In Mold's office.

Solskjaer stared at the stubborn boy for a long time.


"You ... have you really decided?" Solskjaer asked.

The teenager nodded.

No hesitation.

Solskjaer nodded.

"Now that it is decided, then go back to training." He waved his hand and motioned the teenager to leave.

The teenager turned and pushed open the door.

"Train well, I believe you will become an excellent player sooner or later. I hope to see that day." The voice of the coach came from behind.

The teenager turned and bowed deeply to the coach.

"Thank you, coach! I will work hard, definitely!"

After all, the teenager trot towards the training ground.

Solskjaer stood up.

He looked at the teenager from afar until the teenager returned to the team and started training with the players.

From the training ground, the shouts and laughter of the players came from far away,

Solskjaer thought for a while,

He picked up the phone on his desk and dialed a number that was familiar but not often.

"Hey, this is Molde Football Club, and I am Solskjaer. Excuse me, is it the boss?"

There was a pause at the end of the phone, and then a familiar and steady voice came with a distinct Irish accent.

"it's me."

Solskjaer smiled.

Immediately, he slightly apologized and said: "Sorry, boss. I told him, but he still refused."

Ferguson was silent for a while, and asked with some doubt: "Really? Hmm ... Is it because of Roy (Kean)?"

Harland's father, Elf Harland, was once a Manchester City player. He was at odds with Manchester United captain Roy Keane at the time, and there was even a grudge. There was even a rumor outside that it was formally because Keane put a black foot on Elf in the Manchester Derby, so that Harald's father eventually lost his entire career due to injury.

This is actually a misinformation.

Keane fouled Elf, but Elf's right leg was kicked, and Elf made an evasion. In that game, Elf also played the whole game.

Later Elf retired due to injury because of a long-term injury to his left leg and knee.

Keene's black foot caused Elf Halland to retire due to injury, this is not true.

However, the relationship between the two is not good, this is a real fact.

As early as in the "red and white rose" battle between Manchester United and Leeds United, the two players formed Liangzi. Later, after he retired due to injury, Elf also claimed to sue Keane through a lawyer, and believed that Keen's foul on him affected his career. That's why there are rumors that Keane caused Harland to retire.

In Ferguson's view, the reason why Harland will reject Manchester United's invitation is probably because his father has personal grievances against Keane and extended this opposing emotion to Manchester United.

After all, my father hates Manchester United, as a son, Harland is unwilling to play for Manchester United, it is also human nature.

Solskjaer smiled.

"You may not know Harland very well." He said to Ferguson.


"How to say, this kid is actually very similar to the Chu Ge you mentioned to me. He has a high ambition, but he is not willing to step forward. He does not want to go to a team that cannot guarantee his appearance at this time. , Can I understand what I said? "

"Oh." Ferguson seemed to understand.

"He does n’t like Manchester United, which may be one of the reasons, but you and I know that professional players rarely affect their career planning because of personal likes and dislikes. Even if the player is immature, the people around him, especially his The agent will certainly discourage him. The better the person, the more mature he will be when he is young, so mature that they will almost instinctively refuse some temptations that are completely impossible for others to refuse. "

Ferguson smiled. "Ole (Solskjaer), you have a very high opinion of this child."

To be honest, Ferguson is not very concerned about Harland.

I ’ll be fine-tuned when I come, and it does n’t matter if I do n’t come.

It was only because of Braida ’s recommendation and the low cost of the transfer that he wanted to promote the transfer.

Even if Harland comes to Manchester United, Ferguson is unlikely to directly trust such a child under the age of seventeen.

He is not Wenger after all.

"By the way, this kid has recently changed to a new agent. You must be no stranger to this person. He is Laiola. In addition, he seems to regard your team captain, Chu Ge, as his idol and goal. "Solskjaer added.

"Oh?" Ferguson frowned.

Harland regards Chu Ge as an idol, which he did not expect.

Just like Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, Adriano, Kaka, Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi, when there are such outstanding young people in the world football, there will always be a large number of children. People are regarded as their idols and goals.

Ferguson has no doubt about Chu Ge's current personal charm and appeal. Now in football, there are many people who think of Chu Ge as an idol. There are several in Manchester United.

Ferguson frowned, but he was a little disgusted with Laiola's agent.

"Okay, let's put aside Harland's topic for a while, and have a chance to talk later."

After learning that Laiola became Harland's agent, Ferguson's interest in Harland also seemed to diminish a lot.

"Ohle, I heard that you are doing well in Norway. Are you interested in coming to Manchester to join my class?" Ferguson asked.


Solskjaer was stunned when he heard this question from Ferguson.

Well talked about Harland, why did you talk about me suddenly?

Solskjaer was completely unprepared.

"I didn't think about this," Solskjaer said honestly.


Ferguson responded.

"Then I'll talk about it later." Say it, Ferguson hung up.


Would you stop persuading?

If you persuade me again, I might agree!

Solskjaer felt uncomfortable listening to the busy tone in the telephone receiver.

It seems that my chest is sullen.


After winning Derby County, Manchester United entered the next round of the FA Cup. The next round of matches will be played at the end of the month, and Manchester United will immediately face the 23rd round of the league.

The twenty-third round.

Manchester United sit at home and welcome Stoke City.

3: 0!

Manchester United won easily.

In the same round, Manchester City won Watford 3-1.

Manchester City have won both.


A week later.

Round 24.

Manchester United face Burnley away.

Facing Burnley, who is not strong, Manchester United unexpectedly encountered trouble.

As the accumulated yellow cards of Pogba and Mbappe were heard, their combat effectiveness was affected.

In this game, Manchester United has not broken the deadlock.

