The Strongest Demon Front

After a World Cup game. “A total of 1.5 billion appreciation points?” “It’s time to raise the free kick to the hall level!” … Chu Ge inadvertently obtained a system that can be upgraded by collecting appreciation, and since then, he has to be p.... Read more

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~ End of this testimonial ~ Your stars are shining, and I am in the sky ~ on

Chapter 716 On the scene, Century scored! ~ Kaka Chapter 715 Captain China Chapter 714 Strongest monster Chapter 713 I still want what I want, even if I die after 9 Chapter 712 Lose without losing, win with blood Chapter 711 Laughing bald man, his luck is always good Chapter 710 That year that rabbit ~ (Uh)

Chapter 709 Best moment Chapter 708 Hope the rooftop is fine ~ Leave

Chapter 707 Sorry, this is Chu Ge Chapter 706 Because he is Chu Ge Chapter 705 Conservative love ~ Goo Chapter 704 Wings of Death VS Tang Ji Tuo De Chapter 703 What is the autumn wind sad painting screen Chapter 702 The new cap is open, the goal: the big air wing? ~ Not sown today Chapter 701 You are so weak

Chapter 700 Krypton gold can make you stronger Chapter 699 Say hero, who is the hero Chapter 698 He believes in science more than metaphysics Chapter 697 You backstab, so I backstab ~ Leave Chapter 696 Physical education teacher must not be sick Chapter 695 Once, I believed in science Chapter 694 Sing and Rap Football Chapter 693 Coronation of genius Chapter 692 This is how it feels to score Chapter 691 17 goals in the Champions League! Chapter 690 Ball underfoot

Chapter 689 Show, my Chu! Chapter 688 North Wind Xiao Xiao Chapter 687 2 goals Chapter 686 The Champions League is my World Cup Chapter 685 Come to a decisive showdown Chapter 684 2 games, 2 championships, double crown! Chapter 683 1st season Chapter 682 From peerless arrogance to three feet Chapter 681 I bloom in the killing, just like the flowers in the dawn ~ You are a tree of 1 tree blooming, a bird is whispering between the beams Chapter 680 You made me start to believe and start to obsess about you Chapter 679 We are professionally trained

Chapter 678 It's already noon Chapter 677 Bells and whistles are not as deadly as 1 blow ~ Six hundred seventy-six. Five half-day leave and FAQ 2. Zero Chapter 676 Everything is inferior, but the goal is high. Chapter 675 1 week duel Chapter 674 0 points temptation Chapter 673 All Chapter 672 1 game, 2 big records Chapter 671 Ouin sauce Chapter 670 KINGOFOldTrafford Chapter 669 Your Lin Huang is infinitely rampant Chapter 668 Shooting in front of you

Chapter 5 1 day off Chapter 667 Run football Chapter 666 Crazy season Chapter 665 HowOldAreU Chapter 664 Tribute to the legend Chapter 663 I'm fine, how about you Chapter 662 Tokyo Tower (Special Chapter 520) Chapter 661 Believe me, I am professional Chapter 660 2 bursts Chapter 659 Terminator Chapter 658 Make-up dG Chapter 657 Can you second me in an 18-game winning streak?

Chapter 656 Quantum Football Chapter 655 unstoppable? Chapter 654 1 The sword comes from the west, the world is invincible Chapter 653 Reluctant but big Chapter 652 The prince will be more like a relative! Chapter 651 Chu Ge's new record Chapter 650 What is the record? Chapter 649 What's going on since ancient times Chapter 648 Run, after the waves! Chapter 647 Xiaolou listened to the spring rain last night Chapter 646 Don't think so beautiful when you look beautiful! Chapter 645 When a streak meets a streak

Chapter 644 5 to 0VS4 winning streak Chapter 643 Manchester United's 1st fastest man Chapter 642 I want to hit you Chapter 641 Innocence Host Chapter 640 Unprecedented ~ Six hundred thirty-nine, please answer, 2011 Chapter 638 Tears in my heart Chapter 637 12 Lang arrives ~ ask for half day off Chapter 636 Why don't the man bring Wu Hou, Xu Bianguan, and serve his home country! ~ apologize Chapter 635 Gather 1 point, the pinnacle

