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The Strongest Gods and Demons Summoning System

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Chu Yun traveled through other worlds, the gods and demons helped to open up the supreme fairy garden!

The Yue girl breaks ten thousand magic with one sword, and the book sage pen falls into the wind and thunder!

The three-pointed knife pierced the sky, and the golden cudgel collapsed the galaxy!

Pill God Pill Saint? Comparable to Medicine King Sun Simiao? Master craftsman, it is better to counterfeit expert Yun Zhongzi!

Laojun Taishang: “Lao Zi went west to Hangu Pass, and 36 countries were uninhabited!”

Bai Suzhen: “Wait for a thousand years, whoever refuses to accept me will cut anyone!”

Killing the gods in vain: “The horses will rise in smoke, and the world will be full of swords!”

Poisoner Jia Xu: “If the enemy does not offend me, I am a prisoner, if the enemy offends me, we shall cut the roots!”

The immortal holy land, the longevity family, the nine-day gods’ court, and the deserted ancient tribe are all illegal organizations! Only I am the supreme fairy garden, is the orthodox of heaven and earth!

- Description from MTL


Short Title:SGDSS
Alternate Title:最强神魔召唤系统
Author:Long gown Yunhou
Weekly Rank:#2829
Monthly Rank:#4339
All Time Rank:#3517
Tags:Ancient ChinaFanfiction, Ancient Times, Army Building, Based on a TV Show, Cannibalism, Discrimination, Emotionally Weak Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Harem-seeking Protagonist Harsh Training, Imperial Harem, Incest, Lack of Common Sense, Multiple Realms, Narcissistic Protagonist, Nationalism, Netori, Persistent Love Interests, Polygamy, Racism, Rape Victim Becomes Lover, Sex Slaves, Sexual Abuse, System Administrator,
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  1. Author abandoned the concept of novel. System disappeared and it beacame rubbist. Such a disappointment. Many things left unexplained. Author forgot his own writing and plotholes became endless.

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