Yu Huo's hometown, Tianfu, Southwest, July 4th.

It has been a week since Yu Huo took Zhang Changning and his mother Li Ya home. The three of them first visited Zhang Changning's house as guests for two days and met with his "old husband" and "mother-in-law".

Zhang Changning's parents are very satisfied with Yu Huo, because his son-in-law and daughter are both athletes, they will definitely be more caring and understanding of each other.

As for the relationship status of the two, the two elderly people can also know from the news reports-Yu Huo is now a person who can be searched for every move.

Yu Huo and Zhang Changning have also been together for almost two years. Although they are basically in a long-distance relationship, the feeling of hitting it off with each other is constantly heating up.

Otherwise, how could Zhang Changning break his "vow" ahead of time and take the initiative to go further with Yu Huo.

After that, the three of them returned to their hometown in Tianfu and started...

Hot pot feast!

Three meals and two hot pots a day, Yu Huo is not tired of it. After Zhang Changning insisted on it for a day, he said, "I really can't stand it," and Yu Huo smiled and added a mandarin duck pot to her.

The leisurely days passed for a few days. On July 10, Yu Huo caught up early in the morning. He drove the new car he bought in the mainland of Kyushu, the Jeep Wrangler, a large SUV that NBA players like very much because it makes the body fit They will not feel crowded when they are tall.

Yu Huo drove leisurely all the way to Tianfu Shuangliu Airport, and today he is coming to pick up a distinguished guest.

Yu Huo dressed up again today, so as not to cause a sensation at the airport.

And the person he is going to pick up...

As another flight from Los Angeles landed, a tall black buddy walked out of the airport passage, pulling a trolley in his hand, and followed by his glamorous wife and three daughters.

Both men were wearing sunglasses and masks, but the moment their eyes crossed, they both recognized each other.

Kobe Bryant! And his family!

This family of NBA presidents arrived at the Tianfu of Kyushu Country so quietly!

Just the day before yesterday, Yu Huo suddenly received a major news——

"The Kobe family is going to visit Kyushu!"

And Yu Huo knew about this before the media, because - it was Kobe who called him personally!

"Hi, Yu~"

Kobe greeted Yu Huo, and Yu Huo hurriedly made a "hush" gesture, Kobe also reacted-this is a "microservice private visit" today!

Vanessa couldn't help laughing at the two big tall men cowering and comparing "shh" to each other.

"Let's go, Yu, show us a tour of your hometown!"

A few people walked out of the airport lobby quickly, and the two tall men, Vanessa, who was slightly dark-skinned, and the three lovely daughters, turned around quite often.

And until a few people had approached Yu Huo's Wrangler, someone suddenly reacted in the lobby of the airport!

"Kobe! That's the Kobe family!"

"There is more fire!"

"Wow, Kobe came to Kyushu quietly, Yu Huo came to pick him up!"

"Quickly chase! Quickly chase!"

A group of fans yelled, and more and more people joined the team, but Yu Huo and his group had already stepped into the car quickly and drove off!

Kobe took off his sunglasses on the convertible jeep, and he was relieved, "Ah, the enthusiasm of Kyushu fans is really hard to resist..."

Looking back at the crowd chasing behind, Kobe waved to the fans:

"Thank you for sending me away, and I will not welcome you!"

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