The audience in the live broadcast room exploded, and the onlookers at the scene gave out shocking cheers!

If there is a ceiling here, it must be overturned!

"Yu Huo!"

"Yu Huo!"

"Yu Huo!"




The cheers of the audience were endless, and Anthony was also helpless with his hips akimbo, with a dull look: Can a bullfight still play like this?

"O! M! G! What did this guy do!" James held his head exaggeratedly, grinning at his ears.

Zhang Changning also covered her mouth and jumped in excitement. As a volleyball player of the national team, Yu Huo's bounce against the sky really made her love to death!

Wade rushed directly onto the court and jumped up to celebrate with Yu Huo!

"Hi, man, good job!"

James also joined in, and the two kept "spraying" fierce metaphors, high-five repeatedly, celebrating exaggeratedly, as if...

The three of them are the same as the first team.

Anthony was completely depressed: Who are you brothers anyway? !

Fortunately, Paul still remembers such a brother. The two old guys who were defeated by Yu Huo were holding their chests on their hips, staring at Yu Huo with inexhaustible words.

Is this kid so difficult to do on and off the court?

On the way to the championship, there seems to be another big mountain...

Then, the five-man bullfighting was another round, Yu Huo defeated Wade again, and then was defeated by James's strong attack. Paul then went on the court and shot James to death. Anthony also broke out and defeated Paul.

But the final outcome is...

Yu Huo is not coming!

Because Zhang Changning found another volleyball court next to him and dragged his boyfriend to participate in a double volleyball match, no matter how much Anthony wanted revenge, he would not disturb others' honeymoon so uninterestingly.

Until 8 o'clock in the evening, several people left the stadium and went to a restaurant for dinner.

"Hey, melon, CP3, don't be upset, come out during the offseason, just have fun!" James laughed and put his arms around his brother's shoulders, "How good is the treat tonight, it's just over the season, indulge a bit!"

Paul solemnly said: "Your season has just ended, but I have finished half a month, I am in the intensive training period, do not eat!"

Anthony, who was about to "indulge" with the menu, was suddenly stunned-he was the first person here to end the season, but he has been indulging...

"But if this kid treats me, I can think about it."

Paul glanced at Yu Huo, obviously dissatisfied with his "fleeing".

"Okay, I'll ask me to please," Yu Huo seemed to be coaxing a child, "I will buy the order for tonight, just order it, don't let me check out if the order is less than 100,000!"

Facing these "old naughty boys", I feel helpless. People in their 30s are...

And Zhang Changning turned his head to look at Yu Huo in surprise, 100,000...US dollars?

That's one year's salary!

But when he thought of the maximum salary contract that Yu Huo had just signed, Zhang Changning was saddened again-at the same time, athletes, people are better than people, so angry!

However, the "Banana Boat Brothers" are still very distinguished, a bit of high-end steak, a bottle of high-end red wine, and other delicious dishes, just like they are very elegant.

The steak was on the table, and the few people talked happily.

Pushing the cup and changing the cup, talking and laughing between Hongru.

"Speaking of, Lao Zhan, your contract with the Cavaliers expires, right?" Yu Huo asked a question that he was very interested in, "Then where are you going next year?" The strongest king: Infinite future, the latest chapter address: strongest king: unlimited future full text reading address: strongest king: Infinite future txt download address: strongest player: unlimited future mobile phone reading: the convenience of reading next time, you can click "Favorites" below to record this time (Chapter 712 Lao Zhan, where are you going next year) reading history , You can see it next time you open the bookshelf! If you like "The Strongest King: Infinite Future", please recommend it to your friends (QQ, blog, WeChat, etc.) This book, thank you for your support! ! (

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