Splendor Center, Los Angeles, April 14, 2016.

After passing the subway station named "Kobe Station", Yu Huo successfully arrived here-the battlefield where the man's last battle was located.

Since crossing this world two years ago, Yu Huo has lived a life of studying abroad that he had never experienced before.

Yu Huo once loved basketball, and he also loved basketball in this world, and because he was in America, the basketball resources he had access to far exceeded those in China.

As a man of two generations, he knows the hard-won opportunities even more. He studied hard, trained hard, and finally entered UCLA University and successfully entered the basketball team.

Although it can't be compared with the star players who are locked in the NBA due to the limitations of talent and physical fitness, but also enjoy it.

Today, Bryant, his most admired superstar, announced his last game before retiring!

Yu Jiao had spent a lot of money and trusted a lot of relationships to get a ticket. The moment he got the ticket, he roared on the balcony of the dormitory for ten minutes!

The dream of 6 billion Zijin fans!

Yu Huo reached out and squeezed the warm admission ticket stuffed in the inner pocket of his coat, his excitement could not be concealed.

After several twists and turns, Yu Huo finally found his seat: the three-story grandstand, row 10, No. 17.

Like the fanatical fans around, he is waiting with excitement for his idol's appearance.

Today's Sprander is exceptionally different. The floor in the center of the court is replaced with boards printed with the words No. 8 and No. 24, which are the jersey numbers that Kobe has worn and is still wearing.

A video of tribute to Kobe was played on the big screen, and one by one legendary figures expressed their respect for Kobe.

Lakers legendary superstar Magic John News reviewed Kobe's career and praised him as the greatest player of the Lakers.

Former coach Phil Jackson, former teammates O'Neal, Fisher, Gasol and Odom, Lakers die-hard fan actor Nicholson, Bryant's opponents James, Curry, Durant, Wade, Anthony, Garnett , Nowitzki and Spurs coach Popovich, all paid tribute to Kobe through the big screen.

Extremely grand, unprecedented!

The Lakers' record in the 2015-2016 season is still counting down. After Kobe's old state has declined, the Lakers have entered a bad state for several consecutive years. If nothing else, they will get a lottery pick this year and choose a new basketball genius. Then... continue to smash.

After all, he is from the future. Although Yu Huo has a deep love for this Zijin team, there is no way to change the trend of history.

"Ding, [Infinite Future Pinnacle System] has been bound, you can get [Kobe Template] after watching the entire game."

system? This traveler welfare, which has been two years late, is finally here!

But what makes Yu Huo more ecstatic is not the sound of the system, but the following four words-the Kobe template!

Watch the idol’s retirement game and get an idol template!

This is really the best idol in the world!

"The’last, our’point’guard’number’twenty_four...Kobe~~~~~~~~~Bryant!"

Yu Huo's thoughts were interrupted by the emotions of the fans in the audience. He also bounced up in an instant and joined the enthusiastic fans' cheers!


he came!

Kobe waved his hand and slowly walked out of the stadium channel, and the cheers of the fans broke out again!

I have to say that the Jazz players who played against the Lakers today were lucky. The arrangement was for the Lakers at home. If it happens to be arranged at the Jazz's home court, I am afraid it will be occupied by the Zijin fans. When the time comes, the home court will be forced to change away. It is estimated that the mentality will all explode.

With the passage of time, the starting players of both sides entered the arena, but everyone knows that the focus tonight is only on one person.

The ball jumps in the middle circle and the Jazz first strikes.

After several transmissions, Jazz guard Hood dropped to the basket and beat Kobe with his back.

But Kobe is true, strong defense withstands Hood, and almost steals!

The audience cheered again, the Jazz stabilized the ball and then missed the shot, the Lakers have the ball.

Randall was very interesting to give the ball to Kobe, the first attack let the boss come first!

Run, catch the ball, take a three-pointer!

Every time Kobe caught the ball, the audience cheered. Unfortunately, the Lakers didn't start smoothly. Kobe made five consecutive shots and hit all iron!

This seems to be that God did not look at the right days when he went out. Is it possible that Kobe's swan song will end in shame?

But Yu Huo knew very well in his heart that no, not only won't, but Kobe will continue to maintain the offensive state, break the record of scoring points in the historical retirement game, score a winning goal, and lead the Lakers to comeback!

"Jazz guard Booker broke into the penalty area and was capped! It's Kobe, the big hot pot given by Kobe!"

The voice of the commentary roared excitedly in the microphone. The fans in the audience were instantly ignited. Then the Lakers quickly attacked and counterattacked. Kobe broke into the basket and made a fake jumper and made his first goal of the field!

This goal seemed as if a torch ignited Kobe's touch, and then Kobe made a mid-range jumper again, and then broke through with the ball, one person broke through the two defenses, and turned 2+1 on the basket!




At the time of the free throw, the fans stood up and shouted, Yu Huo was among them, shouting hoarse!

Kobe once again landed in the bottom corner, Russell understood, basketball followed. Kobe made a tough shot against the defense and hit a three-pointer again!

After hitting the iron with the first 5 goals, Kobe scored 5 goals and scored 12 points!

"Kobe made a tough shot with the ball outside, causing Hood to foul! Three free throws!"

A pre-made video appeared on the big screen instantly: Bryant's NBA career free throws exceeded the 10,000 mark!

The milestone of the night of retirement, how many surprises Kobe has to bring to the fans!

In the second quarter, Kobe took a 6-minute rest, and the fans on the scene also took a 6-minute rest. Yu Huo drank mineral water to prepare for the next round of his voice, and the system that just popped out was also built in his mind at this time. Out of the progress bar: [viewing time 18 minutes 13 seconds/48 minutes].

Yu Huo clenched his fists. It was a good thing to make a couple. There were gifts from idols at the scene of realizing the dream. How could one get so excited!

At 6 minutes and 13 seconds of the second quarter, Kobe once again went into battle!

"Kobe singles Hayward cut along the baseline, put the ball into the basket, and cut two more points!"

"Kobe catches the ball, faints the defensive player, and makes the second three-pointer of the field!"

At the end of the first half, the Lakers fell behind the Jazz 42-57, and Kobe has already scored 22 points with a penalty!

The thirty minutes of the intermission seemed extremely long. There were two hot girls sitting around Yu Huo. Except for the jersey presented at the scene, there was a gap in them!

When did the Yu Huo change that he hadn't seen it!

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