Next door to the Manchester United training base.

Guardiola walks in the light rain.

"Mr. Coach, hello!"

Someone shouted Guardiola.

"Hello." Guardiola responded politely.

He soon recognized that the person who greeted him was the Thames reporter.

"Excuse me, do you think Manchester City did not win Burnley, is it because the team lacks a player like Chu Ge?" The reporter asked.

"Do you think it would be great not to rain for the next few days?"

As Guardiola spoke, he quickly moved on and quickly disappeared into the reporters' eyes.

The reporters shook their heads in disappointment.

Conversation started.


February 10.


Guardiola stands on the sidelines of the Etihad Stadium.

He looked up at the scoreboard.

5: 1.

Manchester City lead the Leicester City team.

Guardiola nodded.

He was very satisfied with the score.

But even so, his face still did not show much joy.

The final whistle sounded.

The game is over.

Manchester City finally beat Leicester City.

After an unexpected draw, Blue Moon returned to victory. Moreover, it was a hearty victory.

After a polite greeting with the opponent's head coach, Guardiola walked towards the player channel.

He heard several Manchester City players chatting.

"It's finally possible to rest." One player said.

"Yeah. After this round of games, the continuous double-week match finally ended, and the league resumed once a week. Although this is only temporary, we can finally be less tired." Breathing, some lightly said.

Guardiola passed by two players.

He glanced up at the two of them and left a word.

"Manchester United players think the same way."

After all, Guardiola left without stopping.

"Good coach."

"Good coach."

Guardiola's sudden appearance made these players a bit surprised. They quickly stopped discussing and greeted the coach quickly. However, it is clear that Guardiola did not mean to talk to them. The players can only stand there silly and watch the coach leave.

"What do you mean by coach?" Looking at Guardiola's back, a player touched his head, wondering.

Sterling shrugged indifferently, "Who knows, maybe it's menopause."

The voice just fell.

Gu Bald, who had gone far, seemed to notice something, and suddenly looked back.

Stirling was so excited that he almost knelt down.

Fortunately, Guardiola didn't really hear anything. He just looked at his players, turned and walked down the stairs, and returned to the team's locker room.

Sterling patted Akun's chest.

"I was almost scared to death just now. You didn't see the coach's eyes, just like killing people." He exaggerated.

Aguero looked blank, "I understand the truth, but what do you do to touch my chest?"

"It's a wrong touch, a wrong touch. Am I nervous? Haha!" Sterling made a haha, trying to cross the border.

Only De Braun's aging teenager looked at the direction the coach left.

"The coach said that the schedule is not so dense, it is the situation that Manchester United most want to see." De Blaunet said.

Tintin looked sad.


The water shimmered, shimmering with shimmer.

Chu Ge lay comfortably in the pool.

The body is very relaxed.

The mood is also very relaxed.

Su Qingqing came over and brought Chu Ge a glass of water.

"I'm in a good mood?" Su Qingqing asked with a smile as he passed the water.

"Of course, the game won, Manchester United won 11 straight, ranked first in the league, and also won a rare rest period of about ten days, can he be unhappy?"

Chu Ge hadn't answered yet, and Pei Xiaowei quickly took the conversation.

In the league that ended yesterday, Chu Ge once again used goals to help Manchester United beat Newcastle United. Manchester United continues to top the list. Chu Ge also continued to dominate the league's top scorer list.

Su Qingqing gave Pei Xiaowei a blank look.

"I didn't ask you again." She said.

Pei Xiaowei smiled, "You didn't ask me, but I can also answer. Right, Chu Ge."

Chu Ge smiled,

He nodded.

"It must be very tiring for the continuous games this time." Su Qingqing asked thoughtfully. She walked behind Chu Ge and took the initiative to massage his shoulders.

Pei Xiaowei is envious.

Looking at Chu Ge's pleasant expression, how much he wanted to kick Chu Ge away and replace it by himself.

"You can still eat dog food here. This world ..." The fat man murmured, and then he grabbed a fierce man into the water and raised a large spatter.

