Kobe template Chapter 1 Watch Kobe's last performance

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