Many Manchester United fans are paying attention to this game between Manchester City and Arsenal.

They look forward to the Gunners can help the brothers, hold Manchester City, so that Manchester United can ease the next game.


As soon as the score came out, all Manchester United fans were disappointed.

"After so many years, Arsenal are still fighting."

Seeing the Gunners lose to Manchester City again and be double-killed by Manchester City this season, Manchester United fans couldn't help but sigh.

Liverpool lost to Arsenal at the beginning of the season, but they immediately found the game back in the second round and tied the total score with Manchester City. Although Klopp's team has always had some ups and downs, their passionate play and the rapid growth of young people in the team have made Liverpool fans see hope.

Liverpool can expect in the future.

But what about Arsenal?

When Manchester United and Arsenal fought for hegemony, who could have thought that the Gunners would eventually fall to Sri Lanka.

At that time, Arsenal created the myth of undefeated seasons, with 26 wins and 12 draws in a single season and 49 undefeated cross-seasons. So far, no Premier League team has surpassed it. Henry, Bogkamp, ​​Pires, Ashley Cole, Vieira and other famous players were also the top stars at the time.

"Don't laugh at Arsenal. If it's not Chu Ge joining, if it's not the return of Lord Ferguson, we might as well be Arsenal now." A Manchester United fan reminded.

As soon as this remark came out, the bird was silent.

It took a long time for someone to be weak.

"We shouldn't be so miserable."


"The pressure comes to Manchester United again."

Su Qingqing put down her phone.

She didn't like the news headlines on her mobile phone.

It's nothing more than saying that Manchester City won, Manchester United encountered Chelsea, and the pressure will be great.

Means nothing.

Su Qingqing looked around.

Today ’s Old Trafford stadium is still full.

This season, the attendance rate here is close to 100%. Whether it is against Liverpool, Manchester City, or with some weak teams, the Old Trafford stadium is always full.

The successful record allows more fans to flock to the court to see the ball.

Moreover, compared with the former Old Trafford, there are more young fans looking at the ball now, and more passionate.

In the past season, although the team's performance was not satisfactory, the attendance rate of Old Trafford Stadium is basically guaranteed. However, compared to Anfield, the atmosphere of watching here is a little quieter. Therefore, Old Trafford is also known as a library.

But now, when Su Qingqing looks around from the stands, the club's flag is flying everywhere. Fans sang loudly songs that praised Manchester United and the Chu team. The whole stadium is like a big family, lively and exciting.

Su Qingqing was very sweet when listening to Manchester United fans singing "VivaChuGoal, VivaCaptainCHU".

"I don't know if this is an all-round song." She thought somewhat proudly.


Chu Ge walked into Old Trafford.

There was a huge cheer from the stadium. Under the guidance of the big horn of the stadium, Manchester United fans shouted the captain's name loudly.

Chu Ge smiled and beckoned to the fans.

He glanced back.

Conte is walking out of the player channel with Chelsea players.

"Welcome to Old Trafford." Chu Ge whispered with a smile.

This was originally a slogan at Liverpool's home court.

Chu Ge feels that there is no sense of disobedience here at this moment.


The game started.

Chu Ge noticed that the appreciation points in the system obviously started to grow.

Even if he hasn't scored yet, the rate of appreciation is not slow. And every time he takes the ball to make a beautiful move away from others, the speed of appreciation will soar significantly.

All this seems to remind Chu Ge.

This is a very important game.

Manchester United fans are very eager for a victory.


Guardiola looked at the TV screen and looked at Chu Ge.

On the screen, Chu Ge took the ball and went all the way along the right road.

Matic was chasing after him.

Matic is a very good defensive midfielder, whose valuation in the German transfer market has exceeded 60 million euros.

Since Conte's favorite Kanter was intercepted by Ferguson, Matic was firmly seated in Chelsea. And this player also proved his strength with a very good performance, and won the trust of Conte and Chelsea fans.

Chelsea can be in the top three this season, and Matic can be said to be huge. His defense has frozen the dangerous characters of his opponents countless times and made a significant contribution to the team's defense.

However, Chu Ge seemed as if he did not see Matic.

He took the ball straight forward.

For each step, football and Chu Ge maintain the most suitable distance.

The chords are very harmonious.

Matic has never found a chance for a third party to intervene.

He could only follow Chu Ge and watch Chu Ge take the ball up close, as if an audience bought a "running ticket".

Soon, teammates came to support Matic.

Lüdiger, a defender who joined Chelsea from Rome this season, is a top European defensive player.