"Fat fat man! You splashed me!" Su Qingqing complained as he reached out in front of Chu Ge.

Chu Ge smiled and pushed away Su Qingqing's arms like sheep fat, saying: "It's okay, you don't need to cover me."

"Actually, the fat man is right. The game won, and I am certainly very happy. And, more importantly, we got a rare trimming time. Players who play more games can rest and rest, and those who have just recovered from injury can also return to the team. Better adapt to team training, find the status through the FA Cup game, and then provide more help to the team in the league. "

Chu Ge said while relaxing.

"Don't listen, don't listen. Ferguson gave you four days off, and I still want to hear you talk about football." Su Qingqing grumbled and complained to Chu Ge very cutely.

Chu Ge lowered his head and smiled, and said no more.

"It's holiday, I want to go to the Tokyo Tower." Su Qingqing said.

Chu Ge froze for a moment.

"Go if you want," he said.

"But I don't want to go alone!" Su Qingqing continued.

"I! I!" Someone's chubby hand stretched out in the middle of the pool.

"Fat fat man, you don't talk, no one when you are dead!" Su Qingqing threw a bottle of water angrily.


I don't know if I hit it, Pei Xiaowei yelled and swam farther.

"Murder a pro-husband!" He has not forgotten to talk about his advantage.

"You!" Su Qingqing willow frowned,

"Okay, okay, don't be as general as this exhausted commodity." Chu Ge quickly stopped Su Qingqing.

"I want you to accompany me!" Su Qingqing said angrily.

Chu Ge: "Uh ..."

Is the home not big enough?

Is the game not fun?

Why go out on vacation?

He is not very happy.

"If you don't accompany me, I will continue to smash him!" Su Qingqing looked around for something.

Soon, her eyes lit up.

A pair of dumbbells was found by the pool.

Seeing that Su Qingqing really dismantled the steel sheet on the dumbbell, and the movement was still very neat, the fat man was so scared his face was blue.

"Hey! Hello ... I'm wrong! I dare not! I won't dare again next time!" He fluttered and accelerated to swim further away. The white flower's spray splashed more than a meter high, and it looked quite spectacular and a little funny.

Chu Ge stopped Su Qingqing with a wry smile.

"Go, go, I'll go, go." He said helplessly.

Su Qingqing quickly dropped the steel sheet on the ground and smiled and pulled up Chu Ge's hand.

"Then let's go! I have booked the ticket!"

Holding Chu Ge's hand, Su Qingqing will go out.


"Grandma, you have to let me change my clothes ..."


Tokyo Tower.

The afterglow of the setting sun reflected the girl's fair face and her beautiful eyes.

Looking at the tall, low buildings under the tower, Su Qingqing faced the evening breeze and opened his arms as if he wanted to embrace the wind in his arms.

Chu Ge was wearing a duckskin hat.


Back to the sunset.

Under the light, the light on his face was very dark, and with a straight posture, it looked cool.

There are even some hippy-like decadent, yummy.

He looked at the girl in the sunset and looked at Tokyo again.

"I really don't know what is nice about this broken place. The wind is still so strong," he said.

Su Qingqing approached Chu Ge head-on.

She took Chu Ge's hand and pointed it under the Tokyo Tower.

Said excitedly.

"An hour later, when the night falls, the light below lights up. Is that what the song describes, the lights mimic the falling starlight?"


"Don't you look up at the stars? Are you looking at the fake starlights imitated by lights? Are you stupid?"

Chu Ge touched Su Qingqing's forehead.

"Humph!" Su Qingqing grunted angrily.

Sometimes, someone gets confused and really wants to beat him.


His eyes rolled.

Su Qingqing has another idea.

"Okay, then accompany me to Trysil to watch the stars!"



Chu Ge felt that he had fallen into a matryoshka.

And it ’s a doll made by myself.

He decided that it would be better to talk less in the future.

Practicing closed mouth Zen.


In two or three days, Chu Ge walked three places with Su Qingqing.