Chapter 634 A beautiful season always starts with Chu Ge ’s goal Chapter 633 Sword Master Chapter 632 Indecision, quantum mechanics ~ Quantum leave Chapter 631 Some friends come from afar Chapter 630 Last night westerly withered green trees Chapter 629 RedIsComing Chapter 628 What is an international superstar Chapter 627 Acting school and strength school Chapter 626 Pour 1 cup of cappuccino Chapter 625 Chu Ge took the lead, 1 top two Chapter 624 There is no Qigutianle, the boss of ordinary player Chu

Chapter 623 Azure and other smoke and rain Chapter 622 The first law of the starting point and 140 million Chapter 621 He will be a healthy alien Chapter 620 1 turn offensive Chapter 619 CGNB Chapter 618 No one knows the sun better than me Chapter 617 Light yellow dress with fluffy hair ~ Just chat and talk about the current update plan Chapter 616 "hat trick" Chapter 615 The curtain call of 1 era Chapter 614 3 crowns! Chapter 613 The most powerful Chu song

Chapter 612 The most gorgeous red in the Friendship Arena Chapter 611 All my fans Chapter 610 Maka Chapter 609 King of England Chapter 608 Lord's youth is back Chapter 607 I control my own life Chapter 606 Protagonist advantage Chapter 605 Wanghou general, rather kind of? Chapter 604 God of War Chuge Chapter 603 Marseille roundabout, pick 1 Batistuta Chapter 602 2 Gabriel Chapter 601 That man, that 1 light

Chapter 600 Strongest attribute Chapter 599 Goal: Legend Chapter 598 No. 1 in history Chapter 597 400 million Chapter 596 The final battle Chapter 595 got windy Chapter 594 What's your relationship with catching Zhou Shuren and me Lu Xun Chapter 593 Chelsea is the champion Chapter 592 Football, this **** sweet Chapter 591 A life in desperation, 1 ball chasing soul Chapter 590 Ferguson's adjustment Chapter 589 On the narrow road, there are Tottenham, Bo Shuai wipes sweat, and the fat man is poisonous

Chapter 588 1 person thinking, 3 people walking Chapter 587 Championship desire Chapter 586 You nailed it so nice Chapter 585 Reversal after overtaking Chapter 584 The power of dreams: we are a team! Chapter 583 Chu Ge, a fraudster (return of missing persons) Chapter 582 Do you still remember the dream when I was young, it was running in the sunset Chapter 581 Work hard! Chapter 580 Battle 4 Mad Chapter 579 Win the bragging, lose the reason Chapter 578 The era when the curtain will finally end Chapter 577 I suspect you are hanging up, but I have no evidence

~ Goo Goo Chapter 576 There is no defense against it, only on schedule Chapter 575 Playing tactics, my heart is dirty Chapter 574 Mortal saving, Chu Ge's realm Chapter 573 Attack, the devil schedule! Chapter 572 Fortune of the Red Devils (51 happy) Chapter 571 Lonely lights Chapter 570 Summit in Etihad Chapter 569 Tie C Ronaldo Chapter 568 Reckless, red fluttering (1) Chapter 567 Mo Shangren is like a jade, welcoming men (2) Chapter 566 The gods descended from the world, killing super-god 5

Chapter 565 A whistle sounded and Wan Lai was silent. Chapter 564 Lost Phantom, 1 Fright (Should be exempted today) Chapter 563 So, so, so, so Chapter 562 Ninety-nine% Chapter 561 Mediocre Chapter 560 It's not me Chapter 559 Derby Little Expert ~ Leave Chapter 558 Famous scene Chapter 557 Drogba Chapter 556 Shooting, graduation ~ Update will be later

~ Leave Chapter 555 In the past, you will always be moved Chapter 554 Derby! Derby! Chapter 553 See captain Chapter 552 Looking up and struggling Chapter 551 Youngest captain Chapter 550 Obviously it's a movie by me Chapter 549 The next one is no easy task Chapter 548 Goals are always on schedule Chapter 547 1 goal difference Chapter 546 Cancel? Chapter 545 Challenge the single-core leader

