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The Strongest Enchanting Special Forces King

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He was framed four years ago and left.

Four years later, the king returns and looks down upon the world!

He is the strongest enchanting special forces king, and even more frightening to the world-the devil!

- Description from MTL


Short Title:SESFK
Alternate Title:最强妖孽特种兵王
Author:Son of Heaven
Weekly Rank:#3619
Monthly Rank:#3581
All Time Rank:#2337
Tags:Fellatio, Male Protagonist, Nationalism, Racism,
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24 Comments on “The Strongest Enchanting Special Forces King
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  1. I dont understand why they put in the sylnosis that the mc look down upon tge world, but there is so many stronger than him...

  2. for some people CN novels like a 'whore'..they keep pointing finger and screaming to a 'whore' "you damn bitch so immoral !!" (while pumping up and down going faster and faster)..but the next day they came to diff 'whore' while repeating the same pointing finger action (the truth they are all VIP members of red distric)..IF u think chinese so bad,why u keep READING and comments a lots bad reviews on CHINESE novels?..when u watch hollywood movies,american MC mocking asian people.and u laugh out loud and tell your friends how funny the plot.when u read CN novel,chinese MC face slap americans.and u screaming out loud "fuck this author so racist"..LOL..look how hypocrite your point of view..you are the one that had a lot PREJUDICE for chinese people but don't have courage to admit it!! so who the racist is? if u read the novel just for fun,u won't think much bout racism..think it as a plot like u watch hollywood movies.some good,some bad plots..no big deal..which plot u think bad,u can skip or change the next novel.easy to be a good people with BROAD mind..pleaseeee remember u are here on this site for reading CHINESE novels so it's a funny thing that u hate CHINESE but keep reading and comments on it..LOL..it's a web novels dude don't expect a world class winning novels while read it,so lowering your expectation level is a smart readers would do.while read some of your bad comments,make me wonder which novel have u wrote? please give me a link or copy of your work..

  3. bro well if you read 200 to 300CN novels you won't be saying broad mind like thing we read cn because we already have read western and japenese so In change of taste we will read different culture so and one more thing these novels are not meant for internal stander it mean these are written for Chinese peoples so you can imagine if all country people thinking are same as authher extreme racism and looking down on other nation this shows how their low thinking showed here and bro I just can't write all things when you read there more same style being reapetedly you will gown mad and even you go around world we always reapetedly learn about respect is must for every homen being but here I don't know what to say may be these people in past live lowly so they always now try exprex there Superiority this is is treat of weak strong never expressed himself because he doesn't need it but here every chapter you lowly blablablqetc so I will leave to your imagianation

  4. I also agree with you.I see Chinese medical doctors in these kinds of novels.it is almost as if western medical doctors are cruel and greedy and Chinese doctors.are saints.expert(MC) respects the old general thing is also common.the worst thing is that the old general or old doctor is mean to MC at first after that he bows to MC and says you serve the country and your medicine is great,then the MC becomes magnanimous he doesn't take money after curing.where is this when it comes to wester doctor or Japanese warrior.they say anything is fair in war but they don't accept Japanese invasion(if it ever existed). The worst thing I feel is the way they adress each other after only knowing for sometime as grandpa gao or something.I don't know if the MC is cheap or the grandpa is cheap.he says he is indifferent to everything(after hundreds of years coming back) but respects china blood.other worst case is MC becomes major general or something he comes back sees his angry wife and his in laws and their meanness and he doesn't say anything(so cheap).I think any great character should break away from morals and nationalism etc.authors of any of these kinds of novels maybe are as worst in these qualities ,as MC in their hearts.

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