Just when people thought that Manchester United would be tied, Chu Ge stood up again in the 79th minute of the game and when the game was about to end in a dozen minutes.

He took De Gea's hand toss the ball and directly launched the raid.

Bell raid and Kaka raid, he exchanged utility.

In the high-speed dribbling, Chu Ge moved like a rabbit, constantly changing his route, continuously getting rid of the entanglement of four Burnley defenders, and finally shot a goal and scored a goal.

Burnley insisted on defense for 80 minutes, and finally broke under Chu Ge's strong attack.

Chu Ge scored the only goal in the game.

He once again brought the victory back to Manchester by himself.

After the game.

Burnley's head coach said directly, "We lost to one person today!"

The media once again dedicated their praise to the young captain of Manchester United.

"The legendary number seven has the most perfect inheritance in Chu Ge." Manchester Evening News offered tribute to Chu Ge.

The same round.

Manchester City also won.

They beat Newcastle United 3-1.

After two straight defeats, Manchester City invested heavily in introducing Laporte.

New players may not be so immediate for the improvement of the team's strength. But the team's big move to buy people, but on the other hand, stabilized the team's military spirit and morale.

They quickly got rid of the shadow of defeat and started to win again.

Using money to restore the team's morale is really simple, real and effective.

Recommended for promotion.


After the league ended, the FA Cup games followed.

Ferguson once again waved his big hand, allowing the main players to take a break.

Manchester United, with the youth team as the team, faced away with the British second team Yeovil. As a result, the teenagers were particularly upset. Manchester United beat their opponents 4-0 away and successfully advanced to the next round of the FA Cup.

In this game, teenager Greenwood staged a hat-trick and became the team's biggest hero.

After the game, Aoki King said shyly in an interview.

"I want to thank the big brothers of the first team. Training with them every day can make me gain a lot. I especially want to thank Chu Ge. Although he is a top player in the world, he has no shelf at all. Sincere. I have learned a lot from him. He is my role model! "


The FA Cup's rotation break gives Chu Ge and Manchester United first-team players some rare breaks.

During this time, Luke Shaw finally recovered.

He added new options to Manchester United's wing.

After getting the rest time, the status of the Manchester United team has recovered.

In the twenty-fifth round of the league, Manchester United won 3-1 in the face of powerful opponent Tottenham Hotspur.

Tottenham didn't stop Manchester United's winning streak.

After this game, the English media was surprised to find that Manchester United's winning streak has reached 9 in silence.

Nine straight!

However, even so, Manchester United has not opened the distance with Manchester City.

Manchester City beat West Bromwich 3-0 in this round.

They are also winning streak.

After this round of competition.

The winter transfer window is officially closed.

Although Ibrahimovic left, Manchester United did not introduce any players during this transfer period.

Halland also officially rejected Manchester United's invitation.

The teenager chose to stay in Norway.

In an interview with Norwegian media, the teenager looked very courageous.

"I'm not going to regret Manchester United." Harland said.

"Someday, I will leave Molde and join a big team, but not now. And when I step on a bigger stage, I hope I can beat a strong team like Manchester United instead of Join them! "

"The reason why I think this is not entirely for my father. I hope to motivate me with that kind of goal, so that I can get closer to my idol, Manchester United captain Chu Ge. I hope that one day I can beat him!

It is always good to have a dream.

Durant next door likes you.


In February, the Champions League 16th finals came close.

However, before that, Manchester United still have two rounds of league games.

The twenty-sixth round.

Manchester City vs. Huddersfield.

Chu Ge took a break in this game.

Manchester United beat Huddersfield 2-0.

They proved that without a captain, Manchester United can still easily win the game.

It's just that the opponent is a team deeply trapped in the relegation zone ...

Lingard played well in this game. He ran aggressively throughout the game and played a very high standard.

Except that there were no goals.

So far this season, halfway through, and Lingard is still 0 goals and 0 assists. Therefore, the fans joked him as the zero emperor.

However, ridicule for Lingard is not the focus of this round.

The point is,

Manchester City was flat.

They finally leveled off.

At Burnley's home court, the home where Manchester United used to be difficult to overcome, Manchester City encountered the same problem as Manchester United.

After ninety minutes of fierce battle, in the end neither team scored a goal.

0: 0.

Manchester City were leveled by Burnley.

Due to this draw, Manchester United finally overtake Manchester City.

After losing the top spot in the eighth round of the league, in the twenty-sixth round of the league, Manchester United once again returned to the top of the Premier League standings!

They are two points ahead of Manchester City!

Will Manchester United win the championship?

Will Manchester United defend the title?

When Manchester United returned to the top of the list again, people couldn't help asking.

For this problem, Manchester City coach Guardiola does not seem to be worried.

After the draw with Burnley, Guardiola accepted an interview with the media,

He first praised Burnley's defense, saying that Burnley's bus was beautiful.

Immediately, the coach expressed his views on the league champion.

"League is a very long process. Sometimes they are on top, sometimes we are on top, which is normal."

"We experienced an 18-game winning streak and then lost the game. Now it is their ten-game winning streak. No team will win one team, and so is ours, so will they.

"What we have to do is to be patient, and when they lose the game, seize the opportunity. That's all."

After the game ~ ~ data compiled by the media also confirmed Guardiola's point of view.

No team loses the championship in the season where they set a winning streak.

there has never been.

Therefore, this season's Premier League champions still have a high probability of belonging to Manchester City.

Unless Manchester United can create a more terrifying streak than Manchester City.

And this is impossible.

"How could there be two longest winning streak records in a season? Please! The winning streak record is difficult. It's not a balloon, it can be broken casually!"

"Trust me, this is impossible. I am professional."

In the Sky Sports Studios, Manchester City famous Robinho said so.

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