Chapter 544 God doctor save me Chapter 543 Bald Chapter 542 Such a Chu, who doesn't love Chapter 541 This tactic is something Chapter 540 Magnus effect and scientific development concept Chapter 539 Alpha Bypass Alpha Dog Chapter 538 Back and forth Chapter 537 The bulls can really do whatever they want Chapter 536 Kick seriously ~ Call for help, do you dare to agree? Chapter 535 Last night stars and last night wind Chapter 534 Pressure call forwarding

Chapter 533 Different for you Chapter 532 The return of champion suspense ~ It ’s been a long time since I asked for a ticket. Ask for a recommendation. Chapter 531 The mind is invincible Chapter 530 Big Star Chaser Chapter 529 Your uncle is still your uncle Chapter 528 One Tree Chapter 527 People play walking high, water flows down Chapter 526 Brave heart Chapter 525 Years, do n’t push me, I ’m not pushing Chapter 524 Keep scoring Chapter 523 You chase me

Chapter 522 Jun looks at Bai Richi, He Yixian takes the arrow Chapter 521 we are the champion Chapter 520 What a football dream Chapter 519 Da Luo's stunt reappears, kill 5 super gods! Chapter 518 Mang is done Chapter 517 Catch shrimp Chapter 516 1 belt 1 road Chapter 515 Happy football Chapter 514 Zhifengcao ~ Please leave for half a day Chapter 513 this is yours Chapter 512 Then surpass them one more time

Chapter 511 Sword Finger Champion Chapter 510 Awesome Chapter 509 I Chu and Bayern 55 open Chapter 508 Finally wait for you, fortunately i didn't give up Chapter 507 Where I am, I will become the home court Chapter 506 Broken fairy Chapter 505 The enemy has 1 minute to reach the battlefield to destroy them Chapter 504 Chu Ge Channel Chapter 503 teammate Chapter 502 Chinese parents Chapter 501 We are a family Chapter 500 Happy New Year!

Chapter 499 Confirm your eyes, you are Chu Chuqun! (Happy New Year's Eve ... Chapter 498 Points gap widens Chapter 497 The essence of human beings is from the heart and the true fragrance Chapter 496 "fool" Chapter 495 1 person's success Chapter 494 get promoted Chapter 493 Who can stand this? Chapter 492 Bulk hat trick Chapter 491 Applause from the away team fans Chapter 490 Unlock new pose Chapter 489 Confirmed eyes Chapter 488 Said like a meteor, 0 in the flowers

Chapter 487 And follow the wind, there is a meteor behind Chapter 486 Don't be nervous, you will get used to it Chapter 485 Huizi? nonexistent Chapter 484 All-round confrontation Chapter 483 Welcome to Old Trafford Chapter 482 Van Dijk Chapter 481 Goal first? No, the team is supreme Chapter 480 Football is that simple Chapter 479 Realm and Into the Micro ~ 1 day off Chapter 478 Football way Chapter 477 Double Red Society in Round 2

Chapter 476 Begging Chapter 475 8-game winning streak Chapter 474 Old Trafford does not believe in defeat Chapter 473 Goddess and spare tire Chapter 472 Winter transfer Chapter 471 50 **** per year Chapter 470 Friendship boat Chapter 469 Manchester United rushes forward Chapter 468 Can i touch your trophy Chapter 467 3rd in the world is me Chapter 466 Chu Ge Ranking Chapter 465 The appeal of the 1st star

~ Briefly explain the updated thing under 1 Chapter 464 Number of goals ranked 3rd Chapter 463 Bliss Pure Land Chapter 462 To tell the world Chapter 461 your name Chapter 460 Golden Ball Candidate Chapter 459 You can become stronger Chapter 458 Advance towards golden ball Chapter 457 Strongest and weakest Chapter 456 Extreme treasure and 3 consecutive victories Chapter 455 1st intimate contact Chapter 454 Best lineup of the year (Happy New Year!)

