Monday, January 1, 2018.

Manchester Derby just passed the first day.

At the Carrington training base, Manchester United players have started their preparation for the next round of the league. Tomorrow, they will be touring the Toffee Goodison Park Stadium against the Everton team.

Two leagues, only two days apart.

This is the "Christmas Schedule" unique to the Premier League.

The continuous and intensive schedule is a test for every team and every player.

Ferguson looked towards the training ground.

As usual, the training was completed by Giggs with Ferran and other Manchester United coaching staff. Ferguson stayed in his office, thinking about the team's technical and tactical arrangements for the next period of time, and ... transferring to the market.

With the advent of January, the European winter transfer window officially opened.

After half a season, each team will more or less expose some of the problems accumulated in the team.

For example, if a certain position is not playing well, you need to introduce new aid to reinforce it; or if the player in a certain position is poached by other teams, you need a newcomer to join the supplementary lineup ...

The winter break has become an important period of adjustment.

Dealing with the accumulated problems and adjusting the team structure in a targeted manner will prepare you for the second half of the season.

For Manchester United, the departure of Ibrahimovic and the physical bottlenecks of some of the main players are some problems that the team needs to face and deal with.

On Ferguson's desk is the latest fitness report from the coaching staff.

In the report, the team doctors lighted a warning yellow light on the physical fitness of the team's main players.

Chu Ge, such as Pogba, are on this list.

The continuous non-stop game is a very serious test for the players' physical fitness.

This is especially true for players who need to start in almost every game.

However, for Manchester United, this season is still lucky.

Although some players suffered from injuries in the first half, the problem was not serious. Half of the league was in progress. The team did not appear to have "crutches" like the previous season. Injury surge.

Of course, in order to avoid injuries, Manchester United is not without sacrifice.

The League Cup was "sacrificial" by them.

This season's League Cup, Manchester United played directly from the third round.

In order to ensure the physical fitness of the main players, from the beginning, Ferguson sent all players in the League Cup to the bench and the youth team.

Chu Ge, Pogba, Kanter and other main players did not appear in the Manchester United League Cup.

Therefore, when the League Cup reached the fifth round, Manchester United was defeated by a team of the British Championship, and withdrew from the League Cup early.

As the defending champion of the League Cup, it is also possible to get out early this season.

Thinking of this, Ferguson couldn't help but feel sorry.

However, he has no choice.

Although the team has been rebuilt in his hands for two years, Manchester United's lineup is thinner than those of the Krypton guys.

In order to ensure that there is enough output in the league, he must make some choices.

When he thought of Krypton, Ferguson thought of Manchester City.

It is said that Manchester City has recently watched another player, Athletic Bilbao striker Laporte, ready to buy it.

Ferguson liked this player, but he couldn't afford it.

Athletic Bilbao does not mean to sell the leading striker. Any team that wants to take Laporte from Bilbao may have only one way, that is, directly smash the penalty.

Is Laporte ’s liquidated damages 57 million pounds, about 65 million euros.

Manchester United bought Van Dijk and Mbappe during the summer transfer period, and there was no budget for the winter transfer period.

Despite the greedy Laporte, Ferguson had no choice.

It's Manchester City.

They also spent a lot of money last summer and invested more than Manchester United, but even if Bilbao set a high penalty clause for the transfer to Laporte, Manchester City did not seem to shrink back.

I'm jealous.

Ferguson also had to envy the trenches of Manchester City.

Looking at the players running on the training ground, Ferguson wrote the name of a player in his book.


This player was recommended to him by the team's new director Braida.

It is still in the observation stage.

Braida thought highly of him, thinking that this player has great potential, and a little training is expected to meet the rotation requirements of the Manchester United first team.

But Ferguson was hesitant.

"A child born in 2000 will be 18 years old this year. Can he really meet the requirements of our Manchester United?"

Ferguson shook his head.

Somehow, he suddenly remembered the name of an old man.


"If it is Wenger, he should be very interested in this player." Ferguson thought.


the next day.

