"Mother and father, I'm back in the room."

Finished, Chu Ge returned to his room.

This is a very simple high school student's room, a bed, a desk. The bookshelf on the desk is full of high school curriculum materials, clean and tidy, placed in different categories, very refreshing, like Chu Ge's character.

There is a computer on the desk, which his father gave him.

There is a football beside the table, which is Chu Ge's favorite sport.

He is a fan, just like his father.

In addition to these, the most in the room is a variety of star posters. Earlier, there were Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, the twins of modern football.

Chu Ge walked to the computer in front of his desk, took out a U disk, and inserted it.

"Pei Xiaowei said that before opening the USB flash drive, remember the standard triple, lock the door, pull the curtains, and wear headphones, otherwise you will be at your own risk. What needs to be so troublesome?

Chu Ge whispered a few words.

He thought about it and did not intend to follow suit.

The door was closed, but there was no anti-locking, and Chu Ge did not intend to lock; the curtains were closed to prevent mosquitoes from seeing the light coming in; Chu Ge did not intend to put on the headphones, anyway, he did not listen to the songs, what headphones to wear.

"Found new hardware."

The computer will prompt promptly.

"No virus detected, open it." Anti-virus software is also present in the show.

"Of course it is open."

Chu Ge did not hesitate, picked up the mouse and clicked.

Pei Xiaowei is his buddy. He doesn't believe that Pei Xiaowei will get any virus to harm him.

After the U disk was opened, a file appeared on the screen.

"Like to win the golden ball? What does it mean?" Chu Ge was puzzled by the file name.

Then, he double-clicked the file.

A picture suddenly popped up on the computer screen, in the picture is a trophy in the shape of a golden ball.

Chu Ge carefully distinguished it, clearly it is the European Golden Globe.

The European Golden Globe is the most prestigious and influential football award in the world. The players who have won this award are all football players.

As a fan of Chu song, of course, not unfamiliar.

However, there is only one file in the 64G U disk, and there is a picture of the Golden Globe in the file. What other "standard three links" can be opened, is it too funny?

Pei Xiaowei, are you teasing me?

Ten thousand mythical beasts passed by in Chu Ge's heart.

Just as he was about to close the USB flash drive, an accident happened.

The golden ball suddenly flew out of the screen!

This scene, Chu Ge did not know how to describe it.

Anyway, from the computer screen, the trophy of that golden ball suddenly got bigger and bigger, suddenly got out of the screen, and went straight to Chu Ge.

Watched the trophy rushed over. Although the mood was very complicated and it was difficult to believe emotionally, Chu Ge still evaded subconsciously.

Then the golden ball passed through Chu Ge ...

Chu Ge looked back, the golden ball had disappeared.

At the same time, the U disk file in the computer screen also disappeared.

"What is this ..."

Chu Ge looked dazed.

"Wait ... U disk!"

At this time, Chu Ge discovered that the USB flash drive that was originally plugged into the USB port of the computer disappeared!

"That's Pei Xiaowei's USB flash drive! Why is it gone! How can I explain to him!"

Thinking of the good friend's look at this U-disk as if it were the root of his life, Chu Ge feels like a catastrophe.

As he was preparing to look around, a voice suddenly sounded in his brain.

"Binding successful."


What was successful binding?

Chu Ge's thinking can't catch up.

Hadn't waited for him to react, a light blue transparent light curtain suddenly unfolded in front of Chu Ge.

Rows of words and data poured out like a waterfall in front of him.

"Basic Information

Name: Chu Ge

Race: People

Nationality: Chinese

Occupation: Student (football fan)

Height: 178cm

Weight: 59kg

Age: 16

Current appreciation points: 0

Current ability rating: C ”

Is this an illusion?

When I first saw this pale blue light curtain, Chu Ge's first reaction was illusion.

However, he blinked hard, but found that the light curtain was still there, and did not disappear.

Is not an illusion, am I dreaming?

Not like it.

Chu Ge clearly remembered that he had just returned to the room and turned on the computer.

Then he fell asleep and had a dream?

This speed is too fast!

To confirm whether he was dreaming, Chu Ge pinched his thigh.

"Ah, it hurts!"

Is not a dream!

"Little bug, what's wrong?"

Hearing his son's pain, the question of parents' concerns came from outside the room immediately.

The little bug is Chu Ge ’s nickname, and his family has always called him that.

"No, I'm fine." Chu Ge quickly replied.

He fixed his eyes on the light curtain in front of him.

Although some parts are not well understood, there is no doubt that all of them are his personal information.

Is it ... the legendary golden finger?