Chapter 453 Both people and ghosts are on show Chapter 452 So hi Chapter 451 His name is Chu Ge Chapter 450 Heng Dao immediately, only me General Chu Chapter 449 Old Trafford's darling ~ Stylistic 2 blooms, paying tribute to the monthly pass where nowhere is placed Chapter 448 War Wolf at Old Trafford Chapter 447 90 million euros Chapter 446 The first person to attract gold! Chapter 445 Europa League first goal, 1 victory Chapter 444 Rubbing my hot spot will pass you, then score Chapter 443 Friends

Chapter 442 China Ball King Chapter 441 Nice to have you Chapter 440 Consecutive 1 week doubles Chapter 439 Cross the knife and return to Old Trafford ~ Mouth is Lai, style 2 blooms Chapter 437 He deserves to be selected for the Golden Globe Award Chapter 436 Endless aftertaste Chapter 435 Show jersey to Anfield Chapter 434 1st person in 0 years ~ Mourinho is out of class, what do you think? Chapter 433 Captain's temptation Chapter 432 You can also come to 1 foot when you see Carius

~ Chapter 430 What is the stalk of Master La's homework Chapter 429 When the world changes for you, you are truly powerful (5 ... Chapter 428 England's strongest derby, maybe ... Chapter 427 Premier League summit Chapter 426 Speed ​​comes first Chapter 425 Straight on Huanglong (2 in 1) Chapter 424 Met a genius Chapter 423 I am seventy, Chu seven hundred Chapter 422 Chumen Nongma Chapter 421 Chapter 420 Super Training Master

Chapter 419 Self-cultivation of 1 striker Chapter 418 Speak with goals Chapter 417 City Head Changing Banner Chapter 416 Best of the month Chapter 415 The big husband should do the same (National Football Warning) Chapter 414 Lore Chapter 413 3 straight Chapter 412 Surprise plus Chapter 411 Thank you for your patronage? No, one more bottle Chapter 410 Back view Chapter 409 CHUUUU Chapter 408 You never left

Chapter 407 One's way, one's own Chapter 406 If true love has color Chapter 405 Rush duck, don't counsel ~ If you can pour out the Pacific Ocean Chapter 404 1 more shot! Chapter 403 1 round first ~ Monthly ticket for the last day Chapter 402 Goal, champion Chapter 401 Curse? whocares ~ Monthly ticket Chapter 400 Champion, set sail! Chapter 399 Chu Ge's performance

Chapter 398 Virgin show, Virgin ball Chapter 397 You are the core Chapter 396 Major treatment for internet addicted teenagers Chapter 395 Red Devils expedition Chapter 394 Good start Chapter 393 Dreaming and waking up Chapter 392 New aid Chapter 391 Popular King Chapter 390 Sky-high contract Chapter 389 Shock! Ronaldo + Messi = Chu Ge! Chapter 388 I have a better solution Chapter 387 1 large pile of banknotes is approaching

Chapter 386 Cooking wine on green plum Chapter 385 If you want to wear a crown, you must bear its weight Chapter 384 1 small goal ~ The chase is too fierce, ask for a monthly ticket Chapter 383 TheRedIsBack! Chapter 382 80,000 people greet Chapter 381 Driving to Manchester Chapter 380 Transfer is complete ~ I was going to the moon Chapter 379 You are the ball king! ~ Is it worth worthy of 1 monthly ticket to encourage 4000 times to repair a fairy? Chapter 378 Pride does not die, flames reignite!

Chapter 377 Penalty clause, trigger Chapter 376 Leave comfort zone Chapter 375 Wall in autumn 0 wall outside road Chapter 374 Sincere salary and unsincere portrait right Chapter 373 2nd legendary attribute, and new contract Chapter 372 Can't treat him lightly Chapter 371 Carrington ~ Is this 3 or more ... Chapter 370 Double crown after 58 years Chapter 369 King of Europe! ~ Sorry Chapter 368 Overtake

Chapter 367 Passing the crotch, passing the ball ~ Simple report 1 Chapter 366 Whatever kills you will make you stronger Chapter 365 50000000 Chapter 364 Because of you, football becomes wonderful Chapter 363 Goal invalid and goal valid Chapter 362 Stop the ball in the back, stunning the audience Chapter 361 Born for record Chapter 360 The gathering of stars, the light of Meazza ~ 5 tomorrow Chapter 359 Records and decisive battles Chapter 358 Perhaps this is love