Su Qingqing was having fun.

Chu Ge was a little helpless.

However, there is one saying that, from the heavy task of the competition, they are completely devoted to the beauty of nature, lamenting the wonders of the world's creation, lamenting the smallness of life, and unexpectedly making the mood more relaxed.

Don't worry about how the national team will perform in the World Cup.

Don't worry about when Manchester United's winning streak will be ended.

No need to think about goals, assists, breakthroughs, scoring, goal difference, Serbia ...

The whole person seemed to be much calmer.

Even with temperament seemed to calm down, not so much impetuous.

Chu Ge seems to be back in that year.

That year he had just made his debut in Castilla, and Zidane took him and his family to ski in France.

That year Zidane pointed to the meteor shining in the sky and said to him, "Chu, football is happy."


Football is happy.

Life is also happy.

Why not be happy?

Chu Ge smiled.

At this moment, he really felt relaxed.

He even felt that the beautiful world of football seemed to open another door.


Point straight to your heart.

At this moment, he should not have noticed that the beautiful girl next to him began to grind his teeth again.

"Three days gave so many opportunities, it's still the same as wood. Hum! Fool!"


The fifth round of the FA Cup.

Manchester United met a real opponent.

Their opponent is the same team from the Premier League, Huddersfield.

Chu Ge and other players have returned to the team.

Chu Ge took the initiative to fight.

After four days of vacation, although the journey was a little long, he had a good rest and was in good spirits.

He feels that he is in good condition, both mentally and physically, in good condition.

However, Ferguson still refused Chu Ge's request to play.

"Everyone has their own responsibilities, even young people. When they play for Manchester United, they need to assume their own responsibilities, rather than hiding behind you."

Ferguson responded to Chu Ge in this way.

Ferguson left Chu Ge and many main players in Manchester. He only brought some young people to Huddersfield's home court.

The young man at Manchester United did not disappoint the coach.

In the case of a goal thrown first, the young man pulled two consecutive goals. With this unwillingness to lose, they simply completed a reversal at the opponent's home court.

2: 1.

Manchester United defeated Huddersfield and entered the sixth round of the FA Cup.

That is the quarter-finals.

In the quarterfinals of the FA Cup, Manchester United's opponent will be Brighton, also from the Premier League.

Three days later.

Manchester United will usher in the 28th round of the Premier League.

This round, they ushered in the battle of focus.

Opponent, Chelsea.

There is also a focus war in the same round.

Manchester City play against Arsenal.


"This will be a crucial round in the second half of the league!"

The FA Cup game has just ended, and the media in England have begun to render a new round of the Premier League.

League leader Manchester United against third place Chelsea.

Second place in the league Manchester City against fourth place Arsenal!

The top four teams are fighting against each other.

Needless to say too much, everyone knows how intense and exciting this round is.

"Before the game against Chelsea, Manchester United still won an eleventh consecutive win in the Premier League, a twelve consecutive wins away from the highest in team history, only one difference."

"If they can beat Chelsea, they can tie the record of team history! At the same time, they can continue to maintain their points advantage over Manchester City and theoretically maintain the possibility of creating more winning streak."

"For Manchester City, after a draw against Burnley, they seemed to quickly find their previous streak. They opened a new round of winning streak and chased Manchester United. This round, It is the biggest test for Manchester City. By defeating Arsenal, they can continue their winning streak and continue to put pressure on Manchester United. "

"If Manchester United lose to Chelsea ~ ~ and Manchester City beat Arsenal, then after this round of competition, the first and second places in the league will have a new round of changes. Manchester City will return to the top of the list. ! "

In the media and the media, a series of exhaustive reports on these two focus wars.

On the Internet, the discussion of the fans pushed the expectations of the game to a climax.

Countless fans are paying attention to this round of the game.

In two games.

The first match was between Manchester City and Arsenal.

If this round of competition is seen as an exam between Manchester United and Manchester City, then Manchester City will take the lead.

The paper they gave was.

3: 0.

Manchester City wins.

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