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The Strongest Deduction of the Comprehensive Comics

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tampering with myths in the godslayer; gaining infinity in the high school of demons; starting the war of corruption in the moon, falling into the ‘indescribable’ realm, pursuing the true meaning of ‘matter’ in the ship girl; interweaving science and magic The world of , charges towards the supreme position!

PS: This is a story about a teenager who gained ‘power’ and went further and further on the road of being a scumbag.

PS: New book, new book, I still have my brain. (The story and characters are purely fictitious. Any similarity is purely coincidental and should not be imitated.)

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Short Title:TSDCC
Alternate Title:综漫之最强推演
Author:Demon God Pikachu
Weekly Rank:#846
Monthly Rank:#1058
All Time Rank:#2662
Tags:Academy, Accelerated Growth, Action, Aliens, Alternate World, Ancient ChinaFanfiction, Army Building, Arrogant Characters, Artificial Intelligence, Battle Academy, Beautiful Female Lead, Brother Complex, Cheats, Comedic Undertone, Cosmic Wars, Cultivation, Cunning Protagonist, Dark, Discrimination, Dragon, Enemies Become Lovers, Evil Gods, Evil Organizations, Evil Protagonist, Famous Protagonist, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Fantasy, Fantasy Magic, Fast Cultivation, Fast Learner, Forced Marriage, Gate to Another World, Genetic Modifications, Genius Protagonist, God Protagonist, God-human Relationship, Goddess, Godly Powers, Gods, Guardian Relationship, Handsome Male Lead, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Hiding True Abilities, Hiding True Identity, Human Experimentation, Humanoid Protagonist, Imperial Harem, Interdimensional Travel, Late Romance, Lolicon, Low-key Protagonist, Loyal Subordinates, Lucky Protagonist, Magical Space, Magical Technology, Male Protagonist, Marriage, Mind Break, Mind Control, Modern World, Multiple Identities, Multiple Realms, Multiple Timelines, Netori, Outer Space, Overpowered Protagonist, Parent Complex, Playboys, Polygamy, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Racism, Ruthless Protagonist, Saints, Schemes And Conspiracies, Shameless Protagonist, Shapeshifters, Skill Assimilation, Skill Creation, Slow Romance, Spatial Manipulation, Special Abilitie, Special Abilities, Strong from the Start, Strong Love Interests, Strong to Stronger, System, System Administrator, Time Manipulation, Time Skip, Transmigration, Vampires, World Travel,
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48 Comments on “The Strongest Deduction of the Comprehensive Comics
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  1. In campione still so so.. but readable.. a lil bit.. then from then this go down to shit.. idk how this thing can get this many chapter......

  2. so after about a hundred chaps, mc went to new world...dxd...problem is author seemed to have greatly modified the characters...and mc is still lecherous and has not grown up mentally... anyway, going back to first world, it is crazy weird that modifying the myths was too easy... especially the first time... i dont think it was long enough for most of the human beings to recognize and accept the changes for it to affect the godship...

  3. 470 chaps in and im disappointed that theres basically no character development for the mc... considering his huge harem, he should be able to avoid the simplest taboos with dealing with women (ex. age)... or be more calm and confident....unfortunately, mc probably only developed skills in bed and nothing else... his mindset also has not grown suitable to his level of power... as a non type moon fan, i was quite bored as he spent years in that world while the dxd and original worlds being forgotten all the while...

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