Goodison Park Stadium.

Manchester United faced Everton.

Before the game officially started, Chu Ge and Rooney exchanged the team flags of both clubs.

Looking at Rooney in a blue jersey, Chu Ge is still not used to it.

The captain of Manchester United exchanged team flags with the former captain of Manchester United. This is the first time Chu Ge has encountered such a thing.

However, Rooney is obviously more adapted than Chu Ge.

"Hard work, Chu. You did very well this season!"

Although he left the team, Lu Xiaofan always paid attention to the news of Manchester United.

He is very satisfied.

Especially in the last game, Manchester United ended Manchester City's winning streak, and Rooney was even happier.

He seemed to see his former figure on Chu Ge.

He also ended the unbeaten record of a team invincible that year.

But the hero does not mention the bravery of those days.

Rooney was too lazy to mention it again.


Before losing to Manchester United this season, Manchester City only won in one game, that is the second round of the league against Everton.

Everton is not weak.

Especially at their home court.

However, Chu Ge is in good shape today.

Just over twenty minutes after the opening, Chu Ge broke through on the right.

He continued to pass the area along the area called the "Chuge Passage" by the media, and cut inward to the front of the restricted area.

In front of the penalty area, and Pogba completed a two-on-two collision with the wall, Chu Ge took the ball in the penalty area.

Everton's defender snatched Chu Ge close, but Chu Ge still tried to force a shot.

The football went straight to the goal.

Everton goalkeeper showed bravery and saved the football with one hand.


Pogba made another shot and scored the football.

1: 0.

Manchester United lead.

The game has since entered Manchester United's more familiar track.

In 56 minutes of the second half, Chu Ge attracted a large amount of defensive force, then a long pass was transferred and the football was handed over to Mbappe on the left.

Mba wore the ball into the penalty area, volleyed, and knocked on Everton again.

2: 0.

Manchester United led by two goals.

After scoring two goals, Ferguson immediately made staff adjustments.

Martial replaced Chu Ge.

Mata replaced Pogba.

The two players who played more for the team, and replaced the rest at the same time.


Mata scored another goal for Manchester United, and Lukaku also pulled back a goal from Everton.

3: 1.

Manchester United scored three points on the road.

After defeating Manchester City, Manchester United quietly completed a six-game winning streak.


The focus of this round of the Premier League is not Manchester United against Everton.

It is another battle of red and blue.

The Red Army Liverpool play against the Blue Moon Manchester City.

In the first half of the league, Liverpool were swept by Manchester City 5: 0, and once became a laughing stock in the giants.

From that round, Manchester City gained sufficient confidence and opened their winning streak all the way. Until the last round of the league, their winning streak was ended by Manchester United.

This time, the two teams met in a narrow path.

Liverpool naturally hopes to be ashamed.

And Manchester City hope to draw confidence from this old opponent again and start a new round of winning streak.

The media are also very concerned about this game.

In the match between Manchester City and Manchester United, red overwhelms blue; this time Liverpool and Manchester City's red and blue showdown, which color will be the last to laugh?


Chu Ge is watching this game at home.

After the game with Everton, he returned to Manchester with his teammates.

The next day, Liverpool played against Manchester City.

The game takes place at Anfield Stadium.

Only 9 minutes into the opening, Liverpool won first.

Chu Ge is no stranger to the goal-scoring player, that is classmate Zhang Jiuling.

He received Firmino's pass, shot with a right foot, and pierced through the gate guarded by Edson, changing the score to 1: 0.

This goal seems to indicate that this game will be a scoring battle.

Subsequently, players such as Sane, Firmino, Mane, Salah, Bernato Silva, Gundogan and others all scored goals.

In one game, he scored seven goals.

Two more than the last confrontation between the two teams.

However, the difference is that this game scored more averagely, Manchester City scored three, and Liverpool had four goals.

In the end, Liverpool beat Manchester City 4: 3 at home.

After Manchester City's 18-game winning streak, they immediately suffered a two-game losing streak!

Red completes the second consecutive break!