Lu Dige rushed forward to Chu Ge.

"Martic!" He greeted his teammates when he rushed over.

Matic immediately understood.

He immediately accelerated and pulled into the distance with Chu Ge. As he approached Chu Ge, Matic also raised his arm and was always ready to expand his defensive area to ensure that he formed a siege with his teammates on Chu Ge.

Two top European defensive players rushed to Chu Ge together.

"In any case, stop him. Even if you can't break the football, you must force him to stop the ball, or pass back!"

Matic stared at Chu Ge.

He speeded up to Chu Ge.

Two steps.


The two are only one step away.

Lüdiger stopped Chu Ge in front of him, and Matic took the side breadcrumbs, and the two formed a nearly textbook-like two defense and one defense formation.

at this time.

Chu Ge suddenly stopped.

At the tip of my toes, the football is like being pressed the time stop button, and it instantly stays where it is.

Pull the ball.

Chu Ge blocked Matic's body with his body, blocking Matic's vision.

In Matic's vision, the football seemed to disappear for 0.2 seconds.

Pull horizontally, change direction, and turn around.

Marseille slalom!

Chu Ge suddenly used his signature action.

The football drew a diagonal line along his feet, just across the left of Matic and Ludiger's right. At the same time, Chu Ge turned around and changed direction.


The speed of the SSS class starts instantly.

Chu Ge rushed past the two defenders.

He quickly caught up with the football and completed this breakthrough.


Old Trafford Stadium seemed to shake.

The fans exclaimed neatly.

Immediately, the warm applause sounded like a summer rainstorm, intensive and warm.

Wow! Wow! Wow!

The entire stadium was instantly filled with applause.

"Too beautiful! Too chic!"


"A genius breakthrough, Chu Ge passed both of them at once!"

"What is the real Marseille maneuver!"

"Emperor Bengbu, have you learned?" ...

Overwhelming praise followed.

Fans, commentators, were extremely excited. They looked at the teenager who was dancing on the greenery, and their hearts were very excited.

Guardiola's eyes narrowed.

He was also amazed by Chu Ge's extraordinary movements.

"It's a student taught by the bald man. This Marseille maneuver is exactly the same as the man's back then, just like it was carved in a mold."

Guardiola shook his head.

The more you endure, the more you feel angry, and the more you step back, the more you lose.

This should be his player.

Why did you go to Manchester United?


Chu Ge took the ball forward.

He advanced extremely fast.

The speed of the SSS level makes football feel like lightning at his feet.

The winds of Old Trafford roared past him.

Chu Ge brought the ball closer and closer to Chelsea's penalty area.

Because the breakthrough was too simple and clean, Chelsea's defense was instantly torn open by Chu Ge.

Azpilicueta looked at the other side of the court.

French teenager Mbappe also advanced at high speed.

The speed is not much slower than Chu Ge.

From different angles, the two Manchester United players inserted into the Chelsea penalty area.

There is only one choice before Azpilicueta, either to intercept Chu Ge or to defend Mbappe.

There is only one person, but there are two people to defend.

How should Azpilicueta choose?

Not much time was left for him to think.

"Fak, who loves who!" Azpilicueta was too lazy to think so complicated. Since football is at the foot of Chu Ge, and Chu Ge is Manchester United's most powerful star, Azpilicueta can only pretend that Mbappe does not exist.


The two met.

Looking up at Azpilicueta, the rest of his eyes swept Mbappe on the other side.

Chu Ge was decisive.

Raise the right foot and swipe across the football.

The body leans to the right.

After seeing Azpilicueta adjusting the center of gravity in the same direction, Chu Ge landed on his right foot and lifted his left foot, also swiftly across the football.

Lean to the left.

"Are you a top?"

Seeing Chu Ge's center of gravity seemed to move from side to side, Azpilicueta wanted to talk.

He has no choice.

Can only forcibly stabilize the body and adjust the center of gravity simultaneously.


Chu Ge repeated the above actions again.

When I said it was fast and fast, in the high-speed dribbling, Chu Ge flickered from left to right, suddenly from left to right, every move seemed to be true, and every move was like a fake.

Azpilicueta was forced to rock left and right.

Soon, he was educated by Newton.

The inertia of the body prevented Azpilicueta from perfectly controlling his center of gravity.

And Chu Ge's next move is logical.

He suddenly accelerated.

This time it's no longer false.

The football was pushed away by Chu Ge, away from Azpilicueta's defense zone. At the same time, Chu Ge accelerated his sprint and even led the ball to bypass Azpilicueta.

