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The Strongest Exercise Upgrade System

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After crossing into the world of Xianxia, Zeng Xiaoyu received a cultivation technique upgrade system. From then on, no matter what cultivation technique is in Zeng Xiaoyu’s hands, it will be able to glow with amazing brilliance.

Zeng Xiaoyu: This exercise is only the top grade of Huang, and the grade is too low!

System: It’s okay, I can upgrade it to a mysterious high-grade.

Zeng Xiaoyu: This exercise is only suitable for eunuchs.

System: It doesn’t matter, I can upgrade it so that everyone can practice.

Zeng Xiaoyu: This is a stubborn book of exercises.

System: It doesn’t matter, I can restore and perfect it into a complete exercise.

Zeng Xiaoyu: This technique is only suitable for the cultivation of the monster race.

System: It doesn’t matter, I can upgrade it so that Terran can also practice. ……

There is an upgrade system for exercises, there is no best exercises, only better exercises.

Zeng Xiaoyu relied on the cultivation technique to upgrade the system, cultivated a peerless technique that was superior to others, and took an unusual path to becoming stronger.

A genius, in his eyes, is nothing but a small dust under his feet, he can step on it as he wants!

- Description from MTL


Short Title:SEUS
Alternate Title:最强功法升级系统
Author:Dan Bai
Weekly Rank:#1274
Monthly Rank:#1545
All Time Rank:#1957
Tags:Alchemy, Beast Companions, Cheats, Cultivation, Dream, God Protagonist, Godly Powers, Hiding True Abilities, Low-key Protagonist, Martial arts, System, System Administrator, Weak to Strong,
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8 Comments on “The Strongest Exercise Upgrade System
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  1. This feels more like a drama than cultivation novel. There's too much nonsense at the beginning and it feels like his mind has not matured even if he has lived for two lifetimes. He is timid and unsure of himself making me a little disgusted when he interacting with people above himself.

  2. Weak MC to the extreme. Poor translation. Cabbage enemies. Poverty in scenario description. Weapons and techniques fall from the sky. MC without allies.

  3. Can I curse the author? D**n it, I hate the ending!! I thought it's real, but it's just an acting, they are just making a movie!!!!

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