At the end of the game, Guardiola's noodles sank like water.

Although he politely hugged Liverpool coach Klopp, but in the lens, people can clearly read the coach's dissatisfaction from Guardiola's expression.

Klopp laughed.

This coach never seems to hide his emotions.

After watching this game, Chu Ge was also very happy.

He hit "haha" in the message sent to De Blaunet.

De Braun returned a series of ellipses.


Manchester City: 58

Manchester United: 58!

"Manchester City lost two games in a row and the points were tied by Manchester United!"

As soon as the Manchester City-Liverpool match ended, the media could not wait to count the points.

They exclaimed involuntarily.

"Despite the creation of an unprecedented 18-game winning streak in the history of the Premier League, Manchester City's league points are still tied by their old rival Manchester United!"

"In the first 22 rounds of the league, Manchester City lost only eight league points, namely Everton, Lost Manchester United and Liverpool. Manchester United, like Manchester City, also lost only eight points, Liverpool and Manchester City, Ping Chelsea! "

"Before the two rounds, Manchester United and Manchester City's points difference was as much as six points. After two rounds, Manchester City's points advantage has disappeared!"

So surprised!

Not only the media in England were surprised, but even the fans were surprised.

Manchester City's 18-game winning streak is actually just tied with Manchester United in the standings.

The league points of both teams have reached 58 points!

The third-placed team in the league, Chelsea, has just 44 points!

Crazy Manchester City.

Crazy Manchester United!

This season's Premier League is simply a fairy fight!

"Does this year's league, there will be two teams with season points exceeding 95, or even 100?"

The media in England are a bit dazed.

They have never seen such a situation.


The most direct chain reaction of the two-game losing streak is that after only two days of losing to Liverpool, the Manchester City official website announced the completion of a transfer transaction.

Athletic Bilbao striker Laporte officially joined Manchester City!

In order to complete this transfer, Manchester City did not struggle with Bilbao. They directly smashed the penalty, which is 65 million euros, and took Laporte away from Athletic Bilbao.

Obviously, Guardiola's team felt the pressure from Manchester United.

At the new aid conference, Guardiola did not show much smile.

Watching Laporte raise Manchester City's jersey with a wide smile, Guardiola lost his mind for a while.

He remembered that summer.

That summer, Manchester City was hesitant about whether to smash the liquidated damages. As a result, this hesitation became an eternal regret for Guardiola and Manchester City.

The light of the right way shone on Guashuai's bare head.

"We only broke the liquidated damages today, right?"

Guardiola was in a trance for a while.


When Manchester City announced the joining of Laporte, Manchester United were quietly making another transfer.

They formally submitted a loan application to the Molde club.

Lease Halland.

Half a year.

The rental fee is 800,000 euros, plus an optional buyout of 6 million euros.

Molde is a Norwegian Premier League team, and their head coach, Manchester United fans will certainly not be unfamiliar.

That was Ferguson's former lover, the replacement killer Solskjaer.

After receiving Manchester United's loan request, Solskjaer was caught in a dilemma.

Like Manchester United, he is also optimistic about Harland.

However, Solskjaer did not want to let Harland go.

Harland is currently the team's main player, Molde can not do without this young shooter. Moreover, Solskjaer is not sure whether the young man can get enough opportunities to play in the Manchester United if Harland is released.

He was lost in thought.

After thinking about it, Solskjaer called Harland to his office.

He told the young man Manchester United's interest in Harland.

Do you want to leave or stay?

Solskjaer handed the choice to Harland ~ ~ to himself to choose.


While Manchester United are still waiting for Molde's reply, the Premier League continues.

The FA Cup game also began.

The FA Cup is more important than the League Cup.

However, in order to make the team have a better physical condition in the league, Ferguson still rotates in the FA Cup.

Chu Ge did not play in the FA Cup.

However, fortunately, Manchester United still won this round of the FA Cup with no surprises.

2: 0.

Manchester United defeated Derbyshire and entered the fourth round of the FA Cup.

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