"Jian Wei Pao Gua Belleville Park and then take the banana boat together, it is eye-catching!"

"The ship capsized! The old men in their 30s tragically defeated the young women's rowing team and pulled ashore to capsize the boat!"

"Have an appointment in advance? Yu Huo appeared in the camera with Zhang Changning, suspected to have an appointment with Zhan Wei Paogua for a trip in advance!"

"Will you play? Yu Huo: Add a group, none of us are good at playing!"

"Shocked the league's lineup! Banana Boat Brothers + Yu Huo this lineup who can fight against one?"

"Offseason field court! James laughed again and again, Paul's wonderful operation did not lose that year, and Yu Huokong shocked the court by dunking dunks!"

"Really it is a communication bridge between China and Mi? The Yuhuo live broadcast room is full of popularity, and twitch has expanded his capacity several times in a row!"

"Zhang Changning is also a household name in Los Angeles! The friendly Chinese name of the street player: Huoshao (Huoshao)!"

"Bullfighting! The invincible superstar in the wild field staged a'civil war'!"

"Who is the strongest! Paul double-killed Wade James, Yu Huo lost to Paul Anthony in a row! James pulled Yu Huo!"

"Talking and laughing very happily, Yu Huo James and other six people had dinner together, suspected to discuss where to go during the offseason!"

"Let's recruit James! Lakers fans shout crazy to Kupchak!"

The news that Yu Huo and the Banana Boat brothers appeared on the wild court became the headline news of the next day, which also caused many Cavaliers and Lakers fans who were arguing on the Internet to stop fighting.

I thought Yu Huo, who had defeated James in a row, would become deadly enemies like Garnett and Chasing Egg Forest with James, but I didn't expect the two to appear in this harmonious scene in public so soon.

In fact, in today's league, many "great and grievances" between stars are all caused by fans YY. There is no need to bring grievances off the court because of the grievances on the court.

Because life is much bigger than basketball.

However, on the Internet, many black James who is about to "hold a group and cast an enemy" appeared again, and the matter of having a dinner with Yu Huo was said to the point, as if they were on the scene.

"Come on, decision three, I want to bring the talent to Los Angeles!"

"My Sixth Asian King joined the Lakers to give you face!"

"Come here, Cleveland Cavaliers!"

"Yu Huo is my brother, I'm going to take him to win the championship!"

"Durant: James is also my brother..."

"Hold together and throw the enemy together, this is the first person in history!"

However, this wave of sunspots obviously can't understand the current situation of the fan market-the Lakers and Cavaliers fans are unexpectedly harmonious. Although there is a bit of rivalry in the weekdays, when the sunspots come out, they are twisted into a rope!

"Yo, it's open again?"

"Fishing Laughter runner-up, are you black your horse?"

"Lao Zhan doesn't owe the Cavaliers anything, right? What does the management still expect Lao Zhan to do? Give you money to trade?"

"Yu Huo is the old Zhan brother, Huo brother also said in the live broadcast, the only brother in the league is Heizi, not his brother!"

"Durant? Let's take the Thunder to win a championship!"

"Wait for September Lao Zhan Guan Xuan, Heizi's face is cleaned, wiped honey and waiting for me!"

The entire league is rushing for James to go, and James, who had already made plans, was shaken again under the discussion between his brothers and Yu Huo.

Now he is watching videos of important past games of the Clippers and found that the coach of Rivers...

Really can't compare to Tylen Lu!

At least "pause for physical strength" this kind of ghost tactic, Rivers has absolutely no courage to do it!

"Then I will stay with the Cavaliers?" James frowned. "No, that No. 8 pick is a treasure, Sexton... Oh no, I don't know this person yet, a No. 8 pick is a treasure, then Just don't treat me as a treasure?"

"Just leave, who is not a baby yet!"

James lowered his head, and there were four teams' benchmarks in front of him. One of them drew a conspicuous circle and marked it with a red pen: Coach! The strongest player: Infinite future, the latest chapter address: https://www.mtlnovel.com/book/152527. htmlThe strongest player: unlimited future full text reading address: https://www.mtlnovel.com/read/152527 /The strongest player: Infinite future txt download address: https://www.mtlnovel.com/down/152527 .htmlThe strongest player: unlimited future mobile phone reading: https://m.mtlnovel.com/read/152527 /For the convenience of reading next time, you can click on the \"Collection\" below to record this time (Chapter 714 James Choose a good coach) Read the record, you can see it next time you open the bookshelf! If you like "The Strongest King: Infinite Future", please recommend it to your friends (QQ, blog, WeChat, etc.) This book, thank you for your support! ! (www.mtlnovel.com)

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