~ Ask for monthly tickets Chapter 357 Meacha welcomes you, my child Chapter 356 Zidane and Florentino's different visions Chapter 355 Champion Madrid Chapter 354 we are the champion! Chapter 353 Zidane's strongest lineup Chapter 352 Army attack Chapter 351 Cool summer is coming Chapter 350 Continue winning streak Chapter 349 5 colors in the world, ego white ~ Testimonials Chapter 348 Fans of the whole circle and a lot of appreciation

Chapter 347 Take dreams as horses and move on ~ High-energy warning and outbreak forecast Chapter 346 Maybe this is a genius Chapter 345 we are coming! Chapter 344 Big dunk Chapter 343 1 pass Chapter 342 Do not enter Chapter 341 Wanshui 0 Mountain is always in love, just see Hart shoot Chapter 340 Double S-level attributes, so terrifying Chapter 339 1st legendary attribute Chapter 338 Is a werewolf Chapter 337 Uncle police, this is the person

Chapter 336 Difficulty This is the flavoring agent for goals ~ Repost this Lopetegui, begging for a guaranteed monthly pass! Chapter 335 This invincible defense, which team can break today Chapter 334 Alien! Chapter 333 Highlights and regrets Chapter 332 Golden Boy Shines Chapter 331 Chu goal, there is goal in Chu Chapter 330 Chu goal in the Champions League Chapter 329 Trade off Chapter 328 Substitutions and goals Chapter 327 First half Chapter 326 Good to go back

Chapter 325 If love is 1 smeared Chapter 324 Fans' singing Chapter 323 Ritual sense Chapter 322 Life is too hard Chapter 321 You are already a mature football Chapter 320 Suspicious strong, such horror! Chapter 319 Never fear, never hesitate Chapter 318 Please enter the urn and pull you into the water Chapter 317 Chu Ge's strength Chapter 316 Xia ... Shakira? Chapter 315 Is the golden ball far away from you? Chapter 314 League summit

Chapter 313 1 mouthful of poisonous milk, poisonous death Chapter 312 Team songs are loud and prosperous Chapter 311 Bernabeu, all standing Chapter 310 Half a lifetime away, still a teenager ~ 5 tomorrow. Look at the ball today. Chapter 309 Walking in the court, the grace of the prince Chapter 308 Crush the thorns into a smooth road Chapter 307 Spin Chapter 306 100 million? Ha ha. Chapter 305 Elven dance steps, yellow dot package! Chapter 304 Prince Bernabeu Chapter 303 Old man and the sea

Chapter 302 Stimulating counterattack Chapter 301 Adventurous Chapter 300 Looking around, looking forward to the assassination Chapter 299 Battle of redemption ~ In the battle against the water, a game behind 2 goals! Chapter 297 Since ancient science is unreliable, only metaphysics is popular Chapter 296 1 point! Chapter 295 Even if fate is displaced Chapter 294 Wolf pack, BOOM Chapter 293 To be human, the most important thing is to be happy Chapter 292 Should men take the initiative to leave the comfort zone? Chapter 291 There are 1 say 1 in the ball king

Chapter 290 Chu Ge Chapter 289 I, Chu Ge, play money Chapter 288 Huangsha 0 battle wearing gold armor Chapter 287 C debut, huh Chapter 286 La Liga title fight for suspense? Chapter 285 Burning my madrid ~ Sorrowful Chapter 284 1 foot set Chapter 283 Whoneeds Chu Ge ~ In the hospital, there may not be an update today Chapter 282 Heartbroken, Chu Ge! Chapter 281 How hard do I know, do you know?

Chapter 280 You're so bad Chapter 279 Are you a devil? Chapter 278 Flash in 24 seconds! Chapter 277 1 Thunder Chapter 276 The big sword may be late ... Chapter 275 Flawless and flawless Chapter 274 Pretend to be true and false, do nothing Chapter 273 No regrets to enter China in this life, the next life is willing to plant flowers (for the National Day ... Chapter 272 4 goals in 2 games, return ~ In the new 1 month, we are anxious to guarantee the monthly pass! Chapter 271 Big Mouth Pig Teammate Chapter 270 BBC, or CCB?

