The game is over.

Watch the score on the TV screen.

3: 1.

Guardiola smiled.

The smile is somewhat helpless.

"It's really easy to be a Manchester United coach."

He shook his head with a emotion. Immediately, Guabal turned off the TV.


Almost at the same time.

Old Trafford Stadium.

Conti held his hands on his hips and looked at the Chinese boy. He listened to the enthusiastic cheers of the fans and sent out almost the same emotions as Guardiola.

"Manchester United's coach is too good to be." Conte said.

In this game, Chelsea did their best to achieve a goal.

Assisted by Hazard, William shook Manolas and volleyed to score from the far corner.


Chu Ge hat trick.

Where can I justify it?

A solo performance in a solo show went to the meeting, a free kick in the dead corner of Chu Ge's field, and a leak in front of the door.

He alone achieved a triple goal for Chelsea.

Manchester United won the game.

"This is like a life like a hang-up." Conte shook his head and smiled bitterly.

He suddenly felt that he lost to Manchester United last season, and it seems that he is not so wrong.

In the face of such a superstar, what kind of results are really possible. In particular, Manchester United also got Van Dijk this season, and the defense has become more stable.

"Your results this season are really outstanding."

Conte walked to the Manchester United coach seat, embraced Ferguson, and praised him politely.


Ferguson laughed proudly.

"If you are interested, you can also coach them." Ferguson squeezed his eyes at Conte.

Just like an old kid.

Conti froze.

"Are you kidding me?" He said.

Ferguson laughed and patted Conte's shoulder. "Young man, you have a lot of money, and work hard."

Say it.

The big brother turned and left.

Conti left with a brutal look.


Conte suddenly burst into tears and laughter, and even missed it a little, sighing.

It has been a long time since he heard people say him.

not long time.

It's about thirty years old.


Manchester City beat Arsenal.

Manchester United beat Chelsea.

The scenes that the fans looked forward to did not appear.

The game was over and Manchester United created a 12-game winning streak.

They tied for the longest winning streak in the team's history, while firmly occupying the top position in the league.

And Manchester City is only two points away from Manchester United.

The battle for the league title is getting better and better.

"I don't know if this season's champion will last until the last round like last season." Some people said with emotion.


Manchester City fans like this comment crazy.


The league title last season was a counterattack in the league's second place. Manchester United's last round of overtaking Chelsea became the league champion.


At the same time as Shuangman wins both, the defeat of the two teams, Arsenal and Chelsea are a bit sad.

Arsenal lost fourth,

The ranking dropped to sixth place in the league.

Chelsea also fell from third in the league to fifth in the league.

Replaced by Liverpool (third) and Tottenham (fourth).

At the same time that the battle for the league title has become fierce, the competition for the top four in the league, to be precise, the competition for the third or fourth, is also becoming fiercer.

Four strong teams compete for the last two UEFA Champions League tickets for next season, and the competition is fierce.

With the decline in rankings, the team's performance is far worse than last season, Chelsea began to break out of the coaching crisis.

Plus the SMS door event during the summer transfer period.

The newly transferred double-footed turf forward Morata, who spent huge amounts of money on the team, underperformed.

Conte seems to have lost the trust of the Chelsea manager.

There were also rumors of discord in the dressing room.

The car's locker room always seems to have some metaphysics. Since the first period of Mu, every coach, including Mourinho, cannot fully and completely win the trust of the rental car locker room.

Today, Conte has encountered this problem.

Many media began to rumor that the Italian coach's coaching career seems to be over.

There is a lot of talk about this.


After that, a more powerful news quickly diverted everyone's attention.

The first round of the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals.

At the pre-match conference between Manchester United and Sevilla.

Ferguson officially announced the news of his retirement after the end of the season.

At the press conference.

Chu Ge, as the captain, sat beside Ferguson. Facing more than one hundred media, the old man with a red nose smiled.

"Yes, you heard it right," he said.

"Due to physical reasons, after the end of this season, I will officially leave the seat of Manchester United's head coach. Or, you can also understand that I fired Manchester United."

The coach said humorously.

Clouds are light and windy.

But Chu Ge could feel Ferguson's heart, but he was still reluctant.

From the moment he became head coach of the Red Devils Manchester United in 1986, he has been closely linked to the history of this English club.

