James raised his eyebrows when he heard Yu Huo's question.

Wade, Paul and Anthony are also serious.

Yu Huo also felt the subtle changes in the atmosphere, but still looked at a few people calmly.

"Yu, you..."

James said solemnly, "Should..."

Yu Huo frowned, is it possible that this kind of question shouldn't be talked about at the dinner table?

But don't people in Kyushu like to talk about these things casually after a meal?

Everyone knows that you are a big fish in the free market. As a good (lao) friend (dui) friend (shou), just ask what is in the way, right?

"Couldn't you be the eyeliner put out by a reporter! Hahaha!"

James suddenly laughed, and the tense atmosphere suddenly loosened.

"Haha, I think Yu was scared just now."

"Melon, your eyes are a little too scary, take away your dark temperament!"

"I'm really thinking, okay? I didn't expect him to ask this question..."

Yu Huo twitched the corners of his mouth. So these four guys are acting together?

In fact, he has already thought about how to shoot to kill four people instantly if he fights for a while...

Haha, in front of YY brain supplement, you are still ten levels behind Kyushu people!

"Well, to be honest, I haven't really thought about it yet," James paused and said, "However, I am now 33 years old. The next contract I sign may be the last contract of my career. I have to take all the factors into consideration when I retire..."

"So, I won't renew my contract with the Cavaliers, even if this is my hometown, but I have already brought them a championship and have reached the finals for four consecutive years..."

James suddenly stared at Yu Huo deeply, and in those eyes, a desire for a championship burst out!

In the past two years, the Lakers led by Yu Huo have defeated the Cavaliers led by James in succession. These two people are not an exaggeration to say that they are mortal enemies!

It's also quite interesting to sit and eat together now.

"And the others, you know, my family, my eldest son Brownie and younger son Bryce, have all gone to school in Los Angeles, and my business career is basically distributed in the bustling downtown area of ​​Los Angeles. ..."

Yu Huo nodded. He knows all of these. This is also the reason why James chose to join the Lakers before he crossed.

However, now that the Lakers have a surplus of fire and want to squeeze in another superstar, let alone the issue of salary space, James himself is probably not willing.

He is not Durant!

Can't pull this face down!

Then, the next goal for James should be another team in Los Angeles——

Los Angeles Clippers?

Sure enough, James continued: "However, since LAKERS is already your turf, I will naturally not get involved. You know, I will not go directly to the team that can win the championship."

"Fortunately, there are other teams in Los Angeles, I can consider there."

James glanced at the old cannon beside him, "Chris used to stay there, I can learn from him, haha..."

"Of course, I also have other options-Spurs, Nets, Heat, Dallas, etc., but..."

"Hey, wait, you guy!" Wade interrupted suddenly, "you guy, you wanted to leave after you got me? Really irresponsible!"

James smiled helplessly, "Dwyane, let me explain..."

"If you don't listen or listen, the eighth chanting!"

Seeing the two men with beards flirting in front of him, Zhang Changning expressed irritating eyes, but Yu Huo said-I am used to it!

"I will return to the Heat next year," Wade said seriously, "My career is running out. Although Pat Riley's actions are very disrespectful to me, I am still willing to go back for the fans of Miami. Help the Heat rebuild."

James nodded, "I understand you, brother, and thank you for your willingness to help me this year."

James said to Yu Huo again: "And apart from these, the Clippers are also a very good team..."

"They currently have a lot of resources. The owner Ballmer is a person who loves basketball, and the coach is also a former champion coach, Doug Rives. I think it will be very comfortable to play there."

James smiled, "However, you Lakers are in the Los Angeles market, but I may take a part of it!"

Yu Huo shrugged noncommittal and said: "Uh, I have an idea that I don't know if it should be said or not..."


Yu Huo said, "Actually, I don't recommend that you go to the Clippers. Uh, this has nothing to do with the Los Angeles market. Well, it's also related to..."

"Because even if you go there, it will have no effect on the Lakers!"

Yu Huo and James glanced at each other, and an electric light flashed faintly!

"Secondly, what you said, the champion coach..."

"The championship coach is not so good." Paul suddenly interrupted, "I thought Rivers would bring some changes to the team, but unfortunately, we were still overturned 1:3 in the playoffs. "

"After so many years, I didn't make it to the Western Conference Finals. To be honest, I don't think Rivers is a qualified coach," Paul said. "The year the Celtics won the championship, I think the head coach should be Rondo. "

"Rivers? Tie a dog instead."

James frowned upon hearing this: "Is it such an exaggeration?"

Obviously, the Celtics ravaged the Eastern Conference in those years, which made James have inexplicable jealousy about that team, and thus failed to see that Rivers was "hidden"!

Yu Huo also said: "Well, in 2008, the Big Three Celtics won 66 wins and the biggest championship favorite team. The first round and the second round played two rounds of tie-breakers, do you serve it?"

"With less than two decades of coaching, I lost the series with a 3-1 lead twice, and lost the series with a 3:2 lead three times..."

"At this level, I really don't dare to play under him anyway..."

Yu Huo added another sentence in his heart: the 3 to 1 lead was turned over, and there will be another one in 2020, do you dare to believe it? This is the hat-trick master who has been overturned...

James frowned. Here Firth, doesn't it sound so reliable?

"Then this Nima..."

Yu Huo looked at James, who was in deep thought, and added in his heart: Then Mibaoka and Joe Shouxin joined forces and traded a bunch of gorgeous lineups. In the end, the playoffs were dead. Rivers looked towards Taren Lu, the locker room exploded after the game, and the entire Clippers went from the sky to the ground.

This kind of excitement, why should James sacrifice his career to make it together?

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