Chapter 269 We are not the same Chapter 268 They have a great advantage, they go up Chapter 267 The German package you ordered has been delivered ~ The shorter, the bigger the thing! Chapter 266 weare Chapter 265 Metaphysics Chapter 264 Almost couldn't move this group of people Chapter 263 Will be out there Chapter 262 My head of society, not many people talk harshly ~ Double the monthly ticket, for support, for the Italian cannon! Chapter 261 That man is back to lei Chapter 260 Real Madrid Fan Protection Association?

Chapter 259 9 points in 9 rounds, the champion is already in the bag Chapter 258 New record, 11! Chapter 257 hat trick Chapter 256 Score 2 degrees Chapter 255 Opening record Chapter 254 Rainbow arc Chapter 253 Why solve worries, only win ~ Happy Mid-Autumn Festival Chapter 252 You ridicule, I will output Chapter 251 Derby satisfaction Chapter 250 Won 1 mad Chapter 249 Chu Ge Moment

Chapter 248 A showdown of young talents, Madrid Derby! Chapter 247 Face is ugly, things are difficult Chapter 246 Madrid derby, who loses and explodes in situ Chapter 245 The meaning of the record is to be broken Chapter 244 How can you not love the Champions League? Chapter 243 Young means endless possibilities Chapter 242 Record night, break the dust seal 20 years record! Chapter 241 1 city per person, Wolf King Totti Chapter 240 In the name of genius, please cheer me tonight Chapter 239 Fanghua, a peerless generation Chapter 238 Sky hook? Tianxiu! Chapter 237 Guardiola Mourinho Zidane

Chapter 236 1. 500 million euros Chapter 235 Do n’t forget the original intention Chapter 234 The hope of the whole village Chapter 233 Maybe Zidane didn't trust him very much, right? Chapter 232 The first time I always get nervous Chapter 231 Honest people Isco and Kovacic Chapter 230 The power of metaphysics gradually emerges Chapter 229 Congratulate with goals Chapter 228 New Year 1 look at the ball Chapter 227 Neymar? I chose to take my Chuge away Chapter 226 Boom Boom, the Real Madrid spree you ordered has been delivered Chapter 225 1 victory

Chapter 224 The king treats me as a countryman, and I will report it Chapter 223 Coco Chapter 222 Primary school students make elections Chapter 221 I am the embodiment of science! Chapter 220 catastrophe Chapter 219 Winning the ball will solve the problem, and losing the ball will bury hidden dangers Chapter 218 When it comes to playing football, I ’m not targeting anyone Chapter 217 Are you disappointed? Then prove it to them Chapter 216 Chu Ge, or Hames Chapter 215 Kicking head over head, first goal Chapter 214 Bell injured Chapter 213 Football is not a game with attributes

Chapter 212 Compete in the team, the capable person comes first Chapter 211 Benitez please take the pot Chapter 210 Jin Pingmei Chapter 209 The first show and the Golden Globe Awards ceremony Chapter 208 Reach the same height as Ronaldo Chapter 207 Hala, Madrid ~ Chapter 206 "Start tomorrow" Chapter 205 Real Madrid's offer Chapter 204 Transition coach Zidane Chapter 203 Xuanzong is here Chapter 202 Raise quotation

Chapter 201 Rainbow Chapter 200 Greater Paris, Greater Paris Chapter 199 Youth is what you want to do, just do it! Chapter 198 Obviously you can rely on Yan value to eat, but you have to rely on talent Chapter 197 If you want to go crazy, just go crazy Chapter 196 return? Chapter 195 Around winter Chapter 194 Single core wins? Chapter 193 Elite chu ~ Born to the sun, ask for monthly tickets! Chapter 192 Turning against the wind, born into the sun Chapter 191 Flammable and explosive