Azpilicueta reached out and stretched his legs to Chu Chu. But the inertia of his body took him in the opposite direction.

The center of gravity is completely out of balance.

Azpilicueta fell to the ground. Almost split a fork.


At the Old Trafford stadium, there was another exclamation.

"The pendulum is amazing!"

"Daro Pendulum!"

"Chu Ge is awesome!"

In the high-speed movement, such a left-right flashing right-handed, only Ronaldo at the peak of that year can do it.

That is the pinnacle of Da Luo's memory.

Now, Chu Ge once again perfectly reproduces the alien's extraordinary movements.

It's perfect!

Guardiola couldn't help but want to like him.

"This is not my player again, why do I like it more and more." He felt as if he wanted to split his personality.

"Anyway, Chelsea should stop him, don't let him score."

Guardiola looked at Chu Ge on the screen.

After breaking through Azpilicueta, the Manchester United teammate has formed a single shot.

He directly broke into Chelsea's penalty area.

In front of him, there was only the last Chelsea defensive player.


"By the way, and Courtois!"

Seeing this goalkeeper, Guardiola seemed to grab the last straw.

"Kurtoi is the best in the world!"

He almost shouted.

At this moment, Bravo, Edson and Valdes were all forgotten by Guardiola.

He was like drinking a baby.

In his eyes only Kurtuva.

That is the hope of the whole village!


Conte was also looking at Courtois.

Courtois is perhaps the best goalkeeper of the younger generation.

For him, Chelsea gave up Cech; for him, Chelsea was indifferent to De Braun's departure. And the goalkeeper also proved his reliability time and again with a steady performance.

Many old Chelsea fans who were dissatisfied with Courtois because of Cech's departure were conquered by Courtois after these two seasons.

right now.

This is the moment when Courtois proved himself again!


Courtois is calm.

Even though the last teammate in front of him was also broken by Chu Ge, there was no wave in his heart.

He pinpointed the time.

At the moment when Chu Ge got rid of Azpilicueta, Kurtova started instantly.

He moved quickly.

Go straight to Chu Ge.

In Chu Ge's eyes, the goalkeeper became bigger and bigger, but the goal behind him seemed to be shrinking.

The route that Kurtuwa appeared blocked most of Chu Ge's shooting angle.

"This goalkeeper is not bad."

An idea flashed.

Chu Ge did not dodge. He rushed to the football and greeted Courtois head-on.

Probably the most outstanding striker VS of the younger generation may be the best goalkeeper of the younger generation!

Head to head!

The two quickly drew closer.

The two sides will not give in to each other.

Meet in a narrow road!

Just when the distance between the two was less than 5 meters, Chu Ge suddenly looked up at the far end.

There, Mbappe arrived.

The French teenager didn't say a word, but just moved seriously. He opened the gap to ensure that he was not offside, and tried to get rid of the back guard.

Positioning is very smart.

Just then.

Chu Ge took his time.

"Shoot, or pass?"

Chelsea's guards were in a trance for a while. It is difficult for them to distinguish Chu Ge's true intentions.

"He must have shot! How could this kid pass the ball at this time!"

Courtois ignored it.

The instinct of the first-class goalkeeper told him.

Blocked the shot,

He can win!


Kurtua's intuition did not deceive him.

Chu Ge swings his legs.

He chose to shoot!

SSS-level shooting ability launched!

Kurtova opened his hands, opened his legs, and tried his best to expand his defensive area to welcome the ball.

When the football really flew out of Chu Ge's feet, seeing the football flight line, the goalkeeper suddenly tightened.


He almost scolded.

Close your legs quickly.

However, it was too late.

The football passed between Courtois' legs and broke into the goal behind the world's top goalkeeper.

Between his legs, Kurtova's life gate.

Looking at the passing football, Conte shook his head helplessly.


The Old Trafford stadium was boiling.



The fans cheered!


Not caught off guard,

Only arrived on schedule.

Chu Ge's goal ignited the audience!

"This is a very crucial goal!"

"This goal put Manchester United ahead of Chelsea, UU reading also surpassed Manchester City again! In the real-time standings, Manchester United still occupy the first place!

"Chu Ge made all Manchester United fans cheer!"

"He stabilized the emotions of all fans!"


The narrators are full of passion.

They praised the goal aloud and praised Chuge aloud.

Guardiola's helpless wry smile.

At this time, he could only smile bitterly.

Watching Ferguson celebrating the goal on TV, he suddenly envied.

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