Especially for those fans who only understand modern football and become Manchester United fans, Ferguson is equal to Manchester United.

Ferguson has brought Manchester United extremely brilliant results, and Manchester United has also made Ferguson a household name and has its own mark in the history of football around the world. The two complement each other and create a good story in the history of modern football.

If it was not for physical reasons, Ferguson was even willing to advise him forever.

Until the lens of life.

It is said that companionship is the longest love confession, and this relationship between Ferguson and Manchester United is equivalent to the fairy tale of Anderson in football.

But time is cruel.

Years while blowing white Ferguson's hair, also took away his health.

Manchester United may never be old.

But Ferguson cannot.

At the beginning of the day when the comeback was chosen, the time of leaving began to count down silently.

And at the end of the season.

It is the day when the countdown returns to zero.

Ferguson sighed.

He originally thought that after the last farewell, this time he will be more used to it.

However, no one is really used to saying goodbye.

The so-called habit is nothing more than an excuse for self-deception.

Ferguson controlled his emotions very well.

At the press conference, he used the calmest words to announce to the world that he was leaving.

He doesn't want Manchester United fans to know he will retire until the end of the season.

In that case, it is unfair to the fans.

He chose to be honest with the fans.

After Ferguson said that, the scene fell silent.

The reporters looked at each other.

They even forgot to ask questions for a while.

To be honest, as media workers, they had long expected Ferguson's retirement.

Even last season, when Ferguson would retire, he was discussed early by various media. Many people estimate that Ferguson will leave the position of Manchester United coach at least one year and at most three years.

However, when the most accurate news came out of Ferguson, the reporters were still a bit uncomfortable.

They didn't even know how to express it for a while.

Sitting in front of them is a legend.

A history.

One witnessed the monument to the Premier League from scratch.

When Ferguson was in the world of football, these reporters and even most of the people on the scene were still born.

Ferguson smiled at some helpless reporters.

Like a kind grandpa looking at a group of grandchildren.

Ferguson pointed to Chu Ge around him and joked to reporters: "This time, you will not say that I left it to the next Manchester United coach, is it a mess? Hmm?"

Chu Ge smiled.

The reporters also laughed.

"No. No." They responded one after another.

The atmosphere at the venue was a little lighter.

A reporter started asking questions.

They first paid tribute to Ferguson.

Then asked some questions that everyone cares about.

For example, is the Manchester United club ready for Ferguson to leave; for example, who is the next head coach of Manchester United, etc.

Ferguson did not give a positive answer.

He only said that there will be further news at the end of the season.

The reporters were not surprised or disappointed with this answer.

The news of Ferguson's retirement is already explosive enough.

In contrast, the news of the UEFA Champions League knockout games is not as important as the news of Ferguson's retirement.

They even can't wait to end this news conference immediately, so as to rush to release the news of Ferguson's retirement in the first time.


as predicted.

Shortly after the Manchester United press conference ended, the news of Ferguson's retirement immediately made headlines in the major media.

Countless fans have talked about this.

Among them, the most emotional must be Manchester United fans.

This is not the first time Ferguson has said that he is leaving Manchester United.

Even, Manchester United fans are psychologically prepared for Ferguson's departure this time.


No matter how fully psychologically prepared, as this day is coming, it seems to be of no use.

The fans were sentimental.

If possible, they are even willing to reduce the lifespan of one day, so that Ferguson can regain his youth and can continue to stay at Manchester United.

Chu Ge tweeted and tweeted.

"No matter when, Manchester United will always be with you. You are Manchester United."

After this message of tribute to Ferguson, he quickly sent another message to encourage the team and encourage the fans.

"All the Manchester United people unite and fight for the boss! We must use the best results as a gift and dedicate to him! Advance, Manchester United!"

Chu Ge issued a call and quickly received a response from his teammates.

Mbappe, Van Dijk, Rashford, De Gea, Smalling, Valencia and others praised. Even the players who have left the team, such as Rooney and Ibrahimović; and the team's famous names, Gary Neville, Solskjaer, Beckham and others have also praised them.

It also includes Ronaldo.

"We will work harder, come on, Manchester United!" Mbappe

"Victory! Victory! Only a victory is a great coach!" Rashford

"We want to fight for the championship and pay tribute to the coach." Van Dijk

The players expressed their opinions one after another.