Chapter 190 Milinkovich? bring it on ~ Thank you all for your support last month! Ask for a guaranteed monthly pass for this month! Chapter 189 Golden Boy Awards and Lazio ~ Command, ask for firepower support, help! Ask for monthly tickets, Chapter 188 Golden Boy Award for the most IMBA in history Chapter 187 Zidane ~ There are 1 saying 1, everyone, my name is Qiu Yuetong Chapter 186 Friuli applause ~ Monthly ticket urgent, please *** Chapter 185 Fire, anti-theft, anti-chu song Chapter 184 Change Gua ~ Ask for the next monthly ticket, help

Chapter 183 Is there a pit ahead? Chapter 182 New record Chapter 181 stimulate Chapter 180 feelings Chapter 179 Calmly Chapter 178 Fight Chapter 177 Reproduce Chapter 176 Red wolf ~ Chapter 175 The youngest European Golden Boy Award candidate Chapter 174 Rewrite new records at will Chapter 173 Icardi stunned by Tin Man tactics

Chapter 172 He is not optimistic about this marriage Chapter 171 Others are better than yourself Chapter 170 Drive in 1 word Chapter 169 Best in the game Chapter 168 These 1 shots are amazing times Chapter 167 Worldwide praise and ... the Piero field Chapter 166 A cool rainbow! Chapter 165 Advance from Six S to Seven S Chapter 164 Derby confrontation is everywhere Chapter 163 Icardi vomiting blood 3 liters Chapter 162 The increasingly popular Chu song Chapter 161 Allegri

Chapter 160 Dance at the Ferraris Stadium Chapter 159 Sampdoria Chapter 158 Someone sends money to your door ~ Today is my birthday ... so Chapter 157 Sudden flash, world wave Chapter 156 He is not Messi Chapter 155 Chievo's logging ... and muscle show Chapter 154 Over 3 levels and 4 levels, there is no 1 in 1 enemy Chapter 153 A loud noise in the sky, Chuge debut Chapter 152 Straightforward, Chievo with flying donkey Chapter 151 Learn from Chu Ge Chapter 150 80,000 people stood and applauded

Chapter 149 Shout to hoarse, laugh to crazy Chapter 148 Sit down, the miracle begins Chapter 147 Flower arrangement feet ... Am I too strong? Chapter 146 Gu Guyou Pan, Gu Panshenghui Chapter 145 Chu Ge, are you still here? Chapter 144 Unfortunately, this is not a 3-pointer ~ Explosive liver five more, beg monthly tickets! ! Seek support! Chapter 143 Mo Shangren is like jade Chapter 142 The running under the spotlight is his lost youth Chapter 141 It ’s Derby, and ... war! Chapter 140 How could Milan Derby have no homestay Chapter 139 You can discount the name of Chuge ...

Chapter 138 I'm going to join the Milan Derby, do you have anything to say? Chapter 137 Once again the best in the game and ... CPI combination ~ Report the results to the boss, and ask for monthly tickets for support! Chapter 136 Football is always a happy thing Chapter 135 Chu Ge's personal performance Chapter 134 C Ronald USB Chapter 133 Come, hurt each other Chapter 5 More finished, loud, ask for monthly pass, please ask for 1 cut! Chapter 132 Shit you with rhythm Chapter 131 Keep it simple, make it easy Chapter 130 Upgrade is always easy Chapter 129 New season

Chapter 128 The first homecoming competition Chapter 127 Warm-up match Chapter 126 Jinfeng Yulu 1 meets Chapter 125 Number seven jersey Chapter 124 Asia's second worth ~ Testimonials on the shelves: Can salted fish also have dreams? Chapter 123 Whose brand is it? Chapter 122 3 echelons Chapter 121 14 invitations Chapter 120 Need to continue to exercise during the holidays Chapter 119 Chubo group's small prototype Chapter 118 This is an era of inflation

Chapter 117 Real Madrid's refusal Chapter 116 gift Chapter 115 number Chapter 114 I do n’t know how many people will return Chapter 3 Jiang Yanyan Chapter 113 Do not complain Chapter 112 What will happen in the future Chapter 111 Last dinner Chapter 110 Blooming Chapter 109 ChuGoal Chapter 108 The last round of the league Chapter 107 I want to win this game