Chu Ge was taken aback by his own thoughts.

Chu Ge usually likes to watch some online novels online when he is free. The scene in front of him, if it is not a dream or an illusion, is clearly the scene where the protagonist in the novel gets golden fingers.

But ...

Both parents are unemployed, there is no car accident, there is no serious illness, and there are no evil relatives who come to the house to rush to sell the house and pay the debt.

Just open an ordinary U disk, how can I get the golden finger?

Chu Ge didn't understand.

He was not completely sure whether this one in front of him was really the legendary golden finger.

Then look down.

The first thing to come out of the blue light curtain is the basic information of Chu Ge. Then, on the right of the basic information, new text began to refresh.


General comment: C

Comment: Players of this level can also mix amateur leagues. However, considering the age of the host, the level is pretty good. However, the difference from the real professional level is huge! There is only one way to get a golden ball: dream!

Single ability

Extraordinary: C +

Comment: It is pretty good among amateur players. It can fancy the piles and get the title of the king of the field ... but that's it.

Man-ball combination: C +

Comment: Ibid

Speed: C +

Comment: If running fast is an advantage, okay, you are indeed the same age.

Explosive power: C

Comment: Compared to your speed, you still don't understand how to use explosive power. However, this is more important than mere speed.

Shot: C

Comment: Your shooting level is really average.

Strong: C-

Comment: Those with small arms and legs are estimated to be useless after being shoveled a few times.

Header: D

Comment: Hello, people with disabilities. What is the header? nonexistent.


Free kick (direct), penalty kick: C +

Comment: The average amateur goalkeeper cannot stop the level. However, does it make sense?

Free kick (indirect), corner kick: C-

Comment: Maybe others are more suitable than you.


Chu Ge touched his head.

Although I do n’t know if this golden finger is true, the content in the light curtain looks like what he actually does.

Except for a bit of a poisonous tongue ...

Chu Ge is a junior high school student. He has just finished his first year of high school and is one of the members of the football team in the class. He is a striker on the field.

Can play the striker in the team, generally the best football talent.

Among his peers, Chu Ge has never encountered a better player than himself.

Probably because of this. In this blue light curtain, he got a rating from a football fan and a rating of C-level ability.

Moreover, he is really a striker who is special in personal skills and speed. These two abilities make him unfavorable among his peers. However, physical fitness is not his strength, and the header is his weakness, just like the blue light curtain shows.

Then, new content was refreshed in the light curtain.

"The appreciation point system is not activated yet, please host to complete a football match as soon as possible, and win the appreciation of others before it can be started."

"For the first time activate the appreciation point system, you can get a lucky roulette lottery once for free."

"Important: The appreciation point system is related to the enhancement of the host's capabilities and is reflected in reality, so please pay attention!"

"Warning: Failure to activate within 24 hours, the system will be permanently disabled!"

Twenty-four hours to play a game, and won the praise of others, otherwise it will be invalid?

Chu Ge was surprised.

It's summer vacation now, where can I find a game?

Until now, Chu Ge still has not 100% confirmation, whether he really got the golden finger.

If there is a game, can UU read www.uukanshu.com be verified?

Chu Ge was lost in thought.

"Taking advantage of this World Cup craze, Wanda Major Wang Xiaozhang, who is about to set up Panda Entertainment, announced that they will soon host a football reality show called Greenery Training. Launched nationwide. Wang Xiaozhang said that the sea election will be conducted in the form of a football match ... "

It was at this time that the sound of TV shows came from the living room.

Greenery training course?

Chu Ge's eyes lit up.

He rushed out of the room with a sprint of 100 meters and went straight to the living room.

In the living room, Chu Jian'an was lying on the sofa in Ge You's lying posture. He lifted the TV remote control in his hand and was about to change channels.

"Wait, dad don't change channels first."

Chu Ge shouted immediately.


Chu Jianan froze for a moment, "Don't you go back to bed and sleep, why did you run out again?"

Immediately after he realized that he was sitting in a wrong position, which did not meet the usual teachings for his son, he immediately sat upright.

"I will talk about this later."

Chu Ge did not realize his father's sitting posture. After preventing his father from changing channels, he immediately stared at the TV without blinking.

TV is a local sports station in Jiangcheng. It reports that the greenery training class will come to Jiangcheng in ten days to conduct sea elections.

"The registration work has all started. Young players under the age of 18 who are interested in participating in the sea elections, please seize this opportunity and seize the time to register at the activity center of the Municipal Sports Institute!" The host also In a passionate introduction.

Ten days later ...

The time is wrong ...

Chu Ge was a little disappointed.

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