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Dumbledore's expression broke Harry's heart.

But when he felt that he was about to accept the fact that Sirius and the others were dead, he heard Dumbledore say in a hoarse voice:

"Someone died, but Sirius and Remus, they just got some injuries."

"Nah, who is that dead person?"

Ron stepped forward and asked.

His voice sounded trembling.

Harry's heart that had fallen was also lifted up again.

Ron's parents are also members of the Order of the Phoenix.

If that lovely and kind couple died...

"It's Fletcher," Dumbledore said sadly with red eyes. "A warrior who has some minor problems, but is equally great. He happened to be in front of Tonks by accident."

Ron looked at Harry and Hermione dumbfounded, as if asking who this guy named Fletcher was.

"Mondungus Fletcher! You should have met each other!"

Dumbledore reminded.

But judging from his expression and tone of voice, he seemed angry that Ron and Harry had forgotten about Fletcher.

Harry also remembered being reminded by him.

Mondungus Fletcher.

This is a short, bearded, fat man with two short looped legs.

In all honesty, Harry didn't like this man.

He is too cheap.

Always drooling at the antiques of the Black family in Sirius’s house, and tried to encourage Sirius to sell them to him, claiming that he would give him the best price.

If the person who died was him and not others.

Harry will really be very happy.

But he can't do that.

Because no matter what Fletcher was in his lifetime, he is now a hero who died in battle!

These two emotions merged, so that his current expression became very weird.

Ron, who was beside him, was also suffocating his smile very hard.

Seeing Dumbledore's increasingly unkind eyes, Harry coughed sharply and changed the subject:

"Professor Dumbledore, they, why are they going to such a dangerous place? And my foreknowledge. What the **** is going on?"

Dumbledore's attention was really attracted.

The expression on his face stagnated, and a strange light gleamed in his eyes, and he shook his head at Harry:

"These things are confidential, I can't tell you."

When Harry heard the words, he immediately wanted to continue to inquire, but he heard Dumbledore say again:

"But you might be able to go to Hagrid's cabin."

"why would……"

Harry frowned instinctively, but Hermione screamed before she could finish her words.

"You mean Hagrid is back?!"

Dumbledore smiled and nodded.

Harry and the others who got the affirmative answer were almost crazy.

They haven't seen this good friend for half a year.

For a while, Harry and the others returned to their hearts and walked away from the office after saying goodbye politely.

Harry didn't even ask Dumbledore about the follow-up.

Because he knew that Hagrid would tell him everything.

Hagrid is such a person who can't hide secrets.

Especially for them.

After the trio disappeared, Professor McGonagall, who had remained silent, stepped closer and said:

"Is it difficult?"

"It can't be said to be easy," Dumbledore said with a smile, "but it's not difficult for the time being."

"So," said Professor McGonagall, "do you need my help?"

"Of course, Minerva, you have always been my best helper, and I cannot do without you."

Listening to Dumbledore's words, a faint smile began to ripple on Professor McGonagall's face.

But before he waited long, Dumbledore said again:

"Leaving you, I don't know what the naughty group of students will be like. So, promise me, help me take care of those students and this school, okay?"

The smile on Professor McGonagall's face disappeared.

She stared at Dumbledore seriously, her lips pursed tightly.

After a while, Professor McGonagall adjusted his robe without saying a word, and left the office without looking back.


The door of the office was heavily closed.

It was so powerful that it almost shook the Phoenix Fox on the shelf.

And as she left, the expression on Dumbledore's face became cold.

He came to the shelf and stroked and soothed Phoenix Fox.

But his sight always fell on the castle grass outside the French windows.

There, the excited Harry trio was running in the direction of Hagrid's cabin.

"Things are getting worse, aren't they? Dumbledore."

On the wall behind Dumbledore, an old man with a goatee and a face similar to Sirius was staying in the frame and said.

Dumbledore did not speak.

He didn't even look back, as if he hadn't heard it at all.

"That's how you let him go to that idiot Hagrid?" The old white beard said again, "You should know that his brain is now connected to Voldemort, just as he can perceive Voldemort through his dreams. The situation is the same, Voldemort can also use him to understand the information on your side.

Are you not afraid that he will leak information to Voldemort? "

Dumbledore finally turned his head, looked at the old man quietly and said:

"What Hagrid knows and leaks is not real information."

"Ah! It's started again. Dumbledore, you are always like this. You like to use all the people you can use to achieve your goals, no matter how close that person is to you, by all means! The **** Sorting Hat is really negligent. Duty, you should have been assigned to Slytherin when you first went to school!"

The old man grumbled and complained, but soon he seemed to think of something and smiled and said, "However, if those people know that they are being used by you. For example, Harry Potter .If he knows that your care for him is only an early investment and some compensation, you are always ready to destroy his Horcrux born by this coincidence, just like slaughtering a pig, what do you think he will have? Feel?

To be honest, I always think you are even more Slytherin than us Slytherin!

To tell the truth, is your Dumbledore family really not the descendants of Lord Slytherin? "

Dumbledore did not speak, but looked at the old man in the portrait coldly.

With the conversation between the two of them, the other portraits on the wall also cast their gazes.

The old man seemed to enjoy the feeling of ‘all attention’, and continued:

"Perhaps in your opinion you are the righteous side, but in fact we really don't care about the final victory or defeat between you and Voldemort.

Because no matter which of you wins.

Neither will shut down or hurt Hogwarts.

You all have deep feelings for this school. This school also plays a vital role in achieving your ideals.

Even if Voldemort wins in the end, Hogwarts will just change the way of teaching.

What's the big deal?

There have been so many principals in Hogwarts history, and each of them has a different teaching philosophy!