Chapter 106 Only 1 champion Chapter 105 Zidane ’s new skills Chapter 104 The last sprint in the league Chapter 103 1st season Chapter 102 Coronation Chapter 101 Nuclear weapons ~ Week 1 is here again Chapter 100 Goal fight Chapter 99 Pick and roll Chapter 98 Powerful Chelsea Chapter 97 strengthen Chapter 96 The highly watched final skr

Chapter 95 Conflicting schedule Chapter 94 Scouting report Chapter 93 Meteor flying Chapter 92 Las Palmas Chapter 91 Lost, let's get it back together! ~ My mind is a bit broken, just talk about it Chapter 90 I am not Raul, nor will it be Rivera Chapter 89 Two weeks Chapter 88 Conservative Ancelotti Chapter 87 Rich can be self-willed Chapter 86 new skill ~ It ’s week 1 and you guys

Chapter 85 Full harvest Chapter 84 Rise to fame Chapter 83 1 ball fame ~ Right. Chapter 82 The Da Luo pendulum you ordered is online ~ Ok Chapter 81 They know nothing about Chu Ge Chapter 80 Who is poisonous Chapter 79 Fat Luo Chapter 78 Ancelotti Chapter 77 Out of stock jersey Chapter 76 Big list

Chapter 75 Chu Ge's new number Chapter 74 All the people there are talents Chapter 73 Ancelotti's call Chapter 72 How far is it from Valdebebas to Chamartin ~ 1 vote per week Chapter 71 16-year-old genius Chapter 70 Hello 2015 Chapter 69 2014 ending Chapter 68 Weibo Chapter 67 Chu Ge's template Chapter 66 the way Chapter 65 Ancelotti

Chapter 64 Streak and interview Chapter 63 metaphysics ~ The update may be a little later, about 30 to 40 minutes Chapter 62 On the first day of Chu's absence, miss him Chapter 61 The first hat trick Chapter 60 Bell goal Chapter 59 Great Saint Pattern ~ ticket. Chapter 58 Scoring a goal Chapter 57 Battle of Red and White Chapter 56 Pro and son Chapter 55 Please be careful

Chapter 54 Dreams Chapter 53 Handsome boy Chapter 52 First show Chapter 51 Accidentally upgraded Chapter 50 Marajol is a younger brother Chapter 49 He is stronger than you Chapter 48 Meet the Golden Wolf Chapter 47 caravan Chapter 46 Make a big news Chapter 45 Xuanzong's pick Chapter 44 result Chapter 43 Flying fairy

Chapter 42 Xuanzong watching the ball Chapter 41 IQ suppression Chapter 40 Central China Finals Chapter 39 Baseball king Chapter 38 Interesting opponent Chapter 37 friend Chapter 36 Qi Zu Chapter 35 Matsue Chapter 34 Invite and oppose Chapter 33 Its northwest peaks, Lin You Youmei Chapter 32 Come grove Chapter 31 620,000

Chapter 30 Full marks and poisonous milk Chapter 29 If a genius has a name, it must be Chu Ge Chapter 28 Slash Chapter 27 Will pull the eagle bow like a full moon Chapter 26 Ignite the audience Chapter 25 upgrade Chapter 24 Something Chapter 23 Onlookers Chapter 22 Jiangcheng Sports Center Chapter 21 Counterattack Chapter 20 Happiness comes too suddenly Chapter 19 Mountain rain is coming

Chapter 18 Eliminate Chapter 17 Professional athletes Chapter 16 Genius privilege Chapter 15 Narrow path Chapter 14 Lvyin dream is flying, youth is just right Chapter 13 Chu Ge's long, Pei Xiaowei's short Chapter 12 Special Training Program Chapter 11 Praise me quickly Chapter 10 Greenery Training Course Chapter 9 Fancy Chapter 8 Deciduous ball Chapter 7 Lucky Roulette

Chapter 6 Crotch Chapter 5 System activation Chapter 4 School coach Chapter 3 This is a face-looking world Chapter 2 Pei Xiaowei Chapter 1 Gold finger?

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