"No matter when, you are always the most special in my heart, just like my father." C Ronaldo

"I can't forget the years I spent with you at Manchester United. You are the best coach in the world. I am honored to have played for you."

Ferguson's former disciples also paid tribute to him.

"Thank you Sir Ferguson, you are the reason I fell in love with Manchester United!"

"The Red Devils are strong because of you, and we are proud of you!"

"I am reluctant to leave. We will continue to support Manchester United. Manchester United, come on!"

Fans are also thanking the club legend in various ways.

at this time.

Probably the most depressed is Seville.

They also admire Ferguson.

But as the next opponent, they again felt unlucky.

"At this moment, Manchester United's morale may be the strongest. I met Manchester United at this time, and I don't know what to say." In an interview, the Sevilla coach said rather helplessly.

"However, we will not give up the game anyway. I believe that a wonderful game is the best tribute to Sir Alex Ferguson. We will fight for victory. This is the meaning of football!"

Facing Manchester United, Seville is also full of fighting spirit.

In the Champions League knockout, each round of promotion means a lot of attention and a lot of bonuses.

As a permanent champion of the European Union, Sevilla also has no lack of ambition.


The game started quickly.

The first round was played in Seville.

Manchester United first come first.

Sevilla has a home advantage.

At the Pis Juan Stadium, Sevilla once defeated opponents like Real Madrid and Barcelona. In the face of visiting Manchester United, they naturally made the best preparations.

In the first minute of the game, the home fans started to cheer the most enthusiastically.

They hope that their team will be the first to win, and take the lead in the first round of the contest, laying the edge for the two rounds of knockout.

Their cheering came to an abrupt end in the 19th minute of the first half.

Kanter steals the ball.

Pogba scored after receiving the ball.

Mbappe made a forcible break along the sideline. He used speed to overtake and took the ball directly into the restricted area of ​​Sevilla.

At the forefront of the penalty area, the French teenager forced a shot.

The Sevilla goalkeeper made a brave save and blocked the football.


Chu Ge grabbed the second spot.

His SSS-class speed turned him into a flash of lightning. Seville's defender didn't hold Chu Ge even with his hand.

Facing the goalkeeper who had fallen to the ground, Chu Ge made a very calm volley, the football crossed the Seville defender who blocked the gun and fell into the goal lightly.

1: 0!

Manchester United took the lead in the away game.

While gaining the lead, Chu Ge's goal also allowed Manchester United to score an away goal!


Thousands of Manchester United fans who were on the team were all excited. They waved the team's flag and shouted Chu Ge's name.

Chu Ge pointed to Ferguson on the sidelines.

Run towards Ferguson.

This goal is dedicated to Ferguson.

Run quickly to the sidelines.

As he approached Ferguson, Chu Ge stepped on the brakes. He slowed down and slowed down until he reached Ferguson's side.

Looking at this kind old man, Chu Ge and Ferguson hugged tightly.

"This is for you." Chu Ge said.

"Thank you." Ferguson smiled, patting Chu Ge's back with a smile of relief.

"But this is not enough." Ferguson said to Chu Ge with a smile.

Chu Ge laughed.

"Then one more." He promised Ferguson.

"I am waiting for your next goal." Ferguson was happy.


Ferguson did not wait too long.

ten minutes later.

Chu Ge scored another goal.

This time it was no longer a supplementary shot in front of the goal, but a standard Chu Ge way of scoring.

After receiving Mata's long pass, Chu Ge inscribed along his familiar right side.

This is also known as Chu Ge Passage.

Along the Chuge channel, Chuge passed three defenders in a row.

His chic footsteps, lightning speed, and highly observable stride meteor raid reminded the audience here of the fear of being dominated by Chu Ge two years ago.

This is the Chuge style raid.

After passing the three people ~ ~ Chu Ge and Mbappe made a collision with the wall.


He scored a goal.

Facing the goalkeeper, a low shot.

Football once again pierced the goal without suspense.

2: 0.

Manchester United led by two goals away!

After scoring, Chu Ge ran to Ferguson again.

"This is still for you." Chu Ge smiled.

"Good! Good! Good!"

Ferguson was very pleased.

This is the Manchester United he wants to see.

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