It's not uncommon to be more extreme than Voldemort.

Oh! correct! And that Link Foley, your little ally.

He shouldn't be honest recently, right?

What kind of factory was set up, and another d.a. army was set up.

You can't see it, can you?

He is also hitting Hogwarts' attention, and wants to use the Ministry of Magic to drive you out.

Seriously, I like that Link Foley more than you and Voldemort.

Regardless of his pedigree, ability or wealth, he is a very standard nobleman.

A person like him would not be as idealistic as you, nor would he make everything **** like Voldemort. He is a good principal candidate.

Do you really not consider giving him the position of principal? "

The goatee old man was talking, and the ridicule on his face was about to overflow.

What's strange is that in the entire office, except for a few portraits of previous principals who yelled dissatisfiedly, the rest of the portraits remained silent.

They were just so quiet, looking at Dumbledore with a mocking look somewhat similar to the old goatee.

Obviously, their thoughts are exactly the same as the old man with white beard.

Dumbledore's gaze swept across the mocking faces, his expression getting colder and colder.

The Phoenix Fox in his arms seemed to sense his mood.

Tilting his head, lowering his body, ready to attack at any time.

The next moment, Dumbledore waved his arm violently, and a gust of wind suddenly emerged from the office, and stuck a piece of black cloth in the corner to the faces of the portraits.

The office was quiet again.

As the current principal of Hogwarts, he has jurisdiction over everything in the school.

This is the power bestowed on him by the Big Four.

The few portraits of former principals are not enough exceptions.

Having done all this, Dumbledore came to the floor-to-ceiling window again.

Where his sight fell, the Harry trio had arrived in front of the cabin.


Hogwarts hunting grounds.

Inside Hagrid's hut.

Hagrid was sitting on the bed that was 4 meters square, but for him it was only a single person, and carefully applied a gray-brown ointment to his arm.

His hair was messy, with blood clots on it, and his left eye was narrowed into a slit, blue and purple.

The face and neck were covered with scars, and some were even bleeding.

As he applied the ointment, he was still breathing cold, and his whole body was very uncoordinated-this was caused by a broken rib.

But these are actually nothing to Hagrid.

With the blood of a hybrid giant, he can heal all these injuries on his own within half a month even without the slightest treatment.

In this regard, he is very experienced.

After all, hunting ground guarding at Hogwarts is not a comfortable career.

The creatures in the Forbidden Forest were not more friendly to him than others.

Hagrid's worst injury was actually the arm he was dealing with.

There was once a big hole with deep bones cut through by the black wizard with the Shenfeng Shadowless Curse.

This kind of wounds immersed in cursed magic can only be restored by a fixed anti-curse, and cannot be healed by any other means.

Fortunately, those Death Eaters' heroes were all from Snape, and after being counter-cursed by Snape, the wound had healed.

Unfortunately, he delayed too long.

The bones and nerves deep in the wound have been damaged and need to be treated conservatively with potions.

After a while, Hagrid finally finished taking the medicine.

His tousled hair had been soaked in sweat, and the wound on his face had become sore from the stimulation of sweat, which caused Hagrid to wink and look a little hideous at the moment.

Hagrid wiped his sweat, and just about to reach out to touch the big dog's tooth wagging his tail at his feet, there were three regular knocks on the door.

Hagrid frowned.

Fang, who was still honest, also violently violently immediately, and started barking at the door.

"Hagrid! It's us!"

Harry's familiar voice came from outside, which made Hagrid relax.

"I should have thought of it long ago!"

A smile appeared on Hagrid’s face, which was mostly covered by hair and beard. He limped towards the door while pushing his teeth on the way with his feet. "I just came back for less than half an hour. Yaya, you sleepy bug..."


The latch was pulled and the wooden door opened.

Hagrid looked at the trio outside the door with a big smile, and the pain in his body was alleviated a lot because of the visit of Harry and others.

Only after the three of Harry saw Hagrid's appearance, the excited smile on their faces disappeared.

It was replaced by horror.

"God! Hagrid! Are you looking for a fire dragon duel?"

Hermione screamed, covering her face.

"Shhh! Be quiet, don't let anyone find out!"

As Hagrid warned, he pulled the trio into the wooden house and looked around for a while before closing the door.

After returning to the wooden house, he still did not stop.

The curtains were quickly closed.

The entire wooden house quickly dimmed, and only the flames in the stone fireplace not far away were still providing flashing light.

The three of Harry watched Hagrid busy in this way, until Hagrid was sitting on the bed again, and Harry frowned and asked:

"Hagrid, how did your injury... do it?"

Hagrid heard this and said casually:

"It's nothing, just accidentally caught by a few bad birds."

Hagrid limped and put a copper kettle on the stove, "Would you like tea?"

Ron and Hermione shook their heads. Hagrid's craftsmanship had left a deep impression on them in the past.

Well, negative impression.

Harry frowned and looked at the furnishings in the wooden house.

It was much dirtier than when he came last time, and there was a thin layer of dust everywhere.

On the floor was a huge backpack that could only hold a few children~www.mtlnovel.com~ There was also a dragon leather boot whose sole was almost worn through.

‘Hagrid must have come a long way and just came back. ’

Harry quickly came to this conclusion.

On the other side, Hagrid ignored Ron and Hermione’s refusal, and still offered each of them a ‘pot’ of tea—of course, for Hagrid, those pots were nothing but cups.

When his gaze fell on Harry, his brows frowned, and he said worriedly:

"Harry, your face is ugly, are you sick?"

Harry took a deep breath and asked seriously:

"Hagrid, you guys, I mean you and Sirius were besieged by Voldemort and Death Eaters?"

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