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The Strongest Omega In the Age of Dinosaurs

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[Queen VS “Defective” Man, System + Cultivation + ABO + Warm and Cute Pet]
Mo Danwen traveled to an overhead era and found that there were only men there, and they were all dinosaurs! He’s also damned to be the Omega that these dinosaurs use to reproduce.
Mo Danwen, who was unwilling to become a reproduction tool, ran away. On the way to escape, he met Ini, who was abandoned by the dinosaurs in the forest and could not become a dinosaur.
Ini: “Don’t follow me, I’m flawed and can’t be a dinosaur.”
Mo Danwen: “Can’t you become a dinosaur? What a fool, where are you a dinosaur? It’s obviously a human who crossed over before me!”
Ini: “I have a facial paralysis.”
“…” No wonder it’s always been like this, after Mo Danwen thought about it, “It doesn’t matter, if there is a defect, there will be a defect, and if you have facial paralysis, you will be paralyzed. Let’s join hands and show off!”
This is the story of two humans and three little dinosaurs running amok in the age of dinosaurs… well, showing off their power.

Keywords: The Strongest Omega in the Age of Dinosaurs, Caliper, System, ABO, Primitive Planet

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Short Title:TSOIAD
Alternate Title:恐龙时代之最强Omega
Weekly Rank:#4114
Monthly Rank:#4674
All Time Rank:#5828
Tags:Dinosaurs, Magical Space, Mpreg, Naive Protagonist, Omegaverse, Orcs, Transmigration,
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19 Comments on “The Strongest Omega In the Age of Dinosaurs
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  1. Well, mc sucks cause he doesn't a common sense one would have if they are in a dangerous place plus he super reckless and does not even know the consequences of his actions. Don't like this mc cause it's like he just escaping because of his luck as an mc. Super idiotic mc i must say.

  2. Asstagfirulah Dinasaurus lagi..untuk kesekian kalinya aku nemu novel yaoi yg ml nya dinasaurus,,,sampe ngik ngik bengek baca sinopsisssnyaa ,,,dapat motifasi apaan authornya sampe bikin latar dinasaurus;((

  3. The story was very good I think there will be a second volume or some extras for this novel...Unfortunately it has low rating because many d*mn Yaoi haters have given 1 star to it.

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