Wade laughed, "Yu is also my good brother, we have played together!"

Anthony crooked his mouth and disdain, "Then I will blow up your little brother today!"

Chris Paul suddenly spoke: "That's not easy."

James also grinned and said: "Follow him! Beat him back, sit and beat him! WOWOW~"

The surrounding audience are all cheering for Yu Huo, Los Angeles is behind "home", but the momentum cannot be lost!

Yu Huo attacked, the top of the arc continuously swayed and suddenly, there was a sudden stop, and the position of the free throw line was also behind!

You hit me on the back and I hit you too!

Who can't!

Anthony is very experienced standing up and leaning on Yu Huo's thighs and waist, which are the main points for back to exert strength.

Yu Huo stood sideways against Anthony and held the racket in his right hand.

Although Anthony's weight was there, Yu Huo's strength was still able to touch him-both of them were able to touch each other, and neither could fully withstand each other.

Stepping into the penalty area, Yu Huo began to take his position. Anthony's defense became tighter. Yu Huo stretched out his hand to stop him, leaned on Anthony's chest, turned directly outwards, and leaned back!

Jump shot!


Everyone in Los Angeles raised their fingers and pointed at the sky, and Zhang Changning was also shouting to cheer for her boyfriend.

"This ball is very similar to Kobe," James said with emotion. "As expected of the man who inherited No. 24, he suddenly hoped that Melon would end, so it's time for me to have a round with'Kobe'!"

Zhang Changning suddenly raised his head and said, "It's with Yu Huo, Mr. Lebrun~"

"Although Yu Huo admires Kobe very much, he wants to be himself more!"

"At least, Kobe hasn't won the assist king, hasn't he~"

James was taken aback, then grinned again, "Yes, you are right..."

"Everyone should be himself..."

Yu Huo pulled back one point, but Anthony’s offensive Kaleidoscope attribute was not blowing. Although he still started with his back, but at the mid-range, he turned to kill the basket in front of him. He raised his hand in a fake motion and did not fool Yu Huo. Come again, but it's still a fake!

After the rest of the fire slowed a step, Anthony turned around and went back, easily hitting the basket and scoring!


"Hah, melon got 3 match points! Dwyane, which side do you think will win?" James became a live reporter and asked "the audience immediately."

"I think Yu will win. He is very good at creating miracles, isn't he?" Wade said seriously.

"It makes sense, then, what about Chris?" James was addicted to playing and played seriously.

Paul pondered, "Although I also think Yu Huo will win, but in order to give Melon some face, then I will choose him to win!"

"Melon, just a three-pointer if it's a man!"

"It's not my turn yet!" Anthony replied, turning around to defend seriously, but was dumbfounded.

It turned out that Yu Huo took the ball and retreated directly to the logo area!

There are not so many rules in the field, even if he is willing to retreat to the bottom line, that is his freedom...

"What is he going to do?"

Both the audience and the audience in the live broadcast room were puzzled, but Yu Huo quickly explained with his own actions...what is he going to do!

"This distance is almost..."

Yu Huo compared the rim at the midline, jumped on the spot, and started with a direct dribble!

Speed ​​up, punch!

When he comes to the three-point line, the speed is already the speed at the end of the basket!

This kind of ball is played during a fast attack and counterattack!

It is extremely difficult to intercept halfway!

Anthony obviously realized this too, he just stretched out his hand and did not forcibly block it-on the one hand, it is a defensive foul (although not on the field), and on the other hand, it is easy to get injured.

No need.

Yu Huo "one step" past Anthony, rushed into the inside line like a raging fire, stepped on the free throw line with one step, and suddenly pulled up!

Everyone's eyes widened!

James, Wade, and even Paul were shocked!

Yu Huo, in the bullfight, you want to come to the free throw line to dunk? !


Yu Huo leaped a distance of 5.8 meters and smashed the ball into the basket fiercely!

"He did it!" James roared, raising his hands suddenly, as if he had buckled in!

In this exceptionally peculiar way to score a point, Yu Huo smiled and picked up the ball to Anthony, playing defense.

"Melon, just a three-pointer if it's a man!"

Paul yelled again, and Anthony glanced at him, dribbled the ball continuously, and suddenly received the ball and took a three-pointer.

"Kang Dang!"

Not in! Give a chance!

Anthony pouted and threw the ball to Yu Huo, only to see him go to the LOGO area again!

Are you addicted to playing? !

But this time Yu Huo was a little further away, and Anthony didn't bother to defend it. When Yu Huo sprinted past him, he stretched out his hand.

But seeing that Yu Huo flew into the inside line again, he slammed the basketball to the ground one step before the free throw line and vacated his empty-handed free throw line!

Catch the ball in the air and hit the dunk directly with the one-armed windmill!

"Wow! So handsome!"

"Brother Huo is playing a dunk contest!"

"Brother Huo, two-time dunk king, kidding!"

5 to 5!

Yu Huo relied on two extremely difficult actual free throw line dunks to get back 2 points. The audience was in high spirits, and Anthony did not refuse.

He wants to be able to deduct him like this!

Unfortunately, the figure is not allowed.

In the double-match penalty kick, Anthony didn't play anymore. He went back and slammed hard, turning over and shaking continuously in the penalty area, but failed to get rid of the remaining fire.

Finally squeezed to the basket, jumped to the basket, jumped in place, and shot the board!


The fire that had been "squeezed away" suddenly bounced back and gave Anthony a pegboard hat directly!

"Wowowow! I have a chance!"

James said with excitement that he certainly wanted to see Yu Huo's free throw dunks more than Anthony's "boring back hit"!

Will he have a more exciting dunk this time?

Yu Huoguo really retreated to the backcourt again, this time directly to the opposite three-point line!

Start, rush!

The impact of super long distance is really a conversion attack in actual combat!

Anthony fought forward in advance, but to no avail, Yu Huo didn't even look at him, but flashed past him!

At the top of the free throw line, Yu Huo threw it straight out!

The free throw line took off again, the basketball rebounded, Yu Huofei pulled up, picked up the rebounded basketball, and grabbed the ball through the crotch!


Hanging the frame with one arm, the blue veins on Yu Huo's arm were violent, and the whole person was tense, hanging on the basket!

"Fuck?! One more lap is that Kanglong will not be able to slam dunk in a whirlwind!"

"Brother Huo, these three **** are not black, not inferior to LaVine!"

"Lavin, Lavin, you are lucky to have participated